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How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for businesses and personal users. You can spend time on Instagram, especially if you want to strengthen your brand’s market position. You can capture more potential customers by interacting with users, such as comments, likes, and shares. Instagram comments always stand out as a very effective channel for your brand to interact with its potential customer base. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to delete comments on Instagram. Deleting a comment on Instagram is done separately for desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, you can examine how to delete comments by reading our guide. We will also give you information about hiding and editing comments. You can find all the information about delete comment on instagram in this guide. 

Why You Should Delete a Comment on Your Post?

Quality is always very important. Deleting and editing comments on Instagram can sometimes do more good than harm. 

First, you need to delete Instagram comments in your account in certain cases. At this point, it might be wrong to delete every comment. Potential followers and followers don’t need to encounter toxic comments on your account. To create a beautiful community on Instagram, you must manage comments well. You should never be afraid to delete and edit comments with certain characteristics. 

Let’s also discuss the types of comments you can delete on your posts and why you should delete them; 

  • You should definitely delete spammy comments. Fake raffle comments, banned online betting comments, scam comments, and bot account comments in your posts may disturb your followers. Feel free to delete these comments as soon as you see them. If there are too many spammy comments on your posts, your followers may think that you have fake followers, and your brand image may be damaged. 
  • Comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or contain hate speech should also be deleted. Delete comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, contain offensive language, or contain elements of hatred and violence. This will create an unsafe environment in the corporate area where your brand is located. Delete the comments on these posts and report the accounts that make such comments to Instagram management. 
  • Even though some comments seem decent, they can be considered trolling comments. If you do not delete these comments, arguments may arise, and people may make comments that will hurt each other’s dignity. You can hide or delete trolling comments that cause heat. 
  • Deleting negative comments is generally not recommended. By responding, your brand can strengthen its brand image in the face of negative reviews. You should definitely delete negative comments that will mislead your customer base. 

How To Delete A Comment On Instagram (Android & iOS)   

Deleting comments is a practical task for the account owner commenting on Instagram. If you make a comment you want to delete on Instagram or make a wrong comment, you can delete it. Don’t forget that you can buy Instagram comments crafted just for your needs to replace unwanted ones!

You can also delete or hide the comment of someone who comments on your posts. On Instagram, you can only delete your comments and the comments left on your post. You cannot delete another user’s comment on someone else’s post. The process of deleting Instagram comments on your phone is very practical. We will give this separately for Android and IOS as there are minor differences. 

You can follow these steps to delete comments on devices with the Android operating system: 

delete comments on mobile
  • First, log in to your Instagram account. 
  • Go to the post you will comment on. 
  • Open comments and go to the comment you want to delete. 
  • You can access the comment summary page by tapping on a comment or comment word balloon. 
  • You should then long press on the comment until it is highlighted. 
  • You will see a bar at the top of the screen containing a pin, an exclamation mark, and a trash can. 
  • You can delete the comment by touching the trash can icon. 

Steps to delete Instagram comments on iPhone devices with iOS operating system; 

  • Log in to your Instagram account and go to the post you want to delete a comment on. 
  • Just tap a comment to see the comment summary page. 
  • Then, swipe left on a comment. 
  • You can delete the comment by touching the trash can icon that appears on the screen. 

How To Delete A Comment On Instagram (PC)  

Instagram usage is mostly from mobile devices. However, using Instagram is also very popular on desktop devices. Deleting comments on Instagram from your computer is also very simple. 

If you are connecting to Instagram from a computer, you can delete your comments or the comments of other users who commented on your posts, just like on your phone. There may be minor changes in the comment deletion process depending on the browser on the computer. However, the comment deletion process generally does not change on desktop devices. You can also learn how to deactivate or delete an Instagram account easily.

Steps to delete Instagram comment on PC; 

delete Instagram comment on PC
  • First, log in to the official site on Instagram and then log in to the desktop version. 
  • Log in to the post with the comment you want to delete on Instagram. 
  • Then, scan the comments and find the comment you want to delete. 
  • A reply section will be right below the comment you want to delete. 
  • Click on the three dots next to the Reply section. 
  • You will see the delete option in the middle of the image. You can delete the comment by pressing the “Delete” button in the open window. 

How To Delete Instagram Comments In Bulk  

Deleting comments one by one on the Instagram platform can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Therefore, if you do not want to bother and want to save time, you can delete comments in bulk. The process of mass deleting comments on Instagram is also very practical. If you need to spend a lot of time deleting comments on Instagram or making mistakes while deleting comments one by one, you can use the bulk comment deletion feature. 

