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How to Change Your Steam Username

Steam account username has a very important place because we appear with this name to other players in all games. If you are not satisfied with the username you have set at the beginning, we will explain how to change your Steam username with detailed steps for you. We all have a nickname in online games.

Of course, nowadays, this is more commonly referred to as a username or nickname. The Steam platform is one of the most important platforms where we set a username because we want our username to be cool in games such as PUBG, Zula, or CS: GO. If you created your Steam account in the past, you might want to change the weird username you set, which does not look so cool nowadays. It is possible to perform this step by following very simple steps on changing a Steam username. Let us take a look at the steps to change the Steam username.

Changing Your Steam Username 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Steam username, and there is no way to change it. But there is one thing you can do; you can change your profile name. Let us see how you can do it step by step.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Steam username, and there is no way to change it. But there is one thing you can do; you can change your profile name. Let us see how you can do it step by step.

  1. Start Steam on your computer, hover over your username, and select Profile from the pop-up window.

    Launch Steam via the shortcut. Hover the mouse cursor over your username above the Steam window that opens. Click View Profile in the drop-down list and go to the section where you will edit your profile.
    head to your steam profile

  2. Click on Edit Profile under the Level section.

    Under the Level section on the right side of your profile, you can see Edit Profile. Click on it to go to the section where you can edit everything about your profile.
    edit profile

  3. Change your Profile Name.

    After clicking Edit Profile, you will see the General tab. The first thing you will see here is the username. Change the username here. change your steam username

  4. Save the changes, and you are good to go.

    Save your change by scrolling to the bottom, and the Steam username change is completed. However, let us remind you: You cannot change the username you use when logging into Steam. You can only change the username shown in the games and profile. save changes on steam

How to Do It on Mobile

You can change your Steam profile name on the mobile application following very close steps. Let’s go ahead and see them:

  1. Open the Steam app and tap on the three-lined button at the top left side of the page.
three-lined button on steam

2. After you tap on the three-lined button, tap on your username to access more details.

tap on your username

3. Now, tap on the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

edit steam profile

4. Start editing your profile name from the General settings.

steam general settings

5. Tap on the ‘Save’ button to save your changes on Steam.

save on steam

Creating a New Steam Account

If you want to have a different Steam username, you will need to create a new Steam account. Here is how you can create a new one. 

new steam account

Steps to Create a New Account

The Steam account creating process takes a very short time if you follow the right steps.

  1. The first step is to enter the official website of Steam.
  2. Next, press the “login” button at the top right of the site. Then click the “Join Steam” button under the “Create” heading in the window. Thus, you will see the Steam registration page.
  3. The next step of our Steam account creating process is to fill in the necessary information. On the Steam account sign-up page, first, enter a valid email address. In the following stages, they will send a confirmation message to this address.
  4. Afterward, when you scroll down the page, you will see a box where you accept that you have read the user agreement and that you are over 13 years old to create a Steam account. If you are of age, you can check the box and continue with the Steam registration steps.
  5. When you click the “Continue” button on the previous page, a page will appear where you need to confirm your e-mail address.
  6. Find the message in the inbox of your e-mail and click on the “Create My Account” button.
  7. In the next step of creating a Steam account, you need to choose a username and password. Since the username is unique to each user, it should be a name that no one has taken before.
  8. After filling in the information on the page, you can reach the end of the Steam registration process by clicking the “Complete Registration” button. Thus, you will complete your Steam account creation process successfully, and then you will be able to download Steam and start using the application.
steam id and steam profile

The Difference Between Steam ID and Steam Profile Name

Players on Steam confuse Steam Username, Profile Name, and Steam ID. Steam Username or Account name is the name you choose when registering with Steam and use each time you log into Steam. In other words, the Steam username is the name you chose when registering for the first Steam application, it cannot be the same as a person, and you cannot change it later. Profile Name is your profile name used in your profile, in games, and used with others. So you can change it whenever you want. Unfortunately, Steam only allows you to create a username while logging in. Other than that, you cannot change it.

Changing Your Username in Short

We have guided you through how to change your Steam username. With the Steam login username change process, you can easily change your username on Steam. All you need to do is to follow the steps above and change the username you decide. We present our Steam username change guide for you in detail. We hope you can benefit from this article that we prepared specially for users who have problems while changing their username on Steam.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Unfortunately, you cannot change the Steam account username or the Steam login username. You can only change the username that appears on your profile and in games.

No, it’s possible for users to have the same username. There is no such system in Steam.

Steam Guard is a two-step protection that secures your Steam account and prevents anyone else from accessing your account. You can activate Steam Guard by following the steps Steam > Settings > Account > Manage Steam Guard account security.

Click the Steam button in the upper left and select Settings. Go to the Family View menu with the Manage Family View button. Choose where your account can access Family View. Make your selections from the Library content and Online content and features sections. Create the content that users can access by selecting the games and applications to add to the family sharing. 

You need to enter your recovery email so to remind you of your family view PIN in case you lose or forget your PIN. