How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account?

How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account?

If you feel like your Twitter has become too complicated and therefore you need a cleanup on your social media profile, you can reach the result you want with a few basic steps. You can clean up your Twitter account easily and create your new profile with the same account name. When you clean up your Twitter, you can;

  1. Clean your twitter archive,
  2. Clean your twitter history,
  3. Get rid of your pinned tweet,
  4. Delete the tweets.

How to Reset Twitter Account?

It can be a very nice step to get rid of users you follow on Twitter but haven’t tweeted for quite some time. You can use many programs to find users who have not interacted or tweet for a long time and automatically unfollow them. So the main thing you need to determine is: how many days since their last tweet? By answering this question, you can run the system.

Use Twitter Lists

The Twitter list has become one of the most used Twitter functions recently. How about determining for which different purposes you are using Twitter and parsing these functions with different lists? Create lists, give names to lists, and separate tweets and others around these lists.

recreate your twitter profile

Recreate Your Twitter Profile

Completely reshape your profile photo, pinned tweet, twitter archive. Reshape your profile photo and header with the right photo sizes. Your cover photo must be 1500 x 500 px in size. Your profile photo should be 400 x 400 pixels in size.

Pin a new tweet to reinforce the new look on your profile. Remember that you are recreating your profile. You can provide new information or explain your purpose of using Twitter.

Delete Off-Topic Tweets

To clean up your twitter, you need to eliminate unnecessary or no longer reflective tweets in your Twitter account. For this, you can manually delete some of your tweets. Instead, you can delete all of your tweets with the help of an automatic program. If you want to delete all tweets in your account automatically, you can use reliable internet applications.

Recreating Your Account

The Twitter profile must be entirely up to date, from biography to basic information, and at the same time prepared in a modern way. Replace your bio with a cool Twitter bio. Reshape the color palette you choose in your Twitter profile. If you are using a blog page or a personal page, pin the link to your Twitter profile. Also, don’t forget to enter information about your birthday on the page. It will be very useful for you to provide the briefest information about your residence, the institution you work, or your current position.

make your privacy settings again

Make Your Privacy Settings Again

Those who ask how to reset twitter account question may prefer to rebuild privacy and security settings. To rebuild them, go to your Twitter account settings and rearrange your account’s privacy settings. For example, decide whether your account is public or not, open the double-factor verification system, reset your password.

Check the apps and web services you have given access to your Twitter. The application permissions you gave earlier may have become unreliable later on. Moreover, if you will use it officially by rearranging your profile, you need to protect yourself from the tweets that an application may suddenly send or change the settings.

FAQs About Twitter Account

Can I delete my Twitter account?

Yes. If you wish, you can deactivate your account through settings. Your account will not be permanently deleted for 30 days after deactivating your account. If you do not log in for 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

Can I change the color of my Twitter account?

Yes. You are able to change the color palette of your account.

Can the pinned tweet on your Twitter account be changed?

Yes. You can delete the pinned tweet and pin the new one instead.

Can you add admins to twitter?

Yes, you can add admins to your twitter by signing in to Twitter and then go to

Do you have to have a twitter account to see tweets?

On Twitter, you can read anyone’s tweets without having an account unless their account is private.

Conclusion: Refresh Your Twitter Account

Would you like to refresh your Twitter account and start using it again after getting rid of all the redundancies? Then it is possible to reshape your account with a few small tactics. The manual settings you will make, and some additional applications that you will start using can help you to recreate and redesign things in a short time.

Twitter is a comprehensive platform where many people can freely express their opinions, which is used both by different professional groups and companies.

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