How to Combine PDF Files? (+Combinig Tools)

How to Combine PDF Files? (+Combinig Tools)

PDF is one of the terms that come into our lives after we meet the computer and internet world and holds an important place in the form of filing. If we need to explain this form of filing most simply, we can say that we move a file, book, or booklet to a place by formatting it on the internet. It is also possible to combine PDF files into each other as one.

E-Books, e-magazines, documents, official documents, and more files have PDF extensions. Because the use of the PDF file is quite simple and can be used for multipurpose, it is usually almost the whole world using this file. The inability of others to change files and PDF extensions are the most important features that make the PDF attractive. Because that’s how you can protect the content of your files. The use of the PDF Extension has become so common that we can now access our invoices and bank account statements even via e-mail PDF format. So, how can we combine PDF files?

Using PDF

PDF format is one of the most popular formats for viewing text and image files. You can use the PDF not only in special situations but in most organizations. Most states are for organizations that you need to merge several files into a single file. You may typically need to merge several different files into a single file while maintaining a workflow.

Let’s say you have a very important PDF document, and very few file editors can handle this format. In this case, it becomes extremely problematic to see the contents of the file. This scenario is a problem that many users face. But the internet is a vast ocean. Of course, many programs open such files and make writing completely readable. In this article, you will find tips on how to combine PDF files

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When to Combine PDF Files?

If you have a multipurpose product and do not have an automatic document feeder and need to scan one page at a time, you need to combine several PDF scans. Imagine you have a 50-page file. First, you’ll have to scan, save, and then merge everything into a pdf file. It’s torture! Unfortunately, we encounter this reality quite often.

Let’s continue with this scenario. When you scan the same 20 pages from the browser’s automated feeder and send them to your mail, you will be replaced with a file with a few files. This means that your browser doesn’t have enough memory. Your browser will start splitting a file into several files. This method is specifically done to limit the size of the e-mail! But don’t worry. Everything has a practical solution, and that’s what the software has for.

Tools to Combine PDF Files

Programs That Open PDF Files

As you understand, you cannot open these files with regular text editors. To do this, there is special software that is freely found on the internet. There are many programs that open PDF files. But only a few have proven themselves perfectly and gained popularity. Especially Foxit Reader, PDF-Viewer, STDUViewer, and, of course, Adobe (Acrobat) Reader. You do not have to pay any fees for these programs. They are all free and easy to use.

Combining Files via Adobe Acrobat Reader

To combine several documents, such as a contract, and all of their apps, you must use custom extensions that are publicly available on your internet network. Adobe Acrobat Professional is the most popular and useful program in this field. It is universal for all PDF files and is suitable for continuous work with them. It does not install your operating system and does not cause your computer to malfunction.

You have the opportunity to download this program completely free of charge from the developers’ official website. 

Steps to Combine With Adobe Acrobat Reader

• Download the program. Then run this program and then click the “File” menu item that goes to the bottom of the “Create PDF” secondary menu. 

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• Then check the “Multiple files” submenu line. Let’s remind you that some variations of the program work in English. Therefore, if you are having trouble with the foreign language, you will need to choose from English language elements.

• Next, just select all the PDF files you need to merge in the new window you opened. After you select and close this dialog box, you will see all of these files in the “Merge Files” program. The number of files you need to merge into a single file doesn’t matter much. Of course, if you have a large number of files, it would not always be appropriate to work with them. Of course, it’s easier to merge two or three files because you can easily deploy their build to a new document.

• As the next step, edit these files in the order of the merge that is correct in the “edit files” option in the menu. Then press the merge key. You will receive a new file that will be in the order you need for all the documents you have selected and distributed. 

• Then click the “ok” button and save the file in PDF format, like all regular documents. In the meantime, you can check your files and make sure all the files are in the correct order. The new file you’ve merged is ready!


With LightPDF, you’ll be able to manage your PDF files without spending a penny. LightPDF is a web-based, free, and reliable tool. Using the program, you will be able to convert Word, PPT, and so on files to PDF format, or change the format of the PDF document. In addition to these features, LightPDF has functions that allow you to manage PDF files such as adding, splitting, signing, protecting, and merge disassembly. Follow these steps so you can put together PDF files for free.

