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How to Delete a Quora Account

Quora is a Q&A website founded in 2009. The purpose of the site is to share information to increase knowledge in the world. In Quora, you can ask and answer questions and organize your answers or questions. If you want to delete your Quora account for various reasons but do not know how to do it, it is a good idea to read our article.

Delete Quora Account

There are two different ways to delete your Quora account. We should also point out that after deleting your account, you cannot undo your transaction. If you are unsure, or maybe you’ve decided to buy Quora profile followers to spice things up a bit, do not delete your account. But before mentioning this, we would like to tell you what you deleted when you deleted your Quora account. With this process, you delete your;

  • Photos
  • Profile, including your bio
  • Comments
  • Answers
  • Blog posts
  • Votes
  • Messages

Now, let’s talk about how to delete your Quora account.

Through Website

First, you must log in to your Quora account. Next, paste the URL into the address bar and hit enter. This URL will take you to the Privacy Settings page. After you get here, find the Security section and click the Delete Account button.

So, in order to delete your account, what you need to do is simply:

delete quora account
  • The first thing you need to do is go to your profile.
  • After that, head over to your settings section.
  • Enter the privacy options once you are in the settings section.
  • Scroll down until you find the “delete account” option. If you are sure about your decision, go ahead and complete the process.

After that, you should enter your password and press the Done – Delete keys.
If you do not log in with the same account within 14 days after deleting your account, your account will be permanently deleted, but if you log in again within 14 days, your account will be automatically reactivated.

Through Email

Open your Email address linked to your Quora account. Press the button to create a new email and write Quora’s email address to [email protected] in the recipient field. Subject to “I want to delete my account.” you have to write. Afterward, you just need to write an email about deleting your account by specifying your account information and clicking the send button!

How to Deactivate a Quora Account

If you do not want to permanently delete your account but only want to deactivate it for a certain period of time, here are some things you need to do:

deactivate quora account
  • You should open your Profile.
  • Go to Settings by clicking on your profile icon. Then click on privacy and deactivate the account.
  • Then, enter your password and click on the Done – Deactivate buttons.

Disabling your account ensures that you will not receive any emails or notifications from Quora. However, there is one thing that should not be forgotten, when you deactivate your account, the content you posted will continue to be available on the site. You can log in to Quora at any time using your email and password and continue to use the same account. You can learn more from Quora Support.

The Result of How to Delete a Quora Account

In this article, we talked about what you need to do to permanently delete or deactivate your Quora account, as well as your photos, comments, answers, and questions that will be permanently deleted when you delete your Quora account.

Frequently Asked Questions About

What you need to do is to log in to Quora, click on your profile photo, click on Settings in the drop-down box, and then click on the Account button. Then, after scrolling down the page, you can find your Google account in the “disconnecting” section and remove it.

Yes, creating a Quora account is free.

Quora gives you a chance to earn money when you ask questions. You can also earn money based on your page views. Another possibility is to earn money through ads. The more visits to your page, the more ads Quora will display.

Quora is suitable for children over the age of 13 and under adult supervision. There are also people working on Quora to remove inappropriate content, but they may still welcome them with topics and replies, such as religion, politics, or sexuality, that might have overlooked by moderators.

Your Quora account will be permanently deleted after 14 days unless you log into your account again.

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  1. Lea Duran
    Lea Duran

    This blog post provides a clear and concise explanation of how to delete a Quora account. It outlines the steps in an easy-to-follow manner, so that anyone can complete the process. Additionally, the article includes helpful screenshots to further illustrate the steps. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to delete their Quora account.