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How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram (2023)

How to Check Fake Followers on Instagram (2023)

A fake Instagram follower is when someone, either a robot or someone who gets paid, follows others and likes their pictures. They make these accounts just to make it seem like someone has more followers. They do not interact with other users, leave comments, or publish content. It’s no secret that some people use fake followers on Instagram to inflate their numbers and make themselves look more popular than they really are. If you suspect an Instagram account has fake followers, there are several ways to confirm your suspicions. Let’s check out how to spot fake Instagram followers

Understanding the Importance of Authenticity on Instagram 

Instagram is one of the applications we use the most among social platforms today. As such, the photos shared on Instagram, and the themes used reflect our personalities. Whatever kind of style we have, our Instagram profile is shaped accordingly. Authenticity on Instagram is essential for building trust, engagement, and long-term success. It’s about being genuine, relatable, and true to yourself or your brand. By embracing authenticity, you can create a more meaningful and lasting connection with your audience on the platform. But don’t forget that you can buy Instagram followers that are real and genuine. Also, you can buy Instagram likes that are from real and active users to guarantee great improvement!

Why Fake Followers Can Harm Your Brand? 

With its latest update, Instagram sent a notification to accounts using programs such as Instagram bot followers and likes. In the notification sent, it is stated that they should not use such applications. This means that users who use applications such as bot followers can have their accounts closed. The disadvantages of using bot followers on Instagram are not only the closure of your account. At the same time, users who use bot followers can be noticed very easily. Companies that advertise on Instagram examine the pages they will advertise in detail. The most obvious among the fake followers on Instagram damages is the interaction problem. If the interaction is weak or if there is a fake interaction in the same way, they can easily understand this and not advertise on that page. Therefore, your money is wasted. 

the benefits of genuine Instagram audience

The Benefits of a Genuine Instagram Audience 

Real followers bring organic engagement to your Instagram account, as well as a percentage of likes and comments proportional to the number of followers. Unfortunately, reaching a large audience and increasing the number of followers is not something that can happen overnight. In order to increase followers on Instagram, care should be taken to produce regular and quality content, interact closely with followers, and be active on social media. A genuine Instagram audience is essential for long-term success on the platform. It not only boosts your credibility and engagement but also opens up opportunities for growth, collaboration, and meaningful interactions with your followers. You can buy real Instagram comments to achieve real engagement on your posts!

Analyzing Top Instagram Fake Followers Checkers for 2023 

Purchasing fake followers is strongly against Instagram’s rules, and Instagram is always watching for this kind of behavior. Instagram frequently deletes accounts it thinks are leaving spam comments or following/unfollowing many unrelated accounts. While fake follower checkers can be useful for identifying and removing inauthentic followers, focusing on building a genuine and engaged audience remains Instagram’s most sustainable and effective long-term strategy. Fake followers are not interested in the account’s content and do not engage with posts meaningfully. They are typically used to artificially inflate an account’s follower numbers for deceptive or unethical purposes. In the rest of our article, you can get information about the best Instagram fake followers checkers of 2023. Also, you may be interested in our most asked questions about Instagram guide to learn more!

InBeat followers checker


InBeat is a special User-Generated Content Software that helps you work with famous people on social media. You can ask these famous people to talk about your things, like your products or services. Then, you can use what they say to make your own social media posts, website, or ads better.  

Features and Functionality 

InBeat is a useful tool that lets you search for lots of things without limits. It finds what you’re looking for quickly and shows you related things. You can even find famous people and let InBeat look for others like them. Inbeat is very useful with its Instagram fake follower checker. InBeat offers an integrated analytics tool designed to provide valuable insights into performance. 

Pros and Cons

  • Offers versatile influencer search functionality 
  • Enables contact information export 
  • Facilitates influencer tracking and monitoring 
  • Instagram Fake Follower Checker 
  • Right to use free of charge 
  • Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator 
  • Instagram Money Calculator 
  • Influencer Marketing ROI Calculator 


Many people who have lots of followers on social media are now called “influencers,” and this has led to a trend called influencer marketing. It’s a straightforward way of advertising that can be cost-effective in the long term.  

Features and Functionality 

With the help of Modash, marketers can discover influencers who connect with their desired audience. This allows them to create effective influencer campaigns and improve them to get the most return on investment (ROI). People can use Modash’s ‘Check fake followers’ tool for free.  

Pros and Cons 

  • Modash might not be accessible in some countries. 
  • It may not be affordable for everyone 
  • The cost of using the service can vary and may not fit everyone’s budget.  
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Robust advanced search options feature a multitude of valuable filters 
HypeAuditor fake followers checker


HypeAuditor is a website where you can monitor the world’s most-followed Instagram accounts by category and country. Also, the HypeAuditor, a successful application, especially for advertisers, offers 14 different categories.  

Features and Functionality 

When you use this app, you’ll receive a report on any Instagram account. It evaluates how good the account is and gives details about its followers. It’s important to know that this app is not the most affordable choice, and it doesn’t remove fake followers; it only identifies them. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Access Controls 
  • Activity Tracking 
  • Activity Dashboard 
  • Campaign Management 
  • ROI Tracking 
  • Limited capabilities 
  • Expensive check fake followers 

Socialauditor helps you understand your followers better. It tells you if they are real people, fake Instagram followers, or accounts that don’t use their profiles. It also shows how many likes, comments, and shares your posts get.  

Features and Functionality 

You can use it to see how well your posts do over time. Additionally, you can compare your account to others in your field to see how well you’re doing. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Detect fake influencers 
  • Likes 
  • Comments 
  • Find bots and fake followers 
FakeCheck is a website that helps you find out if an Instagram account has fake followers. It looks at different things to decide if the followers are real or not.  

Features and Functionality 

These things include how many followers the account has, how many likes and comments its posts get, how old the followers are, and where they come from. You can use Instagram fake followers check for free, but if you want extra features like checking more than one account at once, seeing where the followers are from, and looking at an account’s engagement history, you can pay for a premium subscription. 

Pros and Cons 

  • Social Reach and Social Engagement 
  • Easy to use 
  • No login required 

If you are curious about Instagram’s rules and everything, don’t forget to check Instagram Help Center to learn more about this popular platform!

Instagram Fake Followers 

Instagram fake followers are not real users on Instagram. They are like robots or fake accounts made by people or computer programs. These fake followers don’t really like or comment on your posts, and they are not interested in your pictures or videos. Some people use fake followers to make their accounts look more popular, but it’s not a good thing to do because it’s against the rules of Instagram. It’s better to have real and active followers who like what you share. But now, with fake followers and computer programs, it’s hard to know how many people really see and like our stuff on social media. That’s why a fake followers checker can help. It tells us if our followers are real or fake, so we know if our social media work is making a difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

One way to tell if someone is not a real follower on Instagram is to look at their page. Sometimes, fake followers don’t post much or at all, and they don’t seem very active.

Putting random hashtags or leaving comments that don’t make sense on posts might bring fake followers. This happens because fake followers often join in groups and increase.

To check if someone has fake followers, you can use a tool like Google image search or a fake follower checker. This helps you quickly see if followers are real or not. 

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