Instagram Messenger Rooms

Instagram Messenger Rooms

Instagram Messenger Rooms allow you to create a video chat that you can share by sending people a link. Instagram Messenger Rooms can have a maximum of 50 people, including you. Anyone can participate, including people without an Instagram or Facebook account. It is very simple to create a new room and invite your friends on Instagram in this room. After that, the Messenger application opens. So the conversation actually moves from Instagram to Messenger.

How To Create an Instagram Messenger Room

  1. Enter your messages by clicking the icon at the top left of the home page.
  2. Then click the camera icon at the top right and log in to direct messages.
  3. Click Create a Room at the top and then Create a Room as [Your Messenger Name] at the bottom.
  4. Type the Instagram usernames of the people you want to invite in the search bar or scroll down the page and click the circle icon next to their name. At the bottom, you can write a message about your room.
  5. Click Send > Join Room. You can copy your room link or send the link to other people on Instagram.
  6. In the Messenger app, click OK and then Join in the lobby screen of the room. When you join the room, you are identified by your Messenger name that everyone in the room will see.
  7. You can share your Messenger Room with people who are not on Instagram by clicking Copy Link. Remember that you have to be in your room for others to participate.

You can send the link to your Messenger Room to people who are not on Instagram. But you have to be in your Instagram room for them to participate.

how to join instagram messenger rooms

How to Join Instagram Messenger Rooms

 You don’t need any social media to account to join the Messenger Room from a link in your direct messages. You cannot join a room if the creator has not joined the room.

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner to enter your direct messages or swipe left anywhere on the home page.
  2. Click on the message thread and then on the link to the room.
  3. If you are using the Messenger app and want to join the room, log in to the app, and follow the on-screen instructions to join the room.
watching together on instagram and messenger

Watching Together on Instagram and Messenger

Thanks to the new feature, users can watch IGTV, Reels, TV shows, movies, and trending videos in real-time via video chat. Users must first start a video chat to use the Watch Together feature. While in video chat, they need to tap the media button at the bottom right and select the “TV and Movies” tab. The feature is being used later.

FAQ on Instagram Messenger Rooms

What does it mean to lock a room?

By locking it, you can prevent more people from joining your room. Now only the contents of a room can access the room. When a room is locked, people trying to join a room via the link will see the message ‘Currently unable to attend.’

Can unwanted participants be blocked?

Yes. The founder of a chamber has the authority to expel any participant. The room is automatically locked when any participant is removed.

What happens when you leave a room?

It depends on whether you are the founder or participant of the chamber. If you are a room participant, simply tap or click the suspend button to leave the room. Or, if the room lock is on, you can rejoin the room using the same link. If you are the founder of the room, you have the option to end the room or leave the room. In the previous case, the room link will become invalid, and no one can participate.

How to delete the messenger room?

If you want to delete the room, click the room link. Next, tap the cross icon at the top and choose to finish the room, and it will be deleted.

Is there a time limit in messenger rooms?

No, there is no time limit in messenger rooms. You can spend as much time as you like.

Conclusion on Instagram Messenger Rooms

You have learned how to create a messenger room. Create a room right away and make your group chats more fun. Want to know more about Instagram messaging? Then, What is DM on Instagram is a post for you.

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