How to Create a YouTube Banner?

How to Create a YouTube Banner?

Nowadays, the number of channels on YouTube runs into millions, making it difficult to capture new visitors’ attention. Even if your channel is a very specific one, there are probably thousands of other similar channels. Therefore, you will have to create a visual identity like a YouTube Banner that stands out from the rest; otherwise, your YouTube videos may blend in with the crowd. But how to create a YouTube Banner?

Let’s discover what a YouTube Banner is and what are the steps to make one:

what is a youtube banner

What Is A YouTube Banner?

A YouTube Banner is a cover image designed horizontally through the main page of your YouTube channel. Designing a custom YouTube Banner image is a great start to show your channel because it’s the first visual element new visitors see. If you can get their attention, they may be likely to subscribe to your channel within seconds.

how to create a youtube banner

Steps To Create A YouTube Banner 

You can create a YouTube banner in seconds. Plus, you don’t need any design skills to create a stunning banner. All you have to do is following our guide below.

Previously, to create a Youtube banner, you would search for the dimensions online and then start from scratch in software to edit the images like you do on Photoshop.

However, there is another suitable strategy for beginners using online sites to use their professionally prepared banner templates and customize them at convenience. The most used ones are Snappa and Canva.

In this article, we are going to show you how to create a YouTube Banner using Canva. It is an easy process; just follow the instructions stated below:

  • To get started, go to Canva and register for free on their site.
  • After that, you’ll have access to free features. Which are sufficient for Creating a YouTube banner.
  • Then, you should know the dimensions:

Your banner should be 2560×1440 pixels, although not all of it will be visible in all cases. Therefore, you need to go to the Chrome Browser and search up YouTube cover dimensions.

Now, once you have set in these dimensions, you can start designing. 

  • Use one of the several available templates to customize or start from a blank document.
  • Customize the banner background with your image or choose from millions of premium images from the site.
  • Put your Channel name and make sure that you are using a very bold, big, and eye-catching font.
  • You can use a Slogan or a tag line that encapsulates the mission of your channel. 
  • Drag and drop the desired colors, fonts, and images until you see your ideal design.
  • Finally, download your banner in the format that suits you (JPEG, PNG, or PDF) and upload it to your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Banner

What benefit does a YouTube Banner provide for me as a Youtuber?

Creating a YouTube channel has become very easy, but few people give their channel a professional look. The YouTube banner is the first thing people who visit your youtube page see. Having a personalized youtube banner lets visitors to your channel know you’re serious, and most importantly, lets them see what your channel is about in a few seconds. 

What is the difference between a YouTube Banner and Thumbnail?

A YouTube Banner is a cover image designed horizontally across your YouTube Channel’s main page. In contrast, a YouTube Thumbnail is a reduced-sized version of an image that lets viewers see a quick snapshot of your video while browsing.

What makes a YouTube Banner a good one?

If you follow our guide in this article, you will certainly create an ideal Youtube Banner since we have stated all tips and instructions that make your YouTube Banner an eye-catching one.

What problems could be generated if I don’t check dimensions? 

This is the most common mistake done by Youtubers. Suppose you design to the entire Canva dimensions or whatever site you are using. In that case, it’ll only be displayed correctly on TV, and your YouTube Banner will be cut off on the desktop view and the mobile view; that’s why you should always make sure that you fixed the right dimensions. 

Is creating a Youtube Banner require design skills?

The answer is no. You never need to be skillful while designing a YouTube Banner; all you need is applying the steps explained above in the article. 

Concluding on How To Create A YouTube Banner

In this article, we have mentioned the importance of creating a YouTube Banner, and we have described the right steps to get a good and eye-catching Youtube Banner. We hope that today’s guide was clearly understood.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment down below or through our contact information. Make sure to read out other related articles and not forget to follow us on social media accounts to keep up to date with us! You may also like our article about the coolest YouTube channel art examples.

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