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How to Create Social Media Buttons

Social media is a great tool to promote your content, whether it is about marketing or yourself. All social media sites have an option to create social media buttons that are embedded in various websites. Those buttons help increase the traffic to your profile and your content. That helps social media companies, too. As you make them gain more traffic and advertise them by using icon sets that remind people of them, they generate a higher profit with extra customers to use their website.

Social media icons and the font size of the design you are using are significant as people will need to urge you to click on the button you put on your website. The article will not mainly focus on design concerns as we will show you how to add the default buttons of popular social media sites. These sites use professional designers while creating those buttons. So, trusting their design choices is a good idea.

This article will help you create social media buttons on popular websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It will also help you increase your web traffic in LinkedIn to help you show your professional capabilities.

types of social media buttons

Types of Social Media Buttons

You know what people do most on social media. They share, follow, or like someone’s post. Therefore, to make them click on the buttons you have created, you should create social media buttons that make them complete those actions. Here are the types of social media buttons.

Follow Buttons: This button will make people subscribe to your content. They will see everything you do and help you have more traffic on your social media accounts. The following creates the most permanent audience. If people follow you, your content will generate organic traffic. Your posts will get increasingly popular as people will see your shared content every time they visit their social media feed.

Share Buttons: Social sharing buttons allow people to share your content with their followers, relatives, or friends. Share buttons give you a chance to impress the person that visits your profile to stay for more. 

Like Buttons: These buttons are used the most. They give people the chance to appreciate what you did on your content virtually. Like buttons are on every available social media website, as social media is all about observing what your friends and family or your favorite content creator is doing and giving them a sign that you appreciate their contents. 

instagram social media buttons

Creating Social Media Buttons for Instagram

Instagram doesn’t provide many options when it comes to creating social media buttons. Since it’s a social network that lets you share your videos and photographs, the content you share is not very suitable to put on other websites. There is a way to overcome this issue. You can create embedded Instagram posts with follow buttons. That is very similar to creating social media buttons. These are the steps to embed an Instagram post to any website you like:

  • Choose the specific post you want to embed to the website.
  • Click on the post.
  • Click on the more button with (…) sign.
  • Select the “Embed” option.
  • Post the code into your HTML.

This is the most effective sharing option that is available on Instagram.

facebook social media buttons

Creating Social Media Buttons for Facebook

Facebook has five social media buttons to make your Facebook page more popular. These Facebook buttons are like, save, send, follow, and share. Unfortunately, Facebook buttons don’t have the option to change their background color, as Facebook strictly uses a blue and white color style in every design they have created. With that many options, you can generate more traffic to your Facebook page by including some of those buttons at the end of your next blog post or any other content.

Facebook Like Button

Like button for Facebook makes you like someone else’s post on a platform other than Facebook. It works with the same effect of you visiting their Facebook feed to like their post. The only difference is you are not on their Facebook feed; you are on a random site!

To add a like button for your Facebook content, visit “Like Button Configurator” at and follow these steps:

  • Set the URL of your webpage where you are placing the like button.
  • Customize your button with the given tool.
  • See a preview of the button you created.
  • Click the Get Code button and copy and paste the HTML code to the website you like.

Facebook Follow Button

This button helps users subscribe to public updates of the Facebook Page they are trying to follow.

You can add a Facebook Follow Button using “Follow Button Configurator” and follow the same steps in Facebook Like Buttons section and add a nice and straightforward follow button to the website you want. There is a small customization choice where you can add “box count” or “button count” and show the number of people following that page. This helps you show social proof to potential followers.

Facebook Share Button

Facebook Share Button is another option to create social media buttons. The adding steps are the same with Facebook Like Buttons. You can use “Share Button Configurator” to easily customize and use your share button any way you like. This button also has the option to show how many people have already shared the content. You can add the counter as you did it with Facebook Follow Button. This will help you provide social proof.

Save to Facebook Button

Save to Facebook Button works the way it works on Facebook. It lets you archive a post to a private list that only you can see, so you can come back and look at the content later. This button can be added with “Save Button Configurator” on

Facebook Send Button

This button allows you to send a post to your friends or family like you would on Facebook. It lets you share content outside of Facebook through Facebook. This helps Facebook to create traffic to its site and gives you the chance to share the moment you had with your Facebook friends quickly. You can add a Facebook Send Button using “Send Button Configurator” on and following the same steps on the Facebook Like Button section.

linkedin social media buttons

Creating Social Media Buttons for LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you 2 button creation options to create social media buttons, share and follow buttons, which are customizable through JavaScript.