The steps to delete bulk comments on Instagram are as follows: 

delete bulk comments
  • First, open the Instagram application on your device. 
  • Then, find the post for which you want to delete many comments. 
  • You need to continue by clicking on the three dots icon on the post. 
  • Then, you need to mark all the comments you want to delete. 
  • You can delete all the comments you have selected in bulk by tapping the “Delete Comments” button. 

There is a total comment limit for mass comment deletion on Instagram. You can delete up to 25 comments at a time. If you try to select more comments, the selection will be finished in 25 comments. If you want to delete more comments, you must repeat the comment deletion process again. 

When deleting mass comments on Instagram, you can only delete your comments and other users’ comments on your post. You cannot delete comments from users who commented on other posts. 

How to Hide a Comment on Instagram  

You may not always want to delete a comment on Instagram. There is also an option to hide some comments when you cannot delete them but do not want to see them. Instagram comment hiding feature is a very good feature, especially for trolls. 

When you hide a comment on Instagram, the person commenting doesn’t know you did it. Because when they enter your post, they still see the comment they made. At the same time, you can hide a person’s comment and have the chance to hide the comments they will make on your posts in the future. You can also learn more about hiding comments on Instagram Help.

The steps to hide comments on Instagram are as follows: 

  • Log in to your post and hover over the comment you want to delete. 
  • Long press on the comment you want to hide. 
  • Then tap the exclamation mark at the top right and wait. 
  • Hide this comment by pressing the “Restrict” button on the following screen. 
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Users you restrict can comment on your posts and see their comments. In your account, this comment appears in gray until you approve it. Comments that are greyed out cannot be seen by other users. In other words, other users cannot access the comment of a restricted user unless you approve it. 

You can also restrict a user who does not comment on your posts but whom you do not want to comment from the profile page. Rather than hiding a comment, restricting the user is a more preventative and corporate solution. Additionally, you can automatically hide comments on certain topics by creating special filters containing words and phrases you do not want to see in your posts. 

To hide certain emoticons, follow these steps; 

hide comments on Instagram
  • First, click on your profile. 
  • Then, access the “Settings” tab by tapping the three lines icon at the top right. 
  • After this step, press the “Privacy” button. 
  • Tap the “Hidden Words” tab. 
  • Then, you can edit the options and filters you want here. You can use the “Hide comments” and “Advanced comment filtering” options here. 
  • When you scroll down, you can create filters for words and phrases. 

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram  

One of Instagram’s biggest limitations is the lack of a comment editing feature. There is no comment editing feature on Instagram. 

You cannot edit a comment on your post or your own comment. Sometimes, you may make a typo in a comment, want to update the comment, or add another wording to your comment. In this case, the Instagram algorithm does not allow you to edit comments. 

There are two different ways to edit comments on Instagram. First, delete your original comment and make a new comment. The other method is to indicate this by coming to your comment, clicking the “Reply” option, and writing the edited version of the comment. If you try the second way, your old comment will still appear in the post. It is impossible to edit someone else’s comment on Instagram, even if it is a comment on your post. If you have any questions about “how to remove a comment on Instagram,” you can ask us in the comments. 


One of the most important problems of a business on Instagram may be troll comments. As an account owner, you may want to delete comments on your posts. You may also wish to edit or delete comments you have made. There are some rules for deleting comments on Instagram posts. You can delete the comments of other users who have commented on your posts and prevent them from commenting on your future posts. You can also edit and delete your comments on other posts. For this, you follow similar steps on desktop, Android and IOS. However, you cannot delete or edit comments made by others on different accounts. When you delete a user’s comment, they will not be notified or will not realize that you deleted the comment without scanning your post again. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you delete a comment on Instagram, the person whose comment you deleted will not receive a notification. That’s why the person whose comment you deleted has no idea about it. However, if he does not see his comment when he checks your post, he may understand that his comment has been deleted. Other than that, there is no way for him to know that you deleted his comment.

It is not possible to delete comments on Instagram live broadcasts. In a live broadcast, comments are made instantly; a live broadcast is an instant interaction environment. That’s why you should know that when you go live on Instagram, no matter the comments, they will not be deleted, and you should act accordingly. However, you can prevent negative comments by disabling comments on your live broadcast. 

Once you delete a comment in the Instagram app, it is not possible to undo it. Therefore, when you accidentally delete a comment or a comment made by another user on your post, there is no reversal. All that needs to be done is to re-create the deleted comment. 

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