How to Deactivate LinkedIn (Simple Guide)

How to Deactivate LinkedIn (Simple Guide)

When you sign up for LinkedIn, you may realize that it is not the proper platform for you. Maybe you didn’t know that it is a formal platform or don’t want to share your private information anymore. If you want to deactivate your LinkedIn account, here are the steps!

Ways to Deactivate Your LinkedIn Account

  1. On the homepage, there is a “Me” icon on the top corner. Click it and then click the “Settings and Privacy” button in the dropdown menu.
  2. When LinkedIn directs you to the settings page, there should be an “Account preferences” button on the left side. Click it.
  3. Scroll the page, and click the button named “Close account.”
  4. Now, you need to answer the question about your reason for deactivation. There are options for reasons listed, and if one of them is your reason, you can choose it. If not, or if you want to give any feedback, there is a message box under the reasons list. You can write any suggestions or complaints.
  5. After completing this step, you need to enter your password. Then, click the button named “Close account.”
Ways to Deactivate Your LinkedIn Account

How to Reactivate Your Account 

If you want to get your LinkedIn account back, you can reactivate your account in 20 days after you deactivated your account. You receive an e-mail after you close your account. In this e-mail, there is a link for reactivating. If the link does not work, enter the LinkedIn website (, and log in with your connected e-mail. Now the site will ask you whether you want to reactivate your account. When you approve of it, you will receive an e-mail again for confirmation.

How to Reactivate Your Account

FAQs for Deactivation of LinkedIn Account

How can I add my Twitter account to my LinkedIn profile?

You can connect your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn account:
Click the “Settings and Privacy” button on the dropdown menu of the “Me” icon.
The menu placed on the left side of the page contains the “Partners and services” button; click it.
Click the “Add a Twitter account.”
Now, all you gotta do is enter your Twitter username and password.

I logged in to LinkedIn, but the profile I entered wasn’t mine. Why?

If the account you logged in to wasn’t yours, first, you should log out. There might be different reasons. Maybe someone logged in from your device and didn’t log out. Maybe you’ve signed up with a different e-mail address or signed up with your Google or Facebook account. After logging out, try a different e-mail address. If you still cannot access your account, you can ask for a new password.

My account can be hacked; how can I save it?

You should take some precautions if you think your account is hacked. Firstly, change your password and turn on the two-step verification in the “Settings and Privacy” part of LinkedIn. Moreover, you can control the activities taken by your account. This feature shows you the places where your LinkedIn account is open.

I cannot send new requests because they are denied. Why?

There is a limit on LinkedIn in terms of requests. If you exceed the limit, you can’t send new requests for 24 hours.

I removed my e-mail address; now, I cannot reach my account.

Try to log in with other e-mail addresses you have since maybe you connected a different e-mail address to your account. If it does not work, you should connect to Help Center; they would help you save your account.

Conclusions on Deactivate LinkedIn Account

In this article, we gave you the steps of deactivating your account and solutions for the problems you may face. Hopefully, they will be helpful! Good luck!

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