How to Deactivate Twitter?

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For whatever reason, if you stop using Twitter one day, you can deactivate or delete your account completely. Do you know how to deactivate Twitter? If not, please follow these step below:

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Click the Settings and Privacy tab at the bottom of the Profile icon
  • Enter Account section
  • Tab on “Deactivate my account” link
  • Read and confirm the information
  • Enter your password and complete the process
  • And you done!

deactivate Twitter

Deactivate Twitter temporarily

Twitter offers you a flexible option. It gives you the opportunity to temporarily close your account. Thus, you keep your account for a while and prevent your content from being deleted. If you change your mind and start using Twitter again, you can re-activate your account. So you can continue where you left off. Your account information, followers, content you share will not be deleted. While your account is disabled, you cannot use Twitter and your followers cannot send you messages. You are also not listed in searches. In short, you are temporarily away from the Twitter world.

deactivate Twitter

Why I should use this option?

This option is better than permanently closing an account. Because if you deactivate Twitter, the content in your account will not be deleted. You can reactivate and use your account at any time. Not using social media for a while, you can rest your soul and feel better. But if you close your account completely, all your content and followers will be deleted and you will never get the same account again. If you regret it, it is impossible to reactivate your account. So we recommend that you always use this option. For your information and the security of your account, it is the best option.

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Delete Twitter account

Depending on your preference, you can permanently delete your Twitter account if you wish. If you do this, remember that you will never be able to use the same account again, and your followers will never hear any news from you again. But if you’re determined to do so, you can easily do this through the Twitter website or app. Go to Settings and delete your account from the account tab. Once you’ve done this, you can also delete the Twitter app on your mobile device. Please note that deleting an account and deleting an application are different.

Which option is better for me? Temporarily or permanently?

It depends entirely on your mood! If you don’t want to use Twitter again and you’re 100% sure about it, you don’t have to worry about deleting it permanently. But if you’re not sure of that and want to take a short break, to deactivate Twitter is better option for you. This process allows you to think for a while. If you want later, you can turn it off permanently. But at least during this time, you can backup or write a farewell message to your followers. We explained both options. You will make the final decision: temporarily or permanently!

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How to Deactivate Twitter?
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