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How to Convert Instagram Videos to MP4

The process of converting a video from one format to another might seem complicated and requires software or program to do the job; some people even think that those kinds of programs are not for free. Therefore they need to pay for a subscription. Still, in fact, the whole process is straightforward and totally accessible by everyone regardless of your location or which kind of computer or laptop you are using. Now we are going to explain how to convert Instagram videos to MP4.

Steps to Convert Instagram Videos

The first step is definitely clicking on Google Play application or IOS Play Store depending on which phone you are using, then type “Instagram video downloader” or “Instagram video converter,” which will take you to a few options to choose from, then you should pick the one that has more stars and better reviews to guarantee it is good and effective. 

After downloading that application, the next step is to copy the video link and paste it on the search bar of the application and then get your video from Instagram to MP4 by choosing the MP4 format from the third-party app. 

Of course, you should pick a website that actually does the work without any additional or hidden costs to convert your video to MP4 format. There is a variety of choices regarding that matter on the internet. The whole process is totally as it sounds, pretty easy, and absolutely not sophisticated at all. Everyone can do it easily.

Why Convert to MP4 Format

Why Convert to MP4 Format?

Converting a video into MP4 format is usually requested and done by video makers, especially Instagram influencers or businesses, as part of creating video ads since MP4 format makes it very simple and easy to edit the video and even insert whether pictures or type words, etc.

Moreover, MP4 is also a format that literally disables copyright claims that are encoded in the video and also enables removing watermarks, which is a serious concern for many content creators. During the past few years, many content creators, as well as businesses, have been reporting this issue to YouTube and Instagram managements to create a sense of awareness and stop the potential risk of flowing falsified videos over those platforms. 

The response by those social media providers was positive. As many of the videos shared in MP4 format on Instagram, for instance, are blocked immediately after using a detector that is automated and programmed to detect and identify the original creator of the video.

Steps to Convert Instagram Videos

Conclusion on Converting Instagram Videos to MP4

We have covered how to convert Instagram videos to MP4. To do it, you can use a third-party app to download the video. You can choose the video format when you’re downloading. We also mentioned the steps to download Instagram videos as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, you can. There are many applications that allow you to download Instagram videos. Some of these applications even offer editing options as well.

If they are your own videos, you can save them to your camera roll. Instagram has an option for that in Stories. If you are going to download someone else’s videos, you have to download them using third-party apps. 

If it is an Instagram video, you can send it by tapping on the button shaped like a paper plane at the bottom of the video. Then select a friend or multiple friends from the list and tap on the ‘Send’ button next to them. If it is not an Instagram video, go to the DM page and tap on the Gallery button to reach your camera roll. Then select your video and send it. 

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  1. Raylee Lancaster
    Raylee Lancaster

    I need to convert Instagram videos to mp4 for archival purposes. This article helped me understand all the questions I previously had in mind.