How to Create Facebook Ads (+Ad Types)

How to Create Facebook Ads (+Ad Types)

There’s a social media mogul who’s proven his power since 2004, a digital platform that lifts distances between people, connects our lives, and makes our memories immortal. Yes, we’re talking about Facebook. Yet, can Facebook help us navigate our working life? It’s already happening. Facebook is now a very attractive destination for entrepreneurs and companies to increase their recognition on the digital platform. It’s not hard to bring your products or services to the world under the name “Facebook Ads.” That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this article. We’re going to mention how to create Facebook Ads.

Thanks to Facebook Ads, you can show ads for your products on Facebook’s sidebar, a news feed, or a Messenger app. As it allows many types and shapes, you can create your ad any way you want in line with your audience.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook has nine different ad formats on board, and you can shape your strategies as you wish in line with your choice. With different format experiments, you can see how much you’ve managed to attract your audience and increase your influence accordingly. So let’s take a look at these types of ads together.

What Are Facebook Ads

Photo Ads: The easiest way to show how to use your product or service.

Video Ads: It’s much more effective than photo ads because the user sees your product in action, and you attract your audience much more with the music or audio promotions you’ll add.

Carousel Ads: Uses up to 10 photos or videos. It aims to attract the buyer’s attention by bringing the product or service forward.

Slideshow Ads: Creates a short video from existing photos or video sections, so you can advertise more products.

Collection Ads: You can only create it via mobile. This allows your audience to quickly purchase the product it is looking for. Besides, our customers don’t have to leave Facebook to purchase the product.

Instant Experience Ads: For this, we can call it a full-screen ad format. It is 15 times faster than a mobile website.

Lead Ads: This applies only to mobile. The buyer must sign up to access your product to easily get your customers’ contact information.

Dynamic Ads: Provides advertising services only to customers who tend to buy the product. You’re meeting a product you’re researching from another platform next to your Facebook newsfeed. 

Messenger Ads: A variety of ads that you can create your ad through the Messenger app. With Messenger Ads, you have the opportunity to introduce the app to about 1.5 million people.

Types of Facebook Ads

Promoting an Ad via Facebook Ads Manager

To get started, you must first create a business page on Facebook. On this platform, all ad campaigns run their business with a single ad manager, “” 

Your next step is to click on the ads manager and select the target that suits your company or product. Facebook will bring you 9 different marketing target options, depending on what you want to achieve.

Which Company Goal You Should Choose?

If you choose what’s right for you from the marketing goals Facebook will offer you, it’s impossible not to achieve success. It may be a little difficult to choose, but the right goal will get you to a conclusion quickly. Now let’s look at these campaign goals and returns.

Brand awareness: A wider audience will be informed of your brand.

Traffic: You’ll send more people to a specific webpage on Facebook.

Access: Displays your ad with the maximum number of people.

Participation: You reach more people to see and engage more people with your page or share. Here’s how you can find comments, shares, likes, and bid requests.

App installer: You send contacts to the app store where they can download your app.

Video views: You can advertise your product with video so that your brand can attract more attention and provide more detailed information.

Create leads: Helps you gather information about people interested in your campaign.

Messages: You can turn professional with apps like Messenger and Whatsapp to answer those who are curious about your product, to inform them about the purchases, and to troubleshoot.

Conversions: Required for your customers to add payment information on your website or app or make a purchase. You can use application activities to view conversions.

Catalog Sales: You can create ads that automatically display items in your catalog based on the audience you intend to reach.

Store traffic: You can increase your product sales by advertising to people near your store.

Adjusting Ad’s Settings

Once you’ve selected the right target for your business, the next step you need to follow is to give your campaign a name.

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First, you need to create an ad account. Click Set Ad Account and enter country, currency, and time zone information. Click the Continue button. You should type your Facebook Ad campaign in the Campaign Name box, which you see at the top of the page.

Defining the Target Group

Have you yet to decide which audience to call? Now’s the time. Your audience is the most important factor that determines your Success in Facebook Ads. Customize your audience according to their region, age, gender, language, interests, behavior. Always take a look at the “Audience” part and set your way with information about the potential size of your audience.

Besides, with connections, you can see and include people connected to other pages or apps related to your product or service. As another option, you can reach people who are not interested in your page with the option “Exclude people who like your page.”

Selecting the Publication Areas

If Facebook ads aren’t an issue you’ve experienced before, the auto placements option to run your ads might be your savior. This will reach more people, and your budget will reach the maximum level.

Once you’ve learned enough about Facebook Ad Manager, you can decide where to place your ads. As a device type, you can choose mobile, desktop, or both. You can run your ads through Android, IOS, or both. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The ability to choose where your ads appear on every platform belongs to these smart digital platforms.

Specifying Budget and Timing

You have your audience now. Then it’s time to set the budget to spend on your ad campaign. You can choose a daily or a lifetime budget based on the time you want to start your campaign, and you can set the start and end dates for it.

If you want to view your ads in more detail, Facebook’s advanced options await you. Decide your budget and click the “Continue” button.

Creating the Ad

We’re in the most fun part! So, how to create Facebook Ads? The first thing you need to do is select the ad format. Once you’ve set your format, upload it if you have photos or videos — for example. Facebook helps you create up to 6 ads at no extra cost. After you complete all these steps and enter the text, all you have to do is taking your tea or coffee and sit back and watch your campaign open.

How Much do Facebook Ads Cost

How Much do Facebook Ads Cost?

Facebook is, at its core, working with an auction rationale. You pay Facebook to promote your product so you can enter an offer for other businesses that use the ad manager. That’s why there’s no definitive answer to the cost of Facebook Ads. 

It’s up to you. There’s no limit to the details you can add to your ad campaign. Each campaign is different and gives different results. You decide how much you spend on your service or product.

Conclusion on Facebook Ads

We have covered how to create Facebook Ads step by step. Facebook Ads now provides a great deal of convenience in announcing the names of business owners to the world. You don’t need complex software information to advertise on your own. With Facebook’s easy orientation, you can stream any ad as you can and easily get your audience’s attention. Not only will it worry you about the cost, but it’s the vast option it offers you when you create your ad, so everything will be the way you want it. 

If you want to learn more about Facebook, please read our guide list about it. You may be interested to see how much Facebook ads cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are creating ads, you cannot do it for free. However, you can post something that promotes your products. Yet, it may not be the most legitimate way to do it.

The answer is up to your marketing strategy. If your target audience is on Facebook, you can get a good conversion rate if you promote your product in the right way.

If you don’t pay for the ads, Facebook will freeze your Ads account. You can still use your personal Facebook account, but you will not be able to post ads until you pay for the ads.

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