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How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently (Updated – 2024)

Tired of using Instagram with an account without many followers, or don’t you want to use this app anymore? Then why don’t you permanently delete and close your Instagram account to avoid recurring?

Suppose you’d like to suspend yourself from Instagram for a period and close your account temporarily instead of permanently closing it. In that case, we’d also like to remind you that it’s a different method. Nonetheless, today we will learn how to delete your account for good with some simple steps that you can easily follow.

What You Should Know About Deleting Your Account

Depending on how and from which device you will delete your Instagram account, the method may vary.

Deleting the Instagram account is only possible through the web application, so you will need to log into Instagram on a desktop.

You are solely responsible for closing your Instagram account. One of the most important things you should know about this process is that all your information and content will be lost.

If you permanently close the Instagram account, all data, videos, and pictures in your account will be deleted, and they can never be retrieved again, no matter what.

How to Delete Instagram Account on PC

One of the most asked questions about Instagram is how to delete an Instagram account. You can only delete an Instagram account permanently on the web due to the platform’s restrictions.

This has been going on since the start of the app, and it’s not expected for Instagram’s developers to bring this feature to mobile devices any time soon.

Here are the easy steps to delete your account on the web:

delete instagram account
  1. Firstly, log in to your Instagram account from the Instagram website.
  2. Then, go to the “Delete My Account” page from Instagram Support by clicking on the account deletion link.
  3. You have to specify why you want to delete your account. You can make something up quickly if you don’t want to deal with this.
  4. Then, tap on the “Permanently delete my account” button to permanently delete your Instagram account.
  5. Congratulations! You successfully deleted your account.

If you want to delete your Instagram account because of low engagement, before deleting your account, buy Instagram likes and try your chance again.

How to Delete an Instagram Account on Android

Android is among the most widely used operating systems for Instagram. We have bad news for our Android users. Because you can’t permanently delete your account from mobile devices running with Android, you must do so through the Instagram website. The same restriction applies to all other mobile operating systems, and this restriction is for users’ safety. If you don’t want to use your Instagram account on your Android device, you can log out.

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Even if you delete the application from the device, your account will not be deleted. In short, if you want to delete an Instagram account on Android, you can not do it! However, you can do it with your browser on your phone with the same steps on your PC.

How to Delete an Instagram Account on iOS

All terms for Android apply to iOS as well. So, if you want to delete Instagram account on iOS, this is not possible. You can permanently delete an Instagram account on iOS by connecting to the website via a browser, not via the application. Even if you delete the application from the device, your account will not be deleted. Only the application is deleted. This is not allowed in any version of the iOS operating system. You just can try the same steps with the PC on Safari.

What Happens When You Delete Your Instagram Account

When your account is deleted, all the uploaded content will be deleted permanently, and you’ll never get them back. All of your conversations, comments, and other stuff will get deleted too. After a while, someone else can get the same username, but your old data will never be available again. That means someone else can set up a new account with your old user name after some time, but nothing will be the same as the account you used back then.

Conclusion – Off to New Startings

The first thing you should learn about deleting your account for good is that all of your content, direct messages, comments, likes, and the following list will get lost. So, you better say your goodbyes. You can permanently delete your account via the web application. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to delete your account if you are using a mobile device with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone operating systems. Did you ever have to delete your account on Instagram? If you have, let us know why right down in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you have a public profile, yes. Everyone can see your posts and follow you if you have a public profile.

There are lots of tricks and methods that you can use to have more Instagram followers. Some examples are:
Post regularly,
Post high-quality content,
Engage with others,
Use hashtags.

Instagram has many benefits, and it can be used for several purposes. Still, at its core, Instagram is a social media platform, which means that its focus is on keeping us humans connected and interacting on the web.

To make your Instagram account private:
Open up Instagram
Go to Your Profile
Edit Your Profile Settings
Activate the Privacy Option

If you have an Android phone, you can get the Instagram app from the Google Play Store, and if you have an iPhone, you get the app from the App Store.

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    Been thinking about deleting my Instagram account permanently as I can’t take my eyes off it. Will follow these instructions and change my life for the better.