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How to Create GIFs For Instagram

GIFs continue to become popular on the Instagram platform with each passing day. If you are a business owner or influencer, GIFs will be very important for you too. Well, wouldn’t it be better for you to prefer your special GIFs? So, start preparing to post GIFs to Instagram that will impress other users and make you stand out in your Instagram stories. Thanks to the GIFs you can use in your Instagram stories, you will be trending in a short time. Instagram users especially want innovations in Instagram stories that will attract their attention. For this reason, if you are a business owner and you will be able to bring fun moments to your followers by using special GIFs in your Instagram stories to capture an interaction that will attract the attention of users. Post GIF to Instagram created by you!

It will be very efficient to use GIFs specific to your brand, and you to create brand awareness on Instagram and create stories that attract people’s attention. Therefore, learn how to post GIF to Instagram stories and quickly start creating special, fun, and creative GIFs for yourself. When you use these GIFs in your stories, you will notice that your interaction with your followers will increase in a short time.

Explore How to Add GIFs to Instagram Stories

It is possible to creatively add stickers for photos and videos that you will share in your stories on Instagram. These little graphics will add excitement and fun to your stories and make the videos and photos you share more interesting. In this way, you will be able to appeal to a wider audience. Businesses that want to trend on Instagram often prefer GIFs that will appeal to sales for brand awareness. You can easily create these Instagram GIFs yourself and add them to your stories in a practical way. If you’re wondering how to do this GIF creation process, it’s pretty simple. All the details are given to you step by step in the article. By starting the review right away, you will be able to create the Instagram GIFs you want in a short time.

add gifs to stories
  • You must log in to your Instagram account to add GIFs to Instagram stories. Afterward, you can choose the image you want to share in your story and proceed to the process of adding GIFs. After the image you have added, you must click on “Tags” from the options that will appear.
  • Thus, you will need to find your account name in GIPHY in the search options section. After searching and finding your account name, you can choose the GIF you want and suitable for your brand and add it to your Instagram story. That way, you’ll be ready to share your story. Also, please note that there are many GIF stickers available on GIPHY. You can choose GIFs that appeal to you and include them in your posts.

It will be enough to prepare the images that you will post GIF to Instagram stories in an efficient and fast way and add them to GIPHY as stickers. Later, you will be able to place GIFs in your Instagram stories that you can use as you wish.

Get Ready to Learn How to Create GIFs for Your Instagram Stories

If you are going to start creating GIFs for your Instagram stories, you should follow the steps below. In this way, you will be able to create funny GIFs in a short time. Also, buy real Instagram story views to share your GIFs with more people!

use GIPHY to post gif to Instagram

Start Creating GIFs Using GIPHY

You can create a brand channel on GIPHY for your Instagram Stories. In this way, you can apply for account verification and start the stages for GIF creation after your verification is completed. Note that you will need to submit a review application for the GIF. If verification is provided for the GIF after the reviews are done, you will now be able to start producing GIFs with GIPHY’s artists.

When you create a brand channel in GIPHY, you will open your account as an artist or brand. Then you should share your contact and business information on the site. In this way, GIPHY will conduct inspections and contact you in a short time.

You will see how practical and successful you can create GIF stickers in GIPHY. GIPHY is a platform that will help you a lot for your GIFs to be successful and effective.

Requires Uploading GIFs to GIPHY

If your account is approved after the verification process in GIPHY, you need to upload your GIFs to GIPHY. For it not to appear as a regular GIF in your Instagram stories, you need to upload it as a sticker. For this, it will be possible to turn GIFs into GIF stickers by exporting by covering the background of your canvas in terms of layers.

Tips for your business will also be provided for you in this application. Thanks to GIPHY, you will be able to discover how the stickers will be impressive and beautiful. You can also choose Canva to create high-quality and appropriate GIFs for your brand. Thus, thanks to your Canva designs, you will be able to start using your GIF stickers by uploading them to GIPHY.

The technical requirements for uploading stickers in GIPHY are detailed below:

post gif to Instagram requirements
  • When uploading your content to GIPHY, you must upload your stickers as GIF files.
  • GIF stickers must have 20% transparent pixels. Also, these stickers should not have a white or opaque background.
  • You should create stickers with the same height and width of 500-600 pixels.
  • You should remember that the RGB color mode is mandatory.
  • If you are exporting, you must set it to loop forever during this process.

GIPHY is also a search engine. Therefore, it is essential to use descriptive tags along with the correct keyword usage in search engines. By using relevant stickers for the stickers you upload, you will be able to make it easier for your followers to discover you.

Get Ready to Start Using Your GIFs in Your Instagram Stories

After you create your GIFs, you can start to post GIF to Instagram stories. You must add GIFs to your stories so that everyone can view your GIFs and reach your target audience. Create special GIFs for your product and brand. Then, you should remember that you need to prepare your followers in a way that will be appropriate for your brand and attract their attention. If you wish, you can achieve a more impressive process by turning slogans and moments into a sticker. Don’t forget to check how to change theme on Instagram to have more fun!

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If you have more questions, check the Instagram Help page here. And also, if you want to increase the interaction of your posts by attracting attention among users, you can take a look at our Buy Instagram Comment service.


If you are actively using Instagram for your brand or your Influencer account, you will need interactions that will attract the attention of users. That’s why post GIF to Instagram stories created by you. The article provides details on how you can create GIFs on Instagram for you. By following these details, create special GIFs for your brand and be ready to increase your brand awareness in a short time. Thanks to these GIFs, which will increase your interaction with users, you can reach your target audiences in a short time. Therefore, start adding GIFs to your Instagram stories by efficiently creating them.

Frequently Asked Questions About

After logging into your Instagram account, you must choose the image you will use for your story. Then you can add the GIF you want and share your story by searching for your account name in GIPHY in the tags section.

GIFs of Instagram stories are powered by GIPHY. Therefore, by creating an account on GIPHY, you will be able to add and use your GIFs to your Instagram stories.

Today, on Instagram, it is necessary to capture different interactions to attract the attention of users. Therefore, you can increase the awareness of your brand thanks to your GIF selection. At the same time, if you are an Influencer, you will be able to attract your followers through stories and make them more interested in you.

The GIFs you add to the stories you share on Instagram should be actionable. In this way, you can attract the attention of your followers. These GIFs can be like “Scroll Down” or your brand name. In this way, your followers can review your brand’s products.

If you want to use GIFs on your Instagram, you can use platforms such as Canva to provide this formation. By producing various GIFs for free, you will add these GIFs to your stories with the help of GIPHY.

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