How to Come Up With a Business Name

How to Come Up With a Business Name

Many of the large corporations and manufacturers work with naming companies to help them choose names for their companies and products. Choosing the right company name is vital to the success or failure of a business, product, or service.

The name you choose when establishing a company should be a well-thought-out name that serves the purpose of the company. There are some points to consider when choosing a company name. Let’s talk about them now.

recipe for a good business name

Recipe for a Good Business Name

Here are some of the steps that you need to take in order to find the perfect business name for your investment. After all, it will be how people will refer to your business. It bears great importance.

Keep It Short and Easy to Read

You can choose names that you can pronounce as short and as easy as possible. Thus, the customer can easily remember this name. Also, if you keep the name short, your logo design and branding process will be easier.

Be Original

 Make sure that your company name is unique, that no one else has. Compile the alternative names you have created and conduct market research to examine whether the names you find are used. Thus, you can be sure of the originality of the name, and you will not have to deal with possible changes afterward. Since it is illegal to use a name someone else uses, it may cause you to enter a process that will make you work, so be sure to check if the name is available. For the brand you create to stand out among its competitors and to be original, the name you use must also make a difference.

Remember That You Can Use the Company Name on Online Media

As the use of digital channels is increasing, you can make your company name available on the internet. When choosing a company name, you should pay attention to details such as social media accounts and domain names. If the domain name or social media account of the name you chose is already taken, you may need to make a name revision beforehand. Since the difference between your company name and your domain name will affect your awareness negatively, it is important to pay attention to this harmony.

Consult With Those Around You

After creating various name alternatives, you can consult people whose opinions you trust about these names. Thus, you will receive feedback from your relatives about whether the name is memorable or whether it serves the field of the company. You can eliminate the names in line with the ideas you receive and have strong alternatives at hand.

Take Care to Choose the Most Suitable One Among the Alternatives

You can now create your company’s name by choosing one of the powerful alternatives you have. You can choose from the options by focusing on the most original, memorable, and the one you can use in digital media.

Methods That Can Make Your Job Easier When Choosing a Business Name

Several methods will make your name selection easier. It is possible to create your company name by using the following methods:

  • You can work with professional companies that do this job at the point of finding names. If you work with these professionals, you can request support in the formation of a company identity as well as finding names. Also, it may be possible to provide the necessary support in logo formation with these professionals.
  • You can choose by focusing on the feeling you want the company name to evoke in the customer. The name you choose in this way will help the user to get an idea about the company.
  •  When choosing a company name, focus on creativity. Creative names are always more interesting and memorable.
  •  Be sure to test the name you want to use first. Legitimate, original names play an important role in the existence of the company.
company name finding tools

Company Name Finding Tools

Once you’ve decided on the right idea for your company, there are many ways to choose a brand name. Using a brand name finder can help you find the perfect brand and domain name for your company. Also, company name finder tools are easy to use, fast and inexpensive. It gives you plenty of ideas. I can give a few examples:


The AI-powered company name finder quickly offers thousands of company name suggestions based on the keywords you enter. Zyro also provides a powerful logo maker and site builder to make your company look professional and interesting. In addition to being free, it is also extremely easy to use.


You can find hundreds, if not thousands, of brand names thanks to Shopify. This app shows only brand names with available domain names. The great thing about the brand name generator is that you can easily sign up for a Shopify account and open your first Shopify store after selecting the name.


Type in your keyword, choose your business type and name style; With 3 high-quality logo designs for each name, you will see the results quickly. You can also immediately purchase a .com domain name that matches your name exactly.

mistakes to avoid when naming your company

Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Company

The name of your company is one of the most fundamental elements that determine its image. In other words, the company name comes first among the things that determine the fate of the company. For this reason, you should be careful and attentive when naming your company.

You know that a name that sounds normal to you can have the connotation of swearing in another language. For this reason, if you want to expand your brand in the international arena, you should research well what this name means in foreign languages.

If you want to name your company a human, keep in mind that this may have legal implications. For example, the name of a character in a book or movie may have been registered by the publisher or producer company. While such events are rare, there is no reason why they shouldn’t happen to you.

When finding a creative and catchy name, it is usually easier to turn to phrases. Making up a single word from two different words is often not a good idea. It makes no sense to derive forced names. The important thing is to know your industry and target audience; to find a suitable name for it.

There are also some dangers in using the name of the city in which you operate in a company name. For example, even if your company grows, you may not be able to get rid of a local and small business atmosphere. Also, when the city is specified in the name of the company, even if you are working intercity, people get the impression that you are operating only in that city.

 FAQ About Business Names

What does the brand name mean?

The brand name is the whole of the signs that distinguish the goods and services from the goods and services produced by different people or companies.

How long does a business name last?

If you have a registered business name, you will receive a renewal notice via email 30 days before the end of the renewal period. Business names can be renewed every 1 or 3 years.

How do I protect my business name?

Register your company as soon as possible.

Which business name generator tool should I be using?

Whichever suits your needs the best will be the most appropriate one. Try to use all of them and see which one you like the most.

How much will it cost me to obtain a name generator tool?

Although there are paid ones as well, we believe you can get the same results with the free ones.

Conclusion on Business Names

The name you give your initiative determines your brand and how people will know you. Therefore, in the process of finding a new company or brand name; You should pay attention to the reading, choose a name that has a story, or you can add something to yourself and love. Once you pin your name down, it’s time to create a website. But how? Let us invite you to our next article on this subject.

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