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How to Change YouTube Password?

YouTube, one of the most preferred platforms among social media platforms, increases its popularity every day. If you are actively using the youtube platform, you have an account. The videos you have saved in your account, the artists you follow, and many other things can be found. Therefore, you know you need to remember your password to log in to your YouTube account. But sometimes you may not remember your password when you need to open an account on Youtube, or you know there are some steps you should do if you want to replace your password with a stronger password.

Therefore, this article offers information about changing your YouTube password. Services such as Gmail, Document, and Drive will also be affected by changing your Youtube password. Therefore, you can quickly change your password by following the simple steps while changing your YouTube password. You can start reading immediately to examine the details.

What Do You Need to Do to Change Your YouTube Password?

There are some steps to replace your YouTube password on Android or iPhone. By following these steps, you can practically change it.

How to Change the YouTube Password on iPhone?

If you use an iPhone, you can follow these steps to change your password;

  • You need to open the Gmail application on your iPhone or IPAD. In this way, you can manage your Google account by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner.
how to change the youtube password on iphone
  • You will see the password option in the personal information section. When you click this password option, you can change the password.
  • After determining your new password, you can change it and start using a new one.

If there is a problem when you try to change your password, contact YouTube Support.

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How to Change The Youtube Password in Androids?

Here are the steps to change your password with your Android device;

  • On the devices you use Android, you should select the Google option from the Settings section and then turn to Google account managing.
how to change the youtube password in androids
  • In the safety section, you can open your session and change your password when you see an option such as ’logging in to Google.
  • When you replace your password on Android devices, in this case, your session will be closed on devices that use your identity to confirm your identity if you log in on YouTube.

Remember that you should create a strong password to protect your YouTube subscribers.

How to Change Your YouTube Password from the Computer?

You can also change your YouTube password on a desktop. Just follow these steps;

  • You must enter your browser to change your password from the computer. You need to go to your Google account in your browser and click Password from the security option.
how to change youtube password on desktop
  • You can enter your password by entering your password from the password section, joining your new password, and logging in to your account.

How Can You Reset Your YouTube Password?

In addition to changing your YouTube password, you can sometimes forget your password. If you can’t sign in to YouTube, you may forget your password. Therefore, you will need to reset your if you forget your password. When you switch to the login page to open your session on YouTube, you will need to click on the ’Did You Forget Your Password’, which will appear on the second page. In this case, Google will send a password reset code for your recovery e-mail verification. In this way, if you are the real owner of your YouTube account, you should enter the code sent to you. This will allow you to change the password of your Google account. If you have forgotten your e-mail, you can send a recovery code to your phone number. You must reset your password by practically providing access to your YouTube account.

Important Details About Your YouTube Password

You need to learn how to change your password in detail, but you also need to learn some detailed information. Please note that when you change the password of your YouTube account, your sessions will be closed in all places except for devices you have installed for a safe sign and to allow you to access your account. Therefore, you should remember that you should log in again on other devices.

  • When you change your password, you will see stages such as verification. You can change your password as much as you want. However, while providing access to your Google account, a dangerous situation for your account may occur every time you change your password. Therefore, Google may request more information from you. You should take care not to change the password of your YouTube account except in non -emergencies.


On the YouTube platform, you have learned in detail what you need to change or reset your password in the article. If you sometimes forget your password, you can practically change your YouTube password by following the shared steps. But you should remember that when you change your YouTube password, you must log in with your new password for other services, as you will exit from Google services. Therefore, you should avoid changing your YouTube password frequently except in cases you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About

When you forget your YouTube password, you can change the password from the settings section on your Google account by logging into your account.

There is no limitation on YouTube to changing your password. But every time you change the password, Google will expect more approval from you. Therefore, you should not make a password change unless necessary.

Your YouTube password also affects your other Google accounts. For this reason, when you leave your account to change your YouTube password, other Google accounts and devices will also exit.

If you want to change your YouTube password but have forgotten your password, you need to do the Youtube password reset. This will allow you to reset your password by sending a verification code.

Changing your YouTube password is not only on iPhone or Android devices. You can also make a password change on the computer.

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