How to Check Messages on Instagram? (Updated – 2019)

How to Check Messages on Instagram? (Updated – 2019)

Messaging on Instagram and chatting with other members is a bit easier than other social media sites. No need to download extra apps like Facebook Messenger. You can send a message to any user via the direct application.

If you don’t know how to check messages on Instagram, you can learn in a few easy steps. In the top right corner, you will see a pointed arrow.

This icon represents your message box. If this section is red, it means that you have a new message.

How to Open/Close Instagram DM Notifications

If you do not want or want to receive DM notifications from Instagram on your mobile phone, you can specify this preference in the settings section of the application.

Here are all steps to open or close your message notifications on Instagram:

  1. Go to Setting at your Instagram profile.
  2. Tab on Notifications.
  3. Click to Direct Messages.
  4. Open or Close DM notifications.
  5. And you did it!
check messages on Instagram

If you wish, you can also edit different notification settings in this section.

You can set your notification preferences for video chats or message requests. You can change these settings later.

How to Send Messages on Instagram?

If you want to send a message from Instagram to someone on your followers’ list or who you’re following, you can do it in 2 different ways.

Enter the profile of that person and click on the “Send Message” button on the top and open the message window, write your message and send it.

When the person you’re sending a message reads this message, you’ll see a notification that they read the message. Another method is:

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  1. Go to the message box
  2. Click the + in the upper right corner
  3. Select the person or contacts you want to send a message to
  4. Send your message to selected people
check messages on Instagram

How to Check Messages on Instagram?

To check messages on Instagram, we recommend that the notifications be turned on.

Thus, when you receive a new message from any user, it will appear on your mobile phone screen as a notification. f notifications are turned on, you will need to check the messages manually.

When you receive a message from someone, you will not know and you will only see when you check.

If you want to be in constant communication with your followers, we recommend that you turn on notifications.

Don’t miss any message from your followers!

How to Send DM at Instagram Web Site?

Unfortunately, this option is not available on Instagram.

You cannot use the message option via the Instagram website.

We don’t know exactly why they’re restraining, but we can say it’s a ridiculous strategy. It is very interesting that Instagram only allows you to send messages via the app.

There are some mobile applications that claim to do this, but we’re not sure how accurate these applications work.

Integrating 3rd party applications into your social accounts and granting them some permissions may compromise your account’s security.

Perhaps soon, Instagram will eliminate this restriction and allow users to communicate via the website.

Who knows?

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