How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn (2023)

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn (2023)

LinkedIn‘s B2B is an indisputable medium for showcasing great business profiles. LinkedIn’s most significant online business network and research say that 5% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from companies with which LinkedIn contacts. So, how can you create a company page on LinkedIn?

With regular updates, you can increase interaction with your followers on your LinkedIn company page and reach your KPI (desired goal).

Creating a Company Page

You can choose a setup for your own needs. LinkedIn offers pages for small businesses, medium to large businesses, educational institutions, and showcase pages. You can create a company page on many social platforms, however, LıinkedIn’s feature is another level.

If you’re ready, then let’s see how to create a LinkedIn company page on LinkedIn. Here we go, let’s start.

1) Create a Company Page:

You must have a LinkedIn account in order to create a page. 

  1. Click. Set up a Company Page in the “Job” section in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Scroll through the four options offered by LinkedIn to describe your company.

2) Fill In Your Company Information:

Take care to fill in your company information completely. You can see a preview of your page on the right side of the field where you fill in your information.


  • LinkedIn does not have any practices to accept previously used names. Do not give up; try adding your company with an original title to claim it.
  • You can think of three sections as page ID, company details, profile details as your company ID.
  • You can edit how you want your name to appear in the” LinkedIn public URL” section.

3) Edit Your Page:

Now, you’re the admin. Your profile page is a reflection of your brand. It is essential and challenging to make a great first impression effectively for those who search for your brand. That is why LinkedIn profiles are important.

Add your profile/cover image with proper image sizes, slogan, and location information. After filling the information in this field, your company page is ready for use and log in.

4) Share Your Content:

Regular content sharing is the most effective way to increase your number of followers, brand awareness, and prestige. You can share your work, activities, company updates, and announcements with your followers. 

Create a content strategy. You can activate your followers by using interactive content in your shares or talk about the benefits of your product/service using benefit content.

5) Follow Your Page Analysis:

Follow the analysis of the content you share regularly. The most important way to understand the interaction status of the people who follow you will be the statistics you receive. You can learn the answers to the questions.

  • Did I benefit my followers?
  • Have I mobilized my followers?
  • What kind of content is getting more interaction?

Yes, so far, we talked about how to create a company profile. So how to manage a company account? The next items will be the answer to this question.

6) Create Ad Campaigns:

The answer to the question where is the most suitable ad for the B2B target audience? This is undoubtedly LinkedIn! Accurate targeting ensures that your ad is shown only to the appropriate audience.

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LinkedIn Advertising Models:

  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Follow Company Ads

You have opened your company page, edited it, set strategies. Now you know how to manage one.

How to Get Followers on Linkedin Company Page?

How to Get Followers on LinkedIn Company Page?

Create strategies to strengthen your brand and increase your prestige.

  • Set your campaign goals. Will you increase your company’s brand awareness, or will you advertise your newly opened website?
  • It is important to share content appropriate to your target audience. Activate your target audience with content. Ask questions to them, share articles, organize contests.
  • Plan when and with what tags to share your content. You’ll see more interaction with the right and right tags.
  • Reply to comments made under your content by LinkedIn users. Your target audience will be pleased with this interest.
  • Your employees can share their brand content. In addition to reaching more people, your loyalty to your employees’ business will attract the attention of your target audience.
  • Set your profile power to the “Star” level. Successful LinkedIn profiles will give the impression of regular and relevant work.

Also, guide your co-workers to follow the company page through their personal profiles.

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  1. Caley

    There is no “job section” in any upper right hand corner – only “settings”

  2. Underwood

    A company page on LinkedIn was the best move I have ever made on social media. It not only boosted my productivity but it also boosted my profits.