How to Contact Instagram Customer Services

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Nobody usually wants to contact Instagram customer services. Because if you’re there, there must be something wrong. But if it is, we’re here to point you in the right direction. You can contact Instagram via phone or email, or get help from various Instagram resources if you’re concerned about your account. Contacting Instagram does not definitely mean you will get a reply, as whatever problem you’re experiencing usually isn’t viewed as a priority by Instagram. Here are some methods to contact Instagram customer services.

To reach Instagram customer services

Directly Contacting Instagram:

Instagram’s direct line and e-mail are more of an automated help resource. It’s very unlikely you will get a direct response or will be able to talk to a human being. Considering that Instagram has over 700 million global users, this method is used at helping yourself, rather than Instagram helping you.


To reach Instagram customer services


Visit the support site

You can go to in your browser and try to find the topic that’s the closest to your problem. You can also search certain keywords here to find what you’re looking for quicker.

Send an e-mail to Instagram directly

In order to contact Instagram customer services, you can simply send an e-mail to [email protected] address. You need to list your account name, what your problem is and any other information you think is necessary to mention. But again, the probability of you getting a reply to this e-mail is low. Be sure to talk about your problem in an exact manner and only list important information.

To reach Instagram customer services

Try to contact Instagram on its account

Honestly, this has an even lesser chance of working out, but in the end, some people win the lotto. Even though it’s only rarely, this happens sometimes because it’s a great advertisement for Instagram. The big company helping out a small user that’s in need, what’s better than that?

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Unless you’re having a problem with a certain Instagram user, are a public figure or have a big business account; these are your options.  To reach Instagram customer services isn’t always easy, but especially if you’re going through a big issue(like getting hacked, experiencing hate-speech or bullying, being harassed etc.) you can be sure Instagram will be inclined to help you. If you are experiencing any big or stressful issues or if you’re a public figure, then reporting them is the best choice.

Did anything stressful, sketchy or unusual happen to you on Instagram? Feel free to share with us, it gets lonely on here sometimes. Thanks for reading this article and I hope to see you again in another one.


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