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How to Contact Facebook (2023)

How to Contact Facebook (2023)

Facebook is a social media website that improves itself with the opinions and suggestions of its users. You can be sure that every contact form you send to Facebook is carefully evaluated. You have many options to contact Facebook, such as ticket support, help documents, and help groups. A Customer Support Department is fully equipped and fast enough to answer any question you are looking for individual and business.

There are several ways to contact the platform. You can contact them via mobile, customer service, and their Help page. The way of contact may vary due to your reason. So, let’s look at how to contact Facebook without further due.

The Ways to Contact Facebook

If you need to contact Facebook, you can try one of the methods below.

Contact on Mobile

You can get support quickly if you use the Facebook app on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can get services on the mobile version and the support page on the web page.

how to contact facebook on mobile
  1. Click on the main menu tab at the bottom.
  2. Go to the Help and Support section.
  3. You will see six options here.
  4. Choose one of them and ask your question.
  5. Or you can read the FAQ page and find your answer there.

Call Facebook Customer Service

There is no active phone number available directly to Facebook customer service. Numbers written online are invalid because Facebook does not provide phone support. There is also no live support service. The options we specify on this page are only valid for contacting Facebook. Facebook can’t offer such a one-to-one communication service. However, if you use a Facebook business page, you can benefit from live support. Phone or live support service is tough for a site with close to 2 billion members. Therefore, the most effective communication channel is written communication. Facebook also does not have a fixed customer service email address. They answer questions with the ticket system. You cannot send a direct email. You can only use contact forms.

How to Make a Complaint to Facebook

You can complain about anything you encounter while using Facebook. It’s straightforward to do. You can do this from the Report a problem button on the menu, or you can shake your phone when you encounter a problem. Follow these steps to report a problem;

  1. Open the main menu and tap the “help and support” button.
  2. Tap on the “Report a problem” button.
  3. Choose “Continue to Report”.
  4. Choose the feature that you encounter a problem with.
  5. Write about your problem, and if you need, add a screenshot.
  6. Send your report.

If you don’t want to report a problem on the main menu, you can go to where you saw a problem and shake your phone. You will see the “report a problem” page.

how to complaint to facebook

You can make a complaint about the following:

  • Profiles
  • Messages
  • Ads
  • Activities
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Photos and videos
  • Content
  • Questions
  • And others

Select the subject you want to complain about, follow the steps, and fill out the complaint form. Facebook always records every complaint and gives you a tracking number. With this number, you can track the complaint process. You will receive a positive or negative response within 48 hours. When you solve your problem, you can buy Facebook followers for a new beginning with your account.

Get Support on Facebook Help

You can find everything about help and support via Facebook Help. You can fill out and send contact forms on the web or mobile to contact Facebook. But before you do this, always review the articles on the help page. Call the question you want to ask, search, and find the answer. You can contact customer service directly if the answer does not please you. If you don’t get the result you asked for or the complaint you made, contact us again and clarify what you want to ask. You can also request support for Facebook ads and pages. Each department has a different customer support team.

Contact Facebook Support via Email

Contacting Facebook support via e-mail is actually easier than you thought but also more specific than ever! Each Facebook department has its own e-mail phrases, and it is crucial for you to use them to correct one if you have a specific complaint. We collected the lists of Facebook customer service e-mails so that you can contact Facebook support directly. You can use those since they are reachable 24/7. However, you should also be aware that it might take a couple of days to receive a response since they get lots of e-mails per day. But don’t worry, if you have sent the right e-mail to the right Facebook customer service e-mail, you will get your answer in a couple of working days. Here’s the list of Facebook customer service e-mails you can use:

contact facebook support via email
  • [email protected]: You can use this email if you have any questions about advertisements.
  • [email protected]: You can use this email if you have any questions about PR or the press.
  • [email protected]: If you have problems with general support, you can use this e-mail address.
  • [email protected]: You can use this email to report any violations of Facebook’s policies.
  • [email protected]: You can request a review of any prohibited content or accounts using this email address.
  • [email protected]: You can use this email to report issues or raise concerns regarding intellectual property.
  • [email protected]: You can get in touch with Facebook’s help staff via this email if your account was compromised or disabled for some other reason.
  • [email protected]: You can use this e-mail for the purpose of exposing scam emails and communications.
  • [email protected]: Contact Facebook customer service at this email if you have questions regarding the protection of your data.

Contact Facebook through Facebook’s Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support is one of the biggest and most practical ways of contacting Facebook customer service if you have a complaint. Even though it is not available for everyone, if you are using Facebook Ads Manager, you can easily chat with the live chat support of Facebook customer service. Nonetheless, we should warn you about its not being available for everyone. This feature is not usable in every country and for every user. You need to spend some amount of money on Facebook to be able to chat lively.  So, if you have this feature, you can use it effectively and can contact Facebook customer service. You have only 3 steps to follow to open the Live Chat support if you have:

  1. Open the Meta Business Help Page.
  2. Find ‘’Get Support’’ at the right of the page.
  3. Write about your problem briefly, and you will immediately be assigned a customer representative.

