How to Contact Facebook (2022)

How to Contact Facebook (2022)

Facebook is a social media website that improves itself with the opinions and suggestions of its users. You can be sure that every contact form that you send to Facebook is carefully evaluated. You have many options to contact Facebook, such as ticket support, help documents, and help groups. A Customer Support Department is fully equipped and fast enough to answer any question you are looking for individual and business.

There are several ways to contact the platform. You can contact via mobile, customer service, and their Help page. The way of contact may vary due to your reason. So, without further due, let’s take a look at how to contact Facebook.

Contact on Mobile

If you use the Facebook app on your Android and Ios mobile devices, you can get support quickly. You can get services in the mobile version as well as the support page on the web page.

  • Click on the main menu tab on the right side
  • Go to the Help and Support section
  • You will see five options here
  • Choose one of them and ask your question to Facebook customer service
  • Or you can read the FAQ page and find your answer there
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Call Facebook Customer Service

There is no active phone number available directly to Facebook customer service. Numbers written on the Internet are not valid because Facebook does not provide phone support. There is also no live support service. The options we specify on this page are only valid for you to contact Facebook. Facebook can’t offer such one-to-one communication service. A site with close to 2 billion members, phone or live support service is very difficult. Therefore, the most effective communication channel is written communication. Facebook also does not have a fixed customer service email address. They answer questions with the ticket system. You cannot send a direct email. You can only use contact forms.

How to Make a Complaint to Facebook?

You can complain about anything you encounter while using Facebook. It’s very simple to do. You can do this from the Report a problem link on the Help page. You can make a complaint about:

  • Profiles
  • Messages
  • Ads
  • Activities
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Photos and videos
  • Content
  • Questions
  • And others

Select the subject you want to complain about, follow the steps, and fill out the complaint form. Facebook always records every complaint and gives you a tracking number. With this number, you can track the complaint process. You will receive a positive or negative response within 48 hours.

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Get Support on Facebook

In this link, you can find everything about help and support: You can fill out and send contact forms on the web or mobile to contact Facebook. But before you do this, always review the articles on the help page. Call the question you want to ask, search, and find the answer. If the answer does not please you, then you can contact customer service directly. If you don’t get the result you asked for or the complaint you made, contact again and make it clearer what you want to ask. You can also request support for Facebook ads and pages. Each department has a different customer support team.

FAQs About Contacting Facebook

How to get in touch with Facebook for troubleshooting?

As we have stated in our article before, if you have any problems with the platform, you can reach Facebook via its Help page and ask for assistance.

Can you talk with a live person at Facebook?

Yes, you can contact a live representative on Facebook and talk about your issues on the platform.

Can I send a message to a non-friend on Facebook?

Yes, you can send messages to people on Facebook without being friends. However, when this is the case, the receiver will get a message ‘someone wants to message you’ on Facebook messenger. When they choose to see the message, they can see and answer it.

Conclusion: Contacting Facebook

In this article, we have answered the question ‘how to contact Facebook?’ There are multiple ways to contact. You can contact the platform via the mobile app. We have included the steps to do it. Another way to contact them is by reporting a problem on the Help page. You can also contact the customer support team of Facebook which is for ads and pages.

We hope this article was helpful for you, if you have any other questions about Facebook or other social media platforms, you can learn a lot from our blog posts. Feel free to comment on the articles.

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  1. So, here’s my problem, I recently made a new Facebook account and I was trying to create an ad for one of my books (I’m an indie author), the ad was rejected and when I tried to fix it, I was then locked out of my account. I entered my phone number (as I was prompted to) in order to have a code texted to me…but I never received a message. Why is this happening?

  2. I am a photographer. I post and create ads with vertical and horizontal images that are crucial for my company and products. Facebook often crops theses images square, destroying the image and my ads. I have submitted scores of complaints. Never a response.

  3. I have to say that in my experience, none of these suggested avenues are correct. Facebook does not respond to help inquiries via contact forms, and there is no way to talk to a person via phone or even live chat (at least in July 2021). Their online help articles are largely useless. Can someone please tell me I’m wrong and point me in the right direction? My client needs to set up a Shop but is not able to transfer ownership of a page from an inactive account, and there is no support available. Any help is super appreciated!

  4. When I post something on my facebookm my friends are not able to see it, but when I am tagged, they will. I once send some messages your side about it but didger any response until I opened another dacevook page. I really need my first page, for how whenever I post something on the new page I take the old page. Can you please help