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How to Check If Instagram Is Down

How to Check If Instagram Is Down

Instagram, being one of our favorite apps to post píctures and videos, is checked daily and sometimes for hours by its millions of users. We all love to sit around and do nothing but scrolling through our Instagram’s Explore page just to let off some steam after a long day. Or we just like to see who posted what. No matter what purpose you use Instagram, it is annoying when the app is not working. The frustrating feeling that comes when Instagram is not working is one thing, but the other thing is the question that comes right after it: Is it only my app that’s not working or is Instagram down? There are several ways to check if Instagram is down, and we will share them with you right now.

Check the Instagram Version

Check If You’re Using the Latest Version of Instagram

To begin with, you need to make sure you are using Instagram’s latest version. You can see if there are new updates for Instagram in the Settings of your phone. 

If you are an Android user:

  1. Select “My Apps” from Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the “Updates” section.

If you are an Apple user:

  • Open the Apple Store and go to “Updates,”

When you made sure you are using the latest updated version of Instagram, and it’s still not working for you, there are other ways to see if it’s down.

Note: Don’t forget to check that you have a good internet connection. If your internet connection is low, Instagram may not work.

Check the Instagram Servers

Checking the Instagram Servers Online or Using Apps

When the reason for the malfunction is not from specifically your app, Instagram servers being down is a huge problem for many people. And of course, there are online websites and apps to help you realize if there’s something wrong with Instagram. There are down-detector apps and websites for almost all platforms, and there are the ones made, especially for Instagram. You can google one of these or download the apps and see if the problem is coming from the Instagram servers, or is it just your app that’s not working.

Check the Instagram Help Page

Checking the Instagram Help Page

In the case of Instagram not working, it’s not only a problem for users, but it’s also a problem for the creators and the Instagram company itself since these malfunctions make the in-app experience lower qualified. When your app is crashing, or the pictures are not loading, and you ask your friend, and their app is working fine, you can find the answer to your problems by simply asking the app itself.

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To fix the issues, you should do the following scenarios:

  • Visit the “Instagram Help” page online.
  • Click on the “Known Issues” section.
  • Select the specified problem you’re having with your app.

Conclusion On How to Check If Instagram Is Down

Long story short, we helped you figure out how to check if Instagram servers are down in this article. Like every popular app, an occasional outage is pretty understandable, but some re-occurring problems may be caused by your device or app. We tried to cover both of these situations and their solutions.

To learn more about Instagram, please read our latest articles about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Theoretically, yes, you can choose not to update your app and keep using it like that, but it may cause the app to crash or other problems to occur until you update.

It may not help every time, but sometimes to restart the app or the device itself help to fix some bugs.

If you can’t find the answer for your app’s malfunctions or the answer to it didn’t work, you can “Report the Bug” on the Instagram Help page for further help.

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  1. Steele

    I check if the Instagram is down by simply typing it on Google. It’s the easiest way by far.

  2. m_ahmed_official_07

    My account not opening plzzz help me

  3. Kaddija

    I can’t send messages to my friends on my instagram account

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You should contact Instagram Support.