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• First, go to the PDF Merge homepage.

• Click the “Select File” button to upload the PDFs you want to process behind it, and drag and drop the files on the screen. It may take a very short time for all files to be completely loaded.

• Your files will be successfully installed. You can then continue uploading other PDF files if you want, or you can merge the files by clicking on the “Merge” button under the uploaded PDFs. 

• Click the “download” button next to the files processed as the last step and keep your files as you wish.

Combine PDF

Our next program is “Combine PDF.” This online application is very successful in putting multiple PDF files into a single file. You can also convert your PDF files to other formats or easily save other formats as PDFs with PDF conversion features. Using this, you will be able to handle up to 20 PDF files, especially if you have a large number of PDF files. For this operation, you must take the following steps:

• Visit the “Combine PDF” page with the search engine.

• On the home page, click on “Combine PDF” among the functions in the top section.

• Then click the “UPLOAD” button to open the file you want to merge, and drag and drop the files on the program screen.

• When your files are installed, the “MERGE” option will be activated under the PDF preview windows. To start the process, click this button and select the folder where the last version of the file will be sent. Voila!

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PDF Merge

If the topic is an online PDF merge, the next step you can stop by is PDF Merge. This web-based PDF program aims to make only multiple PDF files into single files. As the “default setting,” you can process 4 PDF files at a time. However, if you are going to merge 5 or more files, you should click “More files.” This program is quite stable, and the file quality you obtain is the same as the original. We’ve listed the steps you need to follow to merge PDFs.

• Visit the PDF Merge site in your internet browser.

• Upload the files you want to merge into the windows.

• When all files are completed, click the “Merge Files” button and have the process begin. Finally, select the method for saving the PDF file.


Sejda is also one of the web-based programs that offer a PDF merge function. The logic of working is very similar to what we just mentioned. It only gives you a PDF merge function and allows for additional settings before the merge. In this application, you will have the freedom to select specific page ranges, double-sided printing, page size, and so on. What do you need to do to combine PDF documents with this tool? We listed it for you.

• Open the Sejda page, click “Upload PDF & image files,” or drag and drop PDF files in the given box.

• If you have settings that you want to change, just click on the “More Options)” button after installing your files.

• Click the “Merge PDF files” button to merge PDF documents.

• When downloading your new PDF file, you’ll have options such as downloading, sharing, or transferring the file to a hard drive, or transferring it to Google Drive and Dropbox. Enjoy.


The last program we’re going to talk about is PDF2GO. With this practical and online program, you will be able to turn a large number of PDF files into a single file. In addition to merging PDF files, this resourceful program can convert other files to PDF or PDF into other formats. You can combine your files without any difficulty by following the following few steps.

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• Your first stop will be the home page. After visiting the home page, drag your files to the screen or click the “Choose File” button and upload your files.

• After the process is over, click the “SAVE CHANGES” button at the bottom of the PDF preview image and merge your files.

• Save the final version of the PDF file by clicking on the “Download File” or “Download ZIP” buttons.


What is PDF DOC?

Portable Document Format is a digital file format built to create cross-platform portable and printable documents.

How to Prepare a PDF File?

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular program for preparing PDF files. To create a PDF file, first, open Acrobat, and then click “Tools,” and then click “Create PDF.” Then select the file type for which you want to create the PDF version. Your file can be a single file, multiple files, or scans. Finally, click “Create” depending on the type of file. Your file is ready.

How to Use PDF Split?

If the full screen “File Explorer” opens, click the two box icons in the upper-right corner to shrink the window. Select PDF files. Click the folder on the left side of File Explorer to access the file with the PDF files. Finally, hold down the “Ctrl” button and select the PDFs that you want to merge in the meantime.


In this article, we talked about how to combine PDF files as a single file. You can easily combine PDF files with paid or free programs, making your work easier. You don’t have to master complex software terms to do that. Programs that are at the level that everyone can easily understand are there to help you completely. 

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If you want to learn more about such topics, please check out our other articles as well. You may be interested in how to edit PDF files.

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