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How to Create a WhatsApp Group

How to Create a WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is a free application that you can message your contacts by sending texts, photos, videos, documents, locations, voice messages, and calling. Most of the phone users in the world communicate with WhatsApp to message as it is functional and easy to use. Also, it connects people with an internet connection. So, you don’t need to pay for other services such as SMS, MMS, and social media platforms. Moreover, you can chat with more than one person at once on a WhatsApp group. WhatsApp groups are so popular among WhatsApp users due to being practical and funny. So, how to create a WhatsApp group?

What Can You Do on the WhatsApp Group?

  • Any WhatsApp user can make a WhatsApp group easily. On WhatsApp groups, you can message in various ways, like a conversation on WhatsApp that is between two people. Other than that, you can make a conference call with 3 participants except for you. ’The conference calls’ means group calls or multiple calls. 
  • You can add 256 people to a group, and the participants in the group must be in your contacts. 
  • The person who creates the group is the admin of the group, and he/she can make the admin of the group the others. So, a WhatsApp group can have several admins, and the admins can add the group or remove from the group anybody.

Is A WhatsApp Group Useful For You?

You can do multiple messaging and conferences in groups. It sounds fun to chat with friends and family. Besides, it is so useful; you can manage your time better in this wise. Let’s say it is necessary to type about a subject, and you need to share the texts with several people. In this way, all of them can take your message at the same time. This messaging application will be practical for you or the business.

How to Create a WhatsApp Group

First of all, if you don’t have WhatsApp on your phone, you should download and install it. You can use the App Store for IOS or the Play store for Android devices. After that, you should allow WhatsApp to access the contacts to use it. Creating a WhatsApp group is different in IOS and Android systems. Let’s learn how to create a WhatsApp group fast and easily.

Create a WhatsApp Group on Android

Steps to Create a WhatsApp Group on Android Systems

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  2. Tap the green ’’add participants’’ icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Choose the ’’new group’’ option at the top of the screen.
  4. Choose the participants who you want to add to the group. You can see the adding participants at the top. Meanwhile, you remove from the group tapping if you don’t want a person after you add him/her.
  5. Tap the green ’’OK’’ button in the bottom right corner.
  6. Add the group subject that is formed a maximum of 25 characters. It is essential to set up the group. 
  7. If you want to choose the group’s icon, you can do it, or you can add the photo subsequently.
  8. Tap the green checkmark. So, you create the WhatsApp group. 
How to Create a WhatsApp Group on iOS

Steps to Create a WhatsApp Group on iOS Systems

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone.
  2. Tap the ’’new group’’ option in the top right corner.
  3. Add the participants to the group. You can add the contacts by swiping the screen, or you can search the contacts’ names at the top of the screen and tap the participants you want to add to your group. You can see the adding people at the top of the contacts.  
  4. Tap ’’next’’ in the top right corner.
  5. Add a group subject that is limited to 25 characters.
  6. Tap the camera icon and determine a photo for your group. You can take a photo of that moment or choose a photo taken or search the web. Besides, you can choose the group icon another time. This step is not necessary for now.
  7. If you finish all of the steps, you can complete making your WhatsApp group by tapping the ’’create’’ option in the right corner.

WhatsApp Groups in Short

We think that you understand how you can create a WhatsApp group. Opening the group is practical, as we have explained. As soon as you use this feature, you will notice the ease during the conversation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot create a WhatsApp group if you are typing nobody. You should type at least one person on WhatsApp.

The person who sends the message can see that the message is seen by participants. He/she can know the answer to these questions:
Who sees my message?
When did they see my message?
When was my message delivered?

If the admin doesn’t add the participants directly, he/she should generate an “invite link’’ for them. You share the invite link with the people who want to join the group. When they tap the link, they can participate in the group.

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