How to Cite a YouTube Video?

How to Cite a YouTube Video?

YouTube is a major video sharing platform. It is a source of many things. We watch YouTube videos for entertainment, for learning, and many things. YouTube has become such a major platform that it is unavoidable as an academic source. That is why it is important to know how to cite a YouTube video.

YouTube has content for everything. You can find videos about almost anything. There is even a side called the ‘Dark Side of Youtube’ where you can find absurd videos of any topic. 

Although YouTube is an entertainment platform, there is a lot of educational information as well. YouTube was indeed seen as insignificant regarding academic sources. However, it has come a long way and got over it. 

Everyone is on YouTube nowadays. There are online courses, seminars, and documentaries. All of these videos and others can be cited as sources. If you are writing a thesis on something non-scientific, for example, Makeup, you can use makeup videos as a source. It is related to your thesis, after all.

Academic Writing Formats

There are many formats for writing an academic article. The most used formats are the APA style and MLA style. Usually, students meet these formats at university. Some of the universities want their students to use these formats on the Bachelor’s Degree. Yet, most universities want their students to write their academic articles in these formats on the Master’s Degree and Ph.D. There are editions of these writing formats, such as the 8th edition of the 6th edition, but we will explain the latest edition of the date.

Let’s take a closer look at these formats and how to cite a YouTube video on them.

How to Cite a Youtube Video in APA

How to Cite a Youtube Video in APA

APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is common to use this format when you are writing a scientific paper. Many of the Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences studies use this as the general format. It is possible to cite almost anything on APA, and there is a structure for it.

Remember to follow the structure completely because citation mistakes are not forgiven in academic studies. There are two types of citations in APA. In-text citations and references. As you can guess from the name, in-text citations are the citations you write inside your text. They are shorter than the references and always contain dates.

References are the citations you write on the References page of your paper. They are longer and more detailed. Let’s take a look at the Reference structure of a Youtube video in APA:

Last name, First initial. Middle initial. [YouTube channel name]. (Year, Month Day of posting). Title of YouTube video [Video file]. Retrieved from URL

Example: Bissett, A. [Ariel Bissett]. (2018, March 30). How to Write an Essay: Thesis Statements [Video File]. Retrieved from

In-text citations:

(Last Name, Year)

Example: (Bisset, 2018)

How to Cite a Youtube Video in MLA

How to Cite a Youtube Video in MLA

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is an organization that developed the MLA format used by researchers, scholars, and students. It was mostly used in language and literature areas, but nowadays, it is used in all kinds of academic research. 

The structure is different than the APA format, and following the structure is very important as well. Modern Language Association released the final edition of the format, the 8th edition in their Handbook in 2016. You can purchase this Handbook for $15 from the MLA website.

Like in APA, there are two types of citations in MLA. In-text citations and references. Let’s take a look at how to cite a YouTube video in MLA.

References: Last name, first name. ‘Title of Video.’ YouTube, uploaded by Uploader Name, date of publication, URL.

Example: Bisset, A. ‘How to Write an Essay: Thesis Statements.’ Youtube, uploaded by Ariel Bisset, March 30, 2018,

In-text citation: (Last name, 00:02:24 – 00:04:00)

MLA format requires a specific time in the videos.

In-text citation without an author or the same author and uploader: (‘Title of the video,’ 00:02:24 – 00:04:00).

Example: (Bisset, 00:02:24 – 00:04:00).

Example: (‘How to Write an Essay: Thesis Statements,’ 00:02:24 – 00:04:00).

FAQs About YouTube Citation

How do I cite a quote from a video?

To cite a quote from an audiovisual document in your paper, you must include the quote’s specific time in your citation.

Can you cite screenshots?

If your screenshot includes a pre-existing blog or a website, you must use the original page as the source. If you have to use your screenshot, the image owner must be permitted to use it.

How do you cite a self-taken photo?

Cite yourself as the photographer and include the date of the photo. You can check how to cite photos from APA and MLA websites.

How do you cite YouTube in APA?

You can cite a YouTube video in APA style by including the video title in italic format, the uploader channel, the upload date, and the video link.

How do you cite a YouTube account?

For citing a YouTube channel, you should write the channel name in quotation marks as the title of the work, add “YouTube,” italicized

Conclusion On How to Cite a YouTube Video

In the digital world, YouTube is a rising star of social media. The sources it provides are unavoidable. YouTube is pretty popular in academic research. That is why many wonder how to cite a YouTube video on their papers. We have explained it by touching upon two of the most common writing formats in academic research.

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