How to Create a Facebook Business Page 2019

How to Create a Facebook Business Page 2019

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Facebook business page is a free profile and promotion opportunity that you can create for your local business, brand, or product. You can use this page to promote your business or products by publishing status updates, links, event announcements, comments, photos and videos, such as your personal Facebook accounts. After logging in to your personal Facebook account, tab on the menu link at the top right. After clicking the Create Page button, Facebook will ask you what to use this page for. From the menu, select business or brand or community or celebrity. After filling in all empty fields, your page is ready. We will explain you all steps for How to Create a Facebook Business Page.

What Does it Mean? Is a Real Web Page?

It is not a real commercial web site but it is similar. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to spend extra money on advertising and Publicity. You will have a page that Facebook members can easily see, and on this page you can advertise the product you want.

Create a Facebook Business

Steps to Create Your Page on Facebook

  • Sign in to your personal Facebook account. Creating a Facebook business page from your profile is really simple. To create your business page, press the menu button in the top corner and click the “Create Page” button in the drop-down menu. After you click the Create Page button, you will have six different categories, and you will have to choose the category that is most suitable for your business.
  • Enter the name of your business after you specify the reason for opening the page. Be sure to select the category of your business and type in your address and phone number. You can update this information later.
  • After entering these details, you will want to upload the profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook page. You can do that later
  • Enter detailed information about your business. This information is necessary for your customers to get to know you better. Remember to select the user name for your page, Your page address will be as
  • There is a button on the homepage of your page. By default, the “send a message” button is active, but you can select what you want to do by clicking on it.

To Create a Facebook Business Page, you can follow these instructions.

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Create a Facebook Business

Tips For an Effective Facebook Business Page

Your page is ready. You have successfully created! But how will other users know about your page? You should work a little for this and follow the advice we give. Your profile and cover photo should be impressive. This is very important. Remember to use keywords in every content you publish. And do not forget to get verified on Facebook. Use pinned post and add fresh content daily. Like and comment at other pages. With this way, you may get more followers. Try not to spam. Otherwise, your page may be blocked by Facebook

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