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How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest is one of the most popular web sites of all time, but with a difference: People see Pinterest as a productivity tool and use it for inspiration. Many people use Pinterest to be inspired for event planning, DIY projects, fashion, and all other things. So, why not use Pinterest with a good marketing strategy in business? Create a Pinterest business account and then explore Pinterest Business. 

Why Is Pinterest Important for Business? 

Pinterest is a widely visited web site all over the world, and it is so beneficial to use in the business world with these reasons: 

  • It is the fourth most used web site and has many users. 
  • Pinterest has a strong global footprint, according to the research. Pinterest active users are much more comparing other social media websites. 
  • The number of Pinterest users is rapidly increasing every year. 
  • Pinterest is a visual search engine that makes Pinterest is unique. Teenagers tend to search for content with visualization. 
  • The users of Pinterest are generally women who are target groups for many products and marketing campaigns. 
  • People use Pinterest to buy something. So, it is a great opportunity for a good marketing strategy. 
  • It is the place to be inspired. People think that Pinterest is useful. 
How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

Steps to Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

To create a Pinterest business account, you can get a new account for business purposes or convert your personal account into a business account. Here is a full tutorial on the creation of a Pinterest business account: 

  • Go to Pinterest Business home page and click on “Create account” 
  • Enter your email and password. 
  • Add the language and location preferences. 
  • Choose your business name and write it. Then choose the most related sentence that describes your business on Pinterest. 
  • If they exist, add your weblink and blogs on your Pinterest account. 
  • Connect your other social media accounts like YouTube, Etsy, and Instagram. 
  • Edit your profile according to your needs. 
  • Share your first pin. 
Why Is Pinterest Important for Business

Conclusion on Pinterest Business Account

We have covered how to use Pinterest Business. A good marketing strategy is a great way to promote your business or starting a new business. It is really simple to have a business account. Pinterest is a great website that has many users who used the website to be inspired. It makes Pinterest the best place for marketing campaigns and access people for business purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

It is free. You can get Pinterest Analytics and a special business account.

According to Pinterest, people who want to use Pinterest for business purposes should use a business account and accept the agreement on Pinterest. When you have a business account, you have a different profile comparing a personal account. Also, you can access Pinterest Analytics.

Yes, instead of creating a new business account, you can convert your account. From the settings on a personal account, create a business account, and connect your accounts.

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  1. Mclaughlin

    Creating a Pinterest business Account never felt so easy. I have created one in the past but it was so difficult to do so. Thank you!