Contacting Facebook by Social Media

Well, maybe you tried contacting Facebook customer service via e-mail and live chat, but you didn’t get the response you have been waiting for. Don’t worry! There’s always a solution you can trust on social media.

The easiest way to get noticed on social media is by posting your problem and tagging Facebook on your post. After that, Facebook customer service will quickly notice you and work on your complaint. If you want to get a response, you can use any social media platform in which Facebook has an official account. Nevertheless, we recommend sticking with Facebook itself and Twitter, or X, regarding the quick response. Here are some official Facebook pages you can tag on your Facebook posts:

  • Facebook ( This is the general and official page of Facebook that you can use for any issues.
  • Facebook Marketplace Assistant ( If you have any issues with the Facebook marketplace, you can DM or tag this page.
  • Facebook Security ( If you have serious security issues, you can tag this page and contact them.
  • Facebook Community ( If you have complaints about community rules and violations, you can contact this page via DM or tag them.
  • Facebook and Privacy ( You can make use of this page if you have privacy problems.
  • Meta for Business ( If you have a business account on Facebook and have some issues with it, you can benefit from this Facebook page.

Contacting Facebook Business Support

As we mentioned in the section ‘Contact Facebook through Facebook’s Live Chat Support’, you can contact Facebook customer service by using the Meta Business Help Page. If it is available in your country, you can use the option of live chat from the button named ’Get Support.’ There, you can fill in a form explaining your problem, and then you can contact a Facebook customer service representative directly.

However, this option may not be available to you or in your country. Then, do not worry about that. You can always send an e-mail to Facebook customer service using the e-mail ‘[email protected]. After a couple of working days, you can get a response for your issue since this e-mail focuses on issues regarding business and advertisement.

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Nonetheless, if you still do not get an answer from Facebook customer service after trying all of those, you can tag their business accounts and pages on your social media posts, as we mentioned in the title named “Contacting Facebook by Social Media”. This way, you can get an easy and quick response from Facebook Business Support.

Well, if you are looking for the answer to “Does Facebook have a phone number?” let’s talk about it briefly. As far as we know, Facebook does not have a phone number that will directly link you to Facebook customer service. Hence, you can only contact them with the methods we mentioned above. If you are searching for a phone number for Facebook support, our simple answer is there is none.

Does Facebook Respond to Complaints?

Approximately, there are 3 billion people all around the world who use Facebook nearly every day. When we see this number, we think that it is impossible to see and respond to all those people’s complaints every day. However, we can say that Facebook customer service does actually see your complaints and takes action on them.

Facebook customer service team normally evaluates and investigates user reports when they are submitted via official channels like the Facebook Help Center, platform reporting tools, or email. They seek to address problems involving a range of issues, such as technical difficulties, account recovery, harassment, and privacy violations.

It’s significant to note that response times can be various in length because of the immersed user base and the number of complaints they get. While some problems might be solved quickly, others might take longer to be solved by Facebook customer service. Nonetheless, we can say that Facebook customer service is doing a significant job of receiving and responding to complaints compared to other big social media platforms.

Conclusion: Contacting Facebook

Knowing how to access and use Facebook customer service is crucial in the digital world, where millions rely on it for social interactions and businesses for advertising. Facebook has a number of ways to assist, whether you need help with a hacked account, reporting issues, or boosting your business’s presence. You have options to meet your needs, including email contact, live chat, and access to focused business assistance.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that response times can vary, thus, showing patience is essential. You can equip yourself to address problems efficiently and ensure a more fluid experience on one of the biggest social media platforms around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have stated in our article, if you have any problems with the platform, you can reach Facebook via its Help page and ask for assistance.

Yes, you can contact a live representative on Facebook and discuss your issues on the platform.

You can shake your phone when you see a problem. It will allow you to tell your problem to Facebook.

You don’t have to send a screenshot when you want to report a problem; however, it would be better to send a screenshot to define your problem.

Yes, you can send messages to people on Facebook without being friends. However, when this is the case, the receiver will get a message, “someone wants to message you”, on Facebook Messenger. When they choose to see the message, they can see and answer it.

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    • Cheyenne

      The same is for me. I am locked out of my account but am not getting a code and I don’t know how to contact them.

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        Samantha Elliott

        I have the same problem too, and I think the birthday and name has been changed too and I have no idea what to do.

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  6. Samantha

    I have to say that in my experience, none of these suggested avenues are correct. Facebook does not respond to help inquiries via contact forms, and there is no way to talk to a person via phone or even live chat (at least in July 2021). Their online help articles are largely useless. Can someone please tell me I’m wrong and point me in the right direction? My client needs to set up a Shop but is not able to transfer ownership of a page from an inactive account, and there is no support available. Any help is super appreciated!

    • Dennis

      If you have tried everything and couldn’t get a response from Facebook, you can try to contact Instagram as well.

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      Hello, have you tried the ways mentioned in the article?

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    alice E buehler

    My son had a FB account and recently died in a car accident. How do I memorialize his account and also stop on person from posting on his page?

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      Maggie Whitewater

      So sorry for your loss,

      You can contact Facebook from the link below;

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