How to Connect Spotify to Discord

How to Connect Spotify to Discord

Since the beginning of social media, we’ve always shared what we are listening to by posting it, creating hashtags, or putting them into stories. The most used music library, the Spotify app, is connectable to various platforms to show or share What you are listening to. One of them is the video chatting app Discord. You probably have heard or used Discord if you like to play games with your friends online while talking with each other. But did you know how to connect Spotify to Discord?

Discord not only shows which games you are currently playing, but you can also connect it to your Spotify and show your friends the songs you are listening to. Now we will explain how to connect your Spotify to your Discord account.

How to Use Spotify on Discord

How to Use Spotify on Discord?

The Discord app is pretty fun and efficient to use when you are playing or just chatting you’re your friends. When using the Discord app during a game chat, you can automatically see what game is being played. You can do the same whilst listening to Spotify. Here is how to link Spotify to Discord.

  • From your computer, open the Discord app.
  • Log in and click on “User Settings.”
  • Click on the “Connections” menu.
  • Under Connect Your Accounts, click on the Spotify icon.
  • From the opening page, log in to your Spotify account with your Spotify username.
  • After you allow the apps to authorize, your Spotify and discord accounts will be connected.
Spotify Listen Along Not Working

Spotify Listen Along Not Working

There is also a Discord feature where you can listen to the same song at the exact time with your other friends, but sometimes after you connected Spotify to Discord, the listen-along feature might disfunction. If you have failed to connect Spotify to Discord for listening along, we might have a couple of reasons and solutions here for you.

  • First of all, you need to have Spotify Premium to be able to use the listen-along feature.
  • If you are having problems while listening along, make sure to have the Spotify desktop app running. 
  • And everyone who is joining the listen along needs to have premium accounts.
  • Make sure your internet is properly working.

FAQs on Spotify for Discord

Can you download Spotify for PC?

Yes, Spotify also has a desktop app for computers. You can download it from Spotify’s website.

Can you download Discord on a mobile phone?

Yes, Discord has its mobile app both for Android and IOS devices.

What other apps you can connect with Spotify?

You can share Spotify links directly from the Instagram app and connect it also to Facebook.

How do you use the listen-along feature on Discord?

While listening to Spotify and connecting it so Discord, you can press the” +” button and add friends to listen simultaneously with you. They also need to have Spotify Premium.

Can you connect Apple music to Discord?

Currently, an authorization between Apple music and Discord is nonexistent.

Conclusion About Connecting Spotify to Discord

With this short article, we cleared and learned how to connect Spotify to Discord. We hopefully helped with solving your listen-along feature problems and were able to show you how you can connect the two accounts.

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