How To Delete Instagram Searches? 2019

How To Delete Instagram Searches? 2019

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All social media sites, including Instagram, and even all other sites, record users’ activity within the site. They use this data for different things. They collect data, for example, what users are interested in, what sections they use most. And they usually use this data with advertising. Instagram saves all the searches you made and you can see the old data in the search section. So, how to delete Instagram searches? In fact, it doesn’t affect you whether you delete them or not, but if you want to delete them, we will tell you the method in a simple way.

Why I Should Delete Instagram History?

These searches do not harm you. If you just enter Instagram, you don’t want them to appear next to someone else, and you’re uncomfortable with it, you can delete past searches. It does not affect your account in a positive or negative way, even if you do not delete it. If you use Instagram beside your girlfriend or boyfriend, it can be a bit dangerous By deleting these searches sometimes, it also protects the user privacy of your account.

Delete History On Mobile

On the Instagram app you use on all mobile devices with Android, Ios, and Windows operating systems, you can delete the search history. If you want to clear search history on Instagram, you should go to Setting -> Privacy and Security -> Delete search history. All mobile devices processes are the same. You can easily do it in a few steps. When you make a new search, these searches are saved again. Do not forget this! And the people that you searched always appear at the top when you enter the search section. Even if you delete the search history, it will not be cleared until you delete them.

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Delete Instagram Search On PC

The fact that there is not much difference between the website and the application. Just a few different links to enter. You need to click a little more on the web.

  • Enter web site and log in to your account
  • Tab on Setting
  • Click on to Account Data – View Account Data
  • Account Activities > View Search history
  • Delete search history!

Likewise, you can remove individual users by clicking on the x icon at Search section on top of the page. Even if you delete the search history, they still appear in the search section.

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5 Steps to Clear Search History

Here are 5 best and easy steps to delete Instagram searches easily:

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Go to your profile page
  • Tab on to Setting
  • Choose Privacy & Security
  • Scroll down and find “ delete search history”
  • And delete all.

But even if you delete the data, you can still see these users in the “people you may know” section. If you want to delete them, in the Instagram application, enter the “search” section at the top and you will see the past searches. Click on users and delete them individually.

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