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How to Create LinkedIn Account

The best approach to networking professionally and finding the jobs you’re looking for is through LinkedIn, the largest professional network platform in the world. This is why you should take good care of your LinkedIn account. You might be seeking a job or internship or just wish to improve your professional connections and get in touch with potential business partners. Whatever your motivation, you must first create a LinkedIn account. For this reason, we will talk about how to create LinkedIn account step by step in this article.

To help you better understand it, we will also explain how LinkedIn works and why you should use it. 

What Is LinkedIn? How Does It Work?

With the help of LinkedIn, people with different backgrounds may build professional networks to advance their careers. People in different professions may connect with people both inside and outside of their field by utilizing LinkedIn.

Additionally, job seekers and students can search for people working in the same organization and industry, as well as apply for employment and internships.

What Makes LinkedIn Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

LinkedIn is a social media site like others that you may use to connect with people and engage with them, but it differs from them in terms of how and why it is utilized. First of all, compared to other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, LinkedIn serves more professional functions.

When we consider other social media platforms, we observe that users place a greater emphasis on interaction with other individuals and their target demographic. On the other side, when we look at LinkedIn, we notice that it is more formal and mostly used for networking with clients and potential business partners, posting job offers, and finding a job. This alone sets this platform apart from others and makes it ideal for B2B businesses.

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Why You May Need to Create a LinkedIn Account

Whether you are a student, freelancer, beginner, or professional, LinkedIn is the best way to build a network where you can connect with others in your profession, find hiring companies, and market your company.

Why it is significant, you might still be wondering. The answer is straightforward and clear: it provides you with a fantastic networking opportunity for your company. So, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource if you are any of the following:

reasons to use LinkedIn
  • If you want to create a professional network with your employees or clients
  • If you want to find a job
  • If you want to promote your business
  • If you want to find people in the same profession as you to grow your accountancy

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How to Create LinkedIn Account

If you’ve never created a LinkedIn account before, you might question how long it takes to sign up, given that it’s a more formal site. Creating a LinkedIn account is simple, we can assure you. You won’t need much time—just a few minutes at most. Also, you can learn how to write a professional LinkedIn headline next.

You can use a computer browser or a mobile app to create LinkedIn account. Below, we have outlined both approaches in detail to assist you in deciding which is best for you.

How to Create LinkedIn Account Using Browser

Open the LinkedIn website in your browser first to establish an account using one of the supported browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and more). You have two choices on the website: join now or sign in using Google. Note that you can just select this option if you already have a Google account. Then LinkedIn will take full control of all the data kept in your Google account.

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To create LinkedIn account using the browser, apply the following:

create account on LinkedIn
  • Click on “Join now” type your email address and password, and click on “Agree & Join”.
create a LinkedIn account
  • Write your first and last names.
  • Choose your country and write your city/district.
linkedIn account create process
  • Write your most recent job title, employment type, and most recent company
  • Type in the code that is sent to your email address to confirm your email and finish the registration process.

You have it now! You now understand how to sign up for a LinkedIn account online. There are other ways to create a LinkedIn account, though. Check out the section below if you’re unsure how to create LinkedIn account using the mobile app:

How to Create LinkedIn Account Using Mobile App

You must first install the mobile app on your device to create a LinkedIn account using it. You may easily sign up for LinkedIn using your Apple or Google account or click “Join now.” If you choose “Join now,” take the actions we’ve outlined below:

LinkedIn account create on mobile
  • Type your email address first. Then decide on your password, and click on “Continue”.
  • Write your first and last names and click on “Agree&Join”.
  • Choose your country, and click next. After you write your personal info, it is done.

The confirmation will be sent to your phone number, and once you confirm it, you will be able to have a LinkedIn account. If you have further questions about creating a LinkedIn account, also check the LinkedIn Help page.


In conclusion, we talked about what LinkedIn is, how it works, and why you may need to register for a LinkedIn account in this article. To help you throughout the registration process, we explained how to create LinkedIn account in detail. We hope this article was successful in encouraging you to take the step to sign up for a LinkedIn account.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can send messages and invitations to your network, add new members, reshare other users’ posts, join groups based on your hobbies and professional goals, share posts with images and videos, and more on LinkedIn.

For those who are just starting to utilize the network, a basic account on LinkedIn is excellent because it is free. It includes options like joining groups, submitting content, and resharing other users’ posts, among other things. If your goal is to expand your network or obtain a job, that is sufficient for you.

Unlike a basic account on LinkedIn, a premium account costs a monthly subscription fee. You might choose a premium subscription to reach more people if you want to show yourself more professionally, represent a brand, or promote your business more. It has features including more messaging choices, advertising, hiring, selling, and job opening details.

One of the essential components of LinkedIn is adding contacts. You must first navigate to “My Network” on your profile to do this. You will then see a list of people you might know. Click “connect” to send them an invitation if you wish to add them to your connections. On LinkedIn, you can also search for potential connections. All you need to do is click the “Network” once you’re on their profile.

To close your account, go to the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn page. Click on Settings & Privacy > Account management > Account preferences > Change > Close account. Then choose your reason for closing your account and click on “Next”. Enter your password and click “Close account”. Keep in mind that in most cases, LinkedIn allows you to reopen your account 14 days after you close it. 

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