How to Create Backlinks? (Definitive Guide)

How to Create Backlinks? (Definitive Guide)

There is no doubt that backlinks to a website remain a significant factor for the search engines to rank the relevant website higher on the search results page. While there are many other SEO techniques, high-quality backlinks stand out as a more long-lasting and efficient method. So the question arises, how to create backlinks?,

Backlinks, in the simplest terms, are links to your website from other sources’ on the web. You can also have a backlink scheme contained within your website, called internal or in-site links. Google and other search engines value backlinks highly positively as they provide an important signal to evaluate the all-around quality of the relevant website.

Methods of How to Create Backlinks

In this article, you can find out how to create backlinks by using various methods to improve your website’s rankings. We listed some of those methods and included additional ideas to get more traffic to your website.

1) Create Quality Content for Backlinks

Quality content is the most efficient yet somewhat difficult method to create backlinks to your website. It is a must for you to have shareable and useful content. This way, your visitors will be more likely to use your content on their feeds, posts, articles, and many other mediums.

Complete Guides

People often use search engines to learn about something. You can create helpful content relevant to your business to drive more traffic. So complete guides with original infographics, relevant visuals, and walkthroughs are great to have on your website as they are proven to be efficient for SEO.

In addition to that, complete or definitive guides can get you valuable backlinks from other websites.


No matter what topic your article is about, it is good to use lists to cover it whenever possible. As list articles get more and more popular, users started to look for simplified lists that explain what they are searching for. They can easily scan the article and read the parts that are interesting to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a useful content feature to include on your posts. They help your customers to acquire valuable insights and find quick answers to their questions. You can use FAQ on every suitable post to make your content a better resource for your visitors.

2) Utilize Blogging

Whether you are guest-blogging or writing blog posts for your website, blog posts are great methods to create high-quality backlinks. You can include backlinks or internal links to your website on these posts. 

During guest blogging, you can mention your website on your profile and in the relevant parts of the post. Come up with an amazing post idea to publish and contact blogs with constant traffic flow. Don’t forget to come up with a short description of yourself and add a link to your website. 

broken link building

3) Broken Link Building

There are millions of pages on the web with links that lead to nowhere. They are called broken links and quite useless for the user. That being said, broken links provide an amazing opportunity for you to create backlinks. 

You should utilize free or paid software that is available on the web to locate broken links. Then, you can contact the site owner to replace the broken link with your superior content. Site owners are likely to accept your offer since broken links are not good for their SEO at all.

4) Comment on Other Content

Making insightful comments on other content can you high-quality backlinks. You can post your comments on other websites, the comments section on YouTube videos, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other social media platforms. Don’t forget to include a link to your website that can further benefit the users.

You can also offer testimonials for businesses if you enjoyed their product in exchange for a link back to your website.

5) Track Mentions

You should regularly track your mentions on the web and reclaim them as backlinks if your link isn’t included. To find out your mentions, you can use various paid or free tools available on the web.

After you locate a positive mention about your business without a link, you should contact the site owner or the author and ask them to add your link to the mention.

6) Analyze Competitors

Competitor analysis is among the most important practices to have if you want to acquire top positions on search engines. So you should find out how and which backlinks your competitors have acquired over time and come up with solutions to get more high-quality backlinks by using their link-building techniques. 

search for resource pages

7) Search for Resource Pages

Resource pages are lists that include links and mentions, usually located at the bottom of a web page. Listed resources are considered helpful for the audience by the author or the site owner. You can reach out to them and introduce your relevant & helpful website so that they can add your link on a resource page.

8) Promote Your Content

If you have great content on your website without any backlinks, you should consider promoting it. You can send out emails to high-authority websites, reach out to relevant site owners, or utilize paid ads from search engines. 

It is also possible for you to promote your content on social media platforms by influencer marketing. As influencers with millions of followers can cost a lot of money, you can work with micro-influencers that are somehow related to your industry.

9) Get Interviewed

You can contact publications, websites, bloggers, or vloggers to get interviewed about your expertise related to your business. With this method, you can create backlinks to your website and increase your business’ all-around visibility on the web.

Search for websites about your industry that regularly interview people online. Then, you can contact them with an email stating your brief background and interest. 

10) Look for Lists

You must keep an eye out for list articles on the web that are related to your industry. If your business is not included, you can reach out to the site owner and include your business. In addition to that, you should also look for content that mentions your competitors but not you. 

Lastly, you can use content explorer features of SEO tools to investigate these types of content and stay subscribed to newsletters of websites that regularly post about your industry.

FAQ of How to Create Backlinks

Can I pay to create backlinks?

Other than creating backlinks with listed methods, you can also pay to get backlinks to your website. This can save plenty of time and get you faster results while they are quite expensive. It is also important to note that buying backlinks is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, so sticking to organic methods is much better in the long run.

What are bad backlinks?

Bad backlinks come from unrelated and unrelated sources to your content on the web. These sources might be penalized by Google, considered as spam, or have very-low domain authority. Backlinks from these websites can greatly damage your website’s authority and have a significant negative impact on your SEO. In order to get rid of bad backlinks, you can contact the site owner or use the disavow links feature available on many SEO software. 

How many backlinks are considered good?

Although the quality of backlinks is much more significant than its quantity, more than 50 backlinks to your website are considered good for small-scale businesses. The level of competition is also another important factor in deciding how many backlinks your website should have.

Why backlinks affect my rankings?

Without backlinks, the internet would be a glorified and rigid document folder. Google and other search engines determine the value of a website by its usefulness for the user. If a web page steadily gets references, it is more than natural to use its backlinks as an important ranking signal.

Are backlinks still relevant?

Yes, backlinks are still relevant for search engines, and they will continue to be for many years as backlinks provide an irreplaceable signal for search engines to determine value.

How to Create Backlinks in Short

To conclude, backlinks are links to your website from other sources on the web, and they are vital for search engines to rank your website. So you should utilize listed link-building strategies to create backlinks and increase your organic traffic in return. These strategies usually require dedication, effort, and time, but they are very useful to have a steady visitor flow. You can also Buy Backlinks from InstaFollowers if you do not want to invest your time and effort, and buy them from a top-quality source aswell.

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