How to Delete Instagram Photos and Post 2019

How to Delete Instagram Photos and Post 2019

Instagram is one of the most restrictive sites compared to other social media sites. Almost all important functions that are important to users are unfortunately restricted. One of them is multi-photo and video deletion. You can’t do this on Instagram. But you need to delete them individually. To delete Instagram photos and post, you must go to the page of each photo and tab to three-point settings in the upper right corner and delete them. There is no other method except this.

Delete Multiple Photos

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Instagram. You cannot delete photos and videos in bulk. To do this, you need support from different applications at Android or Ios market. There are some applications for this, but obviously we have not tested any of them. If you want to take this responsibility and test it yourself, you can download it from the application market and try it out. If you wish to use your Instagram password in the application, this risk is your responsibility.

delete Instagram photos and post

Delete Videos

As with photos, you can delete videos in the same way. It is not possible to delete videos on Instagram in bulk. You can only delete one by one. Enter the video page and go to the settings section in the upper right corner. And delete it! It is possible to delete videos in bulk only by some applications. You cannot delete pictures and videos otherwise. If you ask us, it makes more sense to delete it one by one. At least you do not provide your user information to such apps. Of course, the choice is yours.

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Delete All Posts On Instagram

If you want to delete all posts, including videos and photos, you should follow the same path. You have 2 options. You will delete it one by one, or you will take a risk and use some applications. If you have hundreds of content that is very difficult to delete, you can get support from applications. Otherwise, it gets really long. We certainly do not misuse applications here. Do not understand us wrong. We just want to warn you about some issues. You need to know everything about pros and cons. Because we know there are some malicious apps in the market.

3th Party Apps To Delete Photos

If you don’t have any other option to delete Instagram photos and post, you can use 3rd party apps. Here are some pros &cons of these apps:


  • You can quickly erase everything in seconds
  • Saves time
  • You can select the content you want to delete
  • Their use is simple and practical.


  • Most of the applications are paid
  • You may experience some security issues
  • The permissions you grant to the application may damage you

delete Instagram photos and post

As you can see, there may be benefits as well as disadvantages. For this reason, we didn’t want to share the application name here. We have only provided information about the general use of applications.

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