How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to share your ideas, notes, or arts. You point out your interests in people. Even the name of it derives from interest. “P” + “interest” is Pinterest. The things you loved and marked are pins. In that logic, it is a great identity design for a website. For a social media platform, identity design is crucial. Anyway, most of the Pinterest pins are open to the public unless the users specify the opposite. You make spectacular collections of pins to examine them later. But as we indicated at first, most of the collections are arranged to be opened public. Maybe you don’t want a pin in your profile. In that case, it is easy to remove a pin from Pinterest. We will be showing you how it’s done both on the website and the mobile app. Let’s see how do you delete a pin on Pinterest.

How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest on the App?

Deleting Pins on the Pinterest app is quite easy when you follow as below:

  1. Open the Pinterest app. 
  2. You will see your main page with a few photos. There are four icons on the bottom. You should tap on your profile picture. 
  3. After you tap your profile icon, you will be in your Pinterest account. 
  4. You will see a collection named “all pins” on the right above of the screen. 
  5. Tap on it to access all the pins. 
  6. Select the pin you need to delete. 
  7. Tap on it. You will see an icon with three points on the right. Tap on it. 
  8. When you tap on it, you will see an options menu. 
  9. Tap on the first one with a text on it like, edit the pin. 
  10. Go down on the menu to find the delete button. 
  11. When you click the red button, you will be able to delete the pin. 
  12. That’s it.
How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest on the App

How to Delete Pins on Pinterest on the Website? 

Deleting pins on the Pinterest website is as easy as the mobile app:

  1. Access to the website by your web browser, the commonly used one is Google Chrome. 
  2. You will see your Pinterest board. There are photos similar to your collections. You need to find your profile picture. It is the icon at the top on the right. 
  3. There are two other icons rather than your profile picture. You should click your profile icon. When you click your profile picture, you access your profile. 
  4. There are your data like your profile picture, your name on Pinterest, and your nickname in the middle of the page. 
  5. After you scroll down the page, on the right, you will see your collections. There are your pins on the left of your collections. 
  6. The section of it is called “all pins.” Click on it. 
  7. Now, you can easily select the pin you want to delete. When you move your cursor on it, you need to click the top left’s edit icon. After you clicked it, you will see a menu. 
  8. You should be clicking the button written delete on the bottom left. The website will be asking you whether you sure or not.
  9. There is a button in the red color. It says ” delete the pin”. You can click on it. 
  10. Now, it’s gone.
How to Delete Pins on Pinterest on the Website

Conclusion: How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

As you can see, you can delete a pin by opening the pin. In the menu, you should click or tap to edit. In the edit menu, you can delete every pin you want to delete.  After you learn how to delete a pin on Pinterest, you might look into learning how to delete boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can return the deleted pins by the section of “deleted pins.” Remember, this section is specified for you.

No. People can’t access your deleted pins. It is like a closed Instagram profile.

You can delete multiple pins by selecting the pins in bulk. The steps are the same.

There is no limit to deleting pins. You are free to delete or create pins.

No. You can only delete your personal pins. Every pin is personal.

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  1. Gail Guzman
    Gail Guzman

    It took me a full day to figure out how to delete a pin on Pinterest. Lesson learned; instead of trying figure things out myself, I’ll be refering to posts like these.