LinkedIn Share Button

The share button on LinkedIn helps you share the professional content you have seen on a random website to be shared on your LinkedIn feed. Share button gives you the freedom of sharing the content on your feed, to a private group, or even to a single contact. It’s a multipurpose button that lacks customization. You can only toggle the showcase number of times your content has been shared. You can add a LinkedIn Share Button by using LinkedIn’s “Share Plugin Generator.”

LinkedIn Follow Company Button

Follow button helps users to follow your company without leaving the website they are visiting. You can add the LinkedIn Follow Button by using LinkedIn’s “Follow Company Plugin Generator.” An excellent feature of the LinkedIn Follow Company Button is when you hover on the button with your mouse, a pop-up shows your company’s information.

twitter social media buttons

Creating Social Media Buttons for Twitter

Twitter has options to create social media buttons such as a tweet, follow, hashtag, mention, send a private Twitter message. Twitter, like Facebook, has an extensive button creating space. Let’s see how they operate and show you how you can add them to your website.

 Tweet (Share) Button

If a user clicks on the Tweet button, a pop-up window creates a tweet with the URL and title of the article or photograph for users to share. You can edit your Tweet to add some thoughts. You can add Tweet Button by following these steps:

  • Visit and click on Twitter Buttons.
  • Click Share Button.
  • By clicking set customization options, you can edit your customization preferences and move on to the next step.
  • Copy the generated HTML code and paste it to your website.

Mention Button

When the Mention Button is clicked. It opens a pop-up window with a blank tweet with only the @ of your Twitter account. This helps companies if they want people to reach them and their support team without sharing their social media links. You can also use this button to engage with your followers or customers. This will help you generate a more social community. The steps of adding the button are similar to adding the Tweet Button. The only difference is you need to click Mention Button, not the Share button. Twitter gives you the customization options such as language and size changes of the button.

Follow Button 

Follow Button works like every other follow button of any social media site. The only extra step that Twitter added is to click the Follow Button, a pop-up window that verifies if you want to follow that account. It is a bit impractical but effective nonetheless. Steps are the same with Tweet Button adding. The only difference is step two. At step two, you should click the Follow Button option and enter your @name. Follow button has customization options such as button size and language changing and a choice of showing your name on the button or not.

Message Button

The message button is another efficient way to create social media buttons. This button gives the users to send a private message to you. The messages sent through this button will only be seen by the social media sharer and the sender. It gives companies and users to listen to their fans and customers to support them and engage with them. If you are looking for ways to improve your relations with customers, this button can be handy. Adding this button has some extra steps. Let’s see them:

  • In the left column, find Privacy and Safety
  • Find Direct Message and be sure the Receive Direct Messages From Anyone box is checked.
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The rest is the same as sharing a Tweet Button. The only thing you need to do is, instead of clicking Share Button on the second step of the Tweet Button section, you will click the Message Button.

Hashtag Button

A hashtag Button is a crucial way to show off your brand or company to people other than your customers with the support of your customers. Hashtag Button opens a pop-up that generates a Tweet with a prepared # symbol. Anything you write next to that sign will have a chance to be seen on Twitter’s Trends section. You need your fans or customers to have enough interaction for potential customers to see your brand on the Trend Section. Adding the Hashtag Button is similar to the steps given on the Tweet Button section. Again, the only difference is at the second step. You need to click the Hashtag Button instead of the Share Button. You can add a pre-filled text to your Hashtag Button, change the button size and the language. So, the customization is pretty much the same as the other Twitter buttons.

Conclusion on How to Create Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons are essential for website traffic. They will help you improve your social media game and reach out to more people on various platforms. The choice to Create Social Media Buttons is mostly personal preference. There are essential buttons that everyone needs to use to get more interaction, but other than that, you can get creative and generate custom and different buttons that suit your needs. This article mostly focused on the default social media buttons of popular social media networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

You can create custom social media buttons for any site you like. This article focuses on popular social media sites and their default button creation tools. It is good to add popular social network buttons to your website first as you will gain more traffic to your website through them and reach more people every day.

The most crucial aspect of your buttons is their visibility. It would help if you put them to the top of your content, so when people visit your page, the first thing they will see is the social media buttons.

A social feed is not a button, but it can be as efficient as a button. It will help your fans, readers, or customers see the latest changes regarding you or your company and reach out to you faster and easier. You can try using social feeds on your website. They are very useful!

It is mostly preference. There are many ways to create social media buttons. Standard buttons have a character that indicates the social network that they are used for. When you see the light blue color of Twitter with a bird on it, you will recognize it instantly.

There are commonly used buttons such as share, like, and follow buttons. Those are essential for your website.

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