How to Clean up Your Instagram Feed?

How to Clean up Your Instagram Feed?

Instagram is one of the most commonly preferred social media services to share photos and videos. It has a billion users, and users who spend a lot of time on Instagram are more likely to clear up their Instagram feed.

Instagram Feed

It is a place where you can share your content with your followers. Whenever you open the Instagram app or refresh your screen; the contents, Instagram thinks you care about will appear on your screen. You can see contents from other users, and you may also see recommendation accounts relevant to your interests.

How Can You Reach an Instagram Feed According to Your Interests?

There might be some photos or videos that low-quality content or don’t want to share with your followers anymore on your Instagram feed.

If you’re searching for a way to clear up your Instagram feed to be following your interests; you will obtain eye-catching content with a few steps. If you don’t want to see unrelated posts that you are not interested in them any longer, with these steps, you will see your favorite posts whenever you open the Instagram page.

use mute feature

Use the ‘MUTE’ feature: When you don’t want to see an Instagram user who shares too many stories with ridiculous content on your feed, ‘Mute’ is the best soliton you can prefer. Besides, the user will not be able to know it. To implement it, tap on the ‘menu’ on the top-right corner of your screen and then tap ‘Mute.’

You should have a plan for your new Instagram feed: You didn’t have any ideas about your feed before, and now you should have a goal in mind and then start to clear up contents.

Archive for Instagram posts: When you decided to archive the posted photos, it is the only way to clean up the Instagram feed without losing them and temporarily.

so how can you archive your instagram photos

So, How Can You Archive Your Instagram Photos?

First of all, tap on your Instagram image, and then you will see three horizontal dots at the right corner of your screen. Secondly, tap the dots and finally choose the ‘Archive’ option.

After archiving your Instagram content, your followers won’t see them anymore until you restore them. If you want to see archiving posts; top on ‘the clock’ icon in the left corner of your screen on Instagram account, and then select the ‘Archived posts or stories.’

If you prefer to delete your content forever and sure about your decision entirely, select the ‘delete’ option. When you do that, there won’t be any way to get back your content, so you should make sure you want or not.

Unfollow hashtags to clear up your Instagram feed: You should decide about the hashtags that you are interested in or not them anymore.

FAQs About Cleaning Up Your Instagram

Which posts do you see in your Instagram feed? 

All posts of accounts you follow will appear on your feed.

How does Instagram settle the order of posts on your feed? 

There are some methods. For instance, you will see content according to your interests, the date of sharing, and previous interactions with the user who shared content to determine the order of posts.

How can you see when the content was posted on Instagram? 

It would be best to look at the bottom of the post; there is the date below the comments.

To Conclude on Instagram Feed

The Instagram users who spent many hours can quickly clear the Instagram feed in a few steps. They should decide what they want to see on their Instagram feed. After that, the feed will be arranged according to users’ interests. If you want to learn more about the app, we cover up many other popular topics in our articles.

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