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How to Delete Instagram Messages

Instagram is among the most popular social media apps. It enables you to share your moments with your friends or friend groups. But Instagram does not only offer to share a bunch of your photos or videos. Instagram Direct is another feature of Instagram that allows people to connect and chat with friends. You can write to your friends on Instagram and discuss your stories and posts. If you want to delete your conservation after completing it, there are two easy ways to do it. To delete Instagram messages, you can use two methods that you can find below. 

Direct Messages are the first tool with which you can shorten the distance between you and your audience.

What Does DM Mean on Instagram?

Let’s start from the basics to not create misunderstandings for those who are just starting out and maybe don’t like abbreviations, so you can learn what is DM on Instagram.

By DM on Instagram, we mean “Direct Message.” In practice, we refer to the texts that arrive on the chat present within Instagram. If you still don’t know how to access it, just tap the Messenger icon on your feed screen. If you want to chat with new people, you can buy Instagram followers and start to chat!

This communication system is often seen in the background to the entire structure of the social network in question, but as you will see in this post, things could be very different.

How to Delete a Conversation on Instagram

You can delete all conversations with a friend entirely. To delete the conversation, follow these instructions: 

how to delete a conversation on instagram
  1. First, go to the Instagram app and log in to the app with your username and password. 
  2. Then, go to Instagram Direct, which is on the upper side of the app. The Messenger icon is the symbol of it. 
  3. Find the conversation you want to delete. On iPhone, swipe left to delete it. On Android, delete the conversation by tapping and holding. 
  4. Lastly, the app will ask for your confirmation on deleting the messages. Click on “Delete” and complete the procedure. 
  5. All your messages with that person on Instagram will be deleted permanently. 

How to Unsend Messages on Instagram

You can also unsend messages on Instagram. It enables you to choose specific messages that you want to delete. 

how to unsend messages on instagram
  1. Open the app and log in with your Instagram account username and password. 
  2. Go to Instagram Direct, which is on the app’s upside. 
  3. Go to the message that you want to delete. 
  4. Tap and hold the message. You can see two options after you hold it: Copy or Unsend. 
  5. Click on unsend and confirm it. 
  6. Your message will be deleted. The other user will not be notified when you unsend a DM.

How to Delete All Instagram Messages at Once

If you want to delete all your Instagram messages, you have no choice but to delete them manually. You need to delete one by one your conversations on Instagram. Unfortunately, there is no feature for deleting all messages at once on Instagram. You can swipe left and tap on delete messages on iPhone or tap and hold for deleting messages on Android.

Moreover, there are some third-party apps for deleting all Instagram messages. However, we don’t recommend them because of the safety issues. If you decide to use these apps, you should be careful about your personal information. You shouldn’t give your password to any third-party applications. Briefly, if you wonder how to delete all Instagram messages at once;

  • You can not delete all messages at once on Instagram.
  • You can delete messages one by one.
  • There are third-party applications to delete all messages; however, there can be safety issues.

Conclusion on Instagram DMs

Whatever your reason is, you can delete Instagram messages easily. You can delete all conversations or can unsend a specific message that you want to delete. It is so simple to permanently delete a message on Instagram without accessing it through a desktop pc.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, even if you delete all conversations in your app, the person you wrote to can still see your message. But you can not see your messages after you delete them.

People cannot see unsend messages in the conversation. But if the notifications are open, the person you’ve sent messages to can see an unsend message. Otherwise, they cannot see unsend message information and content.

If you delete your messages on Instagram, you can’t see them again. Deleting messages means you permanently remove them on your Instagram Direct. 

Instagram DMs stay in the chat history as long as you don’t delete them manually or the recipient does not block you.

This depends on if you’ve made the settings to receive messages from people that are not friends, but the messages received will go to the “Message Requests” folder.

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  1. Williamson

    I recently deleted my Instagram messages that I had sent when I was a teenager. So many mistakes were made.