How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger?

How to Deactivate Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is one of Facebook’s main parts and launched on 9 August 2011. Nowadays, millions of people have been using the Messenger application on their mobile devices. However, users may not prefer to use the app anymore. They can easily deactivate Facebook Messenger. On the other side, whenever they want, the users will be able to reactivate it.

What Will Happen When You Deactivate Facebook Messenger?

Shortly, no one will be able to see your Facebook profile in the app and send you messages through Messenger. Besides, when you reactive your Messenger, it will also reactivate the main Facebook account. If you want to use only the Messenger application, you need to deactivate the main Facebook account once more.

Here are the steps to deactivate Facebook Messenger;

Remember, if you want to deactivate your Messenger, you need to deactivate your Facebook account before you begin.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook Messenger


  • Go to the Chats and tap your profile photo. Tap the ‘Legal and Policies’ button.
  • Tap the ‘Deactivate Messenger’ button.
  • You need to enter your Facebook account password.

iPhone or iPad

  • Go to the Chats and tap your profile photo. Tap the ‘Legal and Policies’ button.
  • Tap the ‘Delete Your Account and Information’ and then tap ‘Deactivate.’
  • You need to type your Facebook account password.
  • Tap the ‘Submit’ button.
Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite

  • Go to ‘Accont Settings’
  • Tap ‘Account Ownership and Control’ and choose ‘Deactivate Account.’
  • Tap ‘Continue to Account Deactivation.’
  • A reason will be asked you, type your reason for deactivating your Messenger and then tap ‘Continue.’
  • Tap ‘Deactivate My Account.’

FAQs About Deactivate Facebook Messenger

How can you reactivate Facebook Messenger on both mobile devices and desktops?

Log in with your username and password that you used for the main Facebook account. That’s it!

Why can’t you deactivate your Facebook Messenger?

Your main Facebook account needs to be deactivated to do so.

When you delete the Messenger app, will your messages be deleted on Facebook?

Absolutely NO. Remember, Messenger is just a tool to access messages in your main Facebook account.

Can any court or police access deleted Facebook messages on your Messenger?

Yes, if they need to access your deleted messages, they can reach them by the court decision; Facebook will search its servers and find the messages.

The most commonly asked question: How can you delete messages permanently on Facebook Messenger?

If you use the Messenger app and you’d like to delete messages on the app permanently, hold your finger over the message you’d like to delete; there will be two options. ‘Remove for everyone’ or ‘Remove for you.’ On the other hand, the essential point is that you will have the first 10 minutes to delete the messages you’ve sent on Messenger.

Deactivating Facebook Messenger In Short

You can easily deactivate your Facebook Messenger on both your mobile device and desktop. If you regret your decision or want to use back, there is a way to start back; log in to your account with your password and email that you used for the main Facebook account!

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