How to Delete LinkedIn Account (2022)

How to Delete LinkedIn Account (2022)

Acting to delete LinkedIn account means permanently deleting your profile from the site and removing access to all your LinkedIn information. If you have a Premium account, you can revoke your Business Premium access.

You may, however, retain your free Basic account to protect your profile from hacks, and keep your connections, and other information. It’s as easy as creating one.

How to Close LinkedIn Account? (Receive Fewer Emails)

Linkedin is one of the best when it comes to social networks and privacy controls. However, despite good policies and user controls, they still know a good amount about you. If you decide that you do not want Linkedin to collect your data, you can delete your account.

You can delete your information at any time by contacting Linkedin customer service. They are going to respond to your request within 30 days. Note, however, that it may appear even if you request deletion of information that you share with others or that other Users have copied.

To close your LinkedIn account from the Settings and Privacy page:

  • Log into your LinkedIn account.
  • Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page.
linkedin feed
  • Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop-down list.
linkedin privacy settings
  • Under the Account preferences section, find and click on Account management.
linkedin account management
  • Now, scroll down and find the Close account option. Click on it to proceed.
linkedin close account
  • You will see a page that says ”Sorry to see you go.”
sorry to see you go
  • On this page, scroll down and you can see the part you select why you’re leaving.
delete linkedin account
  • Enter the password for your account and click the Close account and your profile will be deleted within 24 hours.

You can close your account directly from the Close Account page. Before you do so, please consider the following:

  • You will not be able to access any information you have added to your links or account.
  • Your profile will no longer be visible on LinkedIn.
  • Search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, and Google may continue to show your personal information temporarily due to the different methods of collecting and updating search data. Learn more about how your profile appears in search engine results.
  • You will lose all referrals and approvals you have collected on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Before closing your account, you may want to download a copy of your LinkedIn data.
  • If you have a premium membership, a LinkedIn group, or a premium account license, you must resolve these Basic accounts before you close them.
  • If you have created multiple accounts, learn to delete or merge the duplicate account.

Deleting Your LinkedIn Account on Mobile

The steps for iOS and Android are the same to close your LinkedIn account:

  • Touch your profile picture.
linkedin mobile feed
  • Touch the Settings icon in the top right corner of your profile.
linkedin profile tab
  • On the Settings, select Account preferences.
account preferences on linkedin
  • Under Account preferences find the ”Close account” section and tap on it.
linkedin mobile close
  • Tap on Continue and select the reason to close your account.
close linkedin account
  • Enter the password for your account and tap OK.

How to Receive Fewer Emails on LinkedIn?

Want to protect your account but receive fewer emails and notifications?

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To reduce the number of emails, notifications, group summary emails, and LinkedIn announcements you receive, you can set the frequency of email communications and notifications on the Contact tab of your Settings and Privacy page. The Settings page in the mobile application is located in the upper right corner of your profile page.

Can You Reactivate Your Account?

Can You Reactivate Your Account?

If your account has been closed for less than 20 days, you can re-open it. However, they are unable to recover the following information even though you re-open your account:

  • Approvals and recommendations.
  • Ignored and pending invitations.
  • Following (Thought Leaders, Companies, etc.).
  • Group memberships.
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  1. Dave Olive
    Dave Olive

    I did everything you said to do several times and the last box to close my account never highlights, so I cannot click on it. I’ve done this 5+ times over several days and it never works. I notice other people on-line have the same issue.

  2. Mogens Hüttel
    Mogens Hüttel

    Hos do I close my deceased sons account?

  3. Matthews

    I should delete LinkedIn account because I’ve been spending too much time on it lately. I can’t stress how grateful I am for this article.