How to Deactivate Facebook Account & Erase It

How to Deactivate Facebook Account & Erase It

Facebook is one of the leading and strongest applications of social media and messaging. It keeps getting stronger with incorporating Instagram. Facebook has billions of followers and the count keeps becoming more day by day. Even though it is always on the rise, for some reasons the idea to deactivate Facebook account may come to mind.

This idea is useful when we don’t want to use our account for some time, but not wanting to permanently leave it behind. We can go away from the scene by deactivating the account for a while.

Don’t worry, it’ll still be there when you decide to come back! In this article, we will talk about how to deactivate and delete an account. Let’s begin.

How to Deactivate Facebook Temporarily

The process of deactivating a Facebook account is quite simple. Afterward, whenever you want you can easily activate your account and keep using it.

Step-by-step deactivate Facebook account:

to deactivate the facebook account
  • The first thing to do in order to deactivate a Facebook account, log into the application using your password.
  • After you logged in, tap on the symbol three lines over each other (shown above).
  • It’s at the right top corner of your page.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • In the screen that comes up, you will see the “Settings & Privacy” button.
  • Tap on that button and proceed by going to settings.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • In order to deactivate a Facebook account, settings are quite important.
  • You will see all the settings about your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the “General” button to proceed.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • Now you need to choose the “Manage Account” button.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • You can choose a Legacy Contact if you desire, they can control or take care of your account while you’re gone.
  • This may be a good move for business accounts that are on Facebook.
  • If not, simply tap on the “Deactivate” button.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • Basically, after this moment your account has been deactivated until you choose to activate again.
  • When you log in again using your password, your account becomes active again.

What Happens After I Deactivate My Account?

You’ve followed the steps above and deactivated your account. Now you know how to do it.

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So now what, you may be wondering. Because of your choice to deactivate the account, nobody can reach your Facebook page from now on.

In short, you won’t come up in any name searches on the website. But what you need to know about all this is, that Facebook and Messenger accounts are separate.

Just because you deactivated your Facebook doesn’t mean your Messenger is also deactivated. You can still use Messenger while not having an active FB account. So you can still send and receive messages easily.

  • After you deactivated the Facebook account, you will still be able to see your messages and the ones you sent on Messenger.
  • But when they tap on the “See Profile” button, nothing will come up.
  • Sometimes they can still see your profile picture, sometimes it seems without a profile phone.

As we said above, the Messenger application is different than the Facebook app. Facebook being deactivated doesn’t affect the other.

  • Your friends can still find and text you on Messenger after you deactivated your account on Facebook. 
  • If you don’t want that, you also need to deactivate your Messenger account.

Good thing is, we’re here and we can teach you how to do it step by step.

How to Deactivate Messenger Account

To deactivate the Messenger account, first, you have to deactivate the account of your Facebook.

It’s the parent application of Messenger after all. Doing this is necessary in order to deactivate the Messenger account.

to deactivate the facebook account
  • Firstly, you need to enter the Messenger app.
  • Then tap on your profile picture at the top. (left picture)
  • After this, you will see the “Legal & Policies” tab. (right picture). Tap on that button.
to deactivate the facebook account
  • In the “Legal & Policies” tab, we can see the “Deactivate Messenger” button.
  • After you tap that button, it will ask you to enter your password.
  • Once you did that, that’s pretty much it. Your messenger account is deactivated now.

How to Delete a Facebook Account Permanently

Above we talked about how to temporarily deactivate your account. You could go, but you could always come back. You could turn your back, but it’d always be waiting for you.

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Its’ love for you was unconditional. But if you delete your Facebook account, then it won’t be there when you get back anymore.

You need to remember, this is a permanent decision. There is no way of getting your account back if you delete the Facebook account that you own. No going back.

  • Warning: When you delete the Facebook account, every page you own, moderate or created will also get deleted.
  • If you don’t want those pages to get deleted alongside with you, it’s best to make someone else a moderator/owner before you delete your account.
  • Otherwise, all of those will perish, right along with your account.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust I suppose.

Even if you delete your account, some things stay undeleted. For example, a message you send to your friend will still stay in that person’s inbox. Even though you deleted your account and everything with it permanently, that message, that text, that one moment in time will always stay there.

Also, Facebook needs some time to examine before it deletes everything for good. After you made the choice to delete your account, you need to wait approximately 90 days.

Only in this timespan, your photos and/or other posts you have will get deleted. So, you still need to wait for clear results. Nothing happens in an instant, it requires time.

  • You deleted your Facebook account. We spoke about how you need to wait for 90 days after this decision.
  • Your information and data will be erased slowly over time. For the confirmation of your account’s deletion, you need to wait 2 weeks.

If you log into your account in this timeframe, if there is any activity with the account in this timeframe, then your account will not get deleted. Let’s get to how you can delete the Facebook account permanently now.

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The stages of deleting the Facebook account:

  1. We mentioned how for two weeks your account has to be completely inactive.
  2. To do this, firstly you have to remove the apps that are connected to your Facebook account.
  3. This way your account won’t have any activity.

How to Remove the Apps That Are Connected to Facebook

  • Tap the three lines at the corner when you’re on the app. (in the red square picture below)
  •  Scroll down and you will see settings, after that tap on “Account Settings.”
    • You will be seeing all the apps and websites that are connected to your Facebook account here.
    • You can select manually, you can choose all of them, or you can search for certain apps.
    • After you choose the apps and tap on “Remove”, it will ask for confirmation.
    • After you hit the remove button, that’s it.
    • You just deleted the connection Facebook had with these applications.  

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