How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer 2019

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer 2019

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“Instagram Direct message – DM” feature is one of the most popular features for users to communicate with and message with each other on Instagram. There are those who think that this option is only in Instagram application. But they’re wrong. Not only within the application, you can also messaging with other users with on computer and some 3rd party applications. With some methods we will give you in this article, you will learn to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer.

What is Direct Message ( DM ) and How to Use it?

Instagram Direct Message ( Called as DM ) is a messaging system on application. You can send and get private messages from the other Instagram users. But please do not forget that, other user must allow you for this action. If the user does not want to receive DM from other people, he can turn this feature off in profile settings. Or he can just say that you want to receive messages from his followers.

Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Check Insta DM on Computer

We are sure that many Instagram users do not know which transactions they can do through the website. Because more than 95% users use Instagram only from the application. The Instagram Website is a site where very limited transactions can be made. Unfortunately, many features in the application can not be used through the website. Most important operations such as sending messages, receiving messages, sharing content can only be performed from the application. Normally, you can not Check Direct messages on Instagram on Computer. You can do this in just a few ways. We will share these methods with you below.

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Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Ways to Check DM on PC

It is not possible to control DM on the PC ( from Instagram website ). But if you install the Instagram Windows application, you can do this. This is a desktop application and is downloaded from the Microsoft commercial website. Apart from that, you can do this with 3th party mobile apps. There are many similar applications in the Android and iOS application markets. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability of these applications. It is your responsibility to use them. Except for these two methods, you will not be able to check your Instagram messages from your computer in any way.

Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer

Instagram DM on App

The best way to use Instagram is to download it. Because you can find all the features you are looking for in the application. It is very easy to send messages to a user in the application. Simply enter the contact’s profile and click on the “Send Message” link at the top. To do this, the contact must be on your followers list. Or, in the user privacy settings, the Message feature must be turned on. Some users can deactivate this option. If you want to receive notifications when you receive a message, you can change it in the settings ( at notifications ) section.

How to Check Direct Messages on Instagram on Computer 2019?

Via Instagram you can not only publish photos, but also chat with other users via messages. But what about the chat on Instagram on the PC? We all know that you want to do this because sometimes your phone charge finishes and you try to reach your phone. Unfortunately, this is a very bad situation, right? But do not worry because we are in 2019 year and this problem as well is solved finally! You can send messages from your computer on Instagram now. Wonder more? Instagram web site prepared a great article for you. Details below:

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Instagram: Send direct messages on the PC – this is how the chat works

You can open the photo community via the browser. The functionality is limited. For example, you cannot send messages directly, for example. Nevertheless, you can chat via Instagram with a PC on Instagram.

Instagram: Chat on PC on Windows 10

Windows 10 users have it the easiest: For the DM chat you do not need to open the platform in the browser. Installs Instagram’s Windows 10 desktop app instead. After opening you can as usual also from the mobile app via the icon direct messages send and read received messages.

Instagram: direct messages on the PC via the app

Even without Windows 10 you get the chat on the PC but must do some preliminary work. This requires an Android emulator. This leaves the Android App of Instagram with all the features synonymous on the PC running. It does not matter if you usually use Instagram on the Android smartphone or iPhone. Prerequisite is only an Instagram account and a Google access. If the Google account does not exist, you can create it for the emulator. Steps below:

Check Instagram Direct Messages on Computer- Steps

  • BlueStacks Player software is an available program for this purpose. Other Android emulators are “Andy” or the Nox App Player also can be used for this transaction.
  • Install BlueStacks and start the program.
  • After starting, follow the instructions to sign up for the Google Play Store account.
  • You can use the search function to download the Instagram app for the PC.
  • Log into Instagram with your usual access data.
  • The app offers the same functionality as on the smartphone. So, steer the “Direct Messages” on the usual way. You can use the arrow symbol to search for chat partners or to retrieve and continue already started chat profiles from Instagram on the PC.

Also, Learn How to Use Instagram On Mac.

It remains to be seen whether one retrofits on Instagram and, for example, as with WhatsApp Web also unlocks a chat feature for the browser. Until then you must use the path via the Windows 10 app or the Android emulator. You can see different softwares and new features on the internet for your Mac computer. Every single day a new software and web site is released. Who knows maybe there is an available thing for you too!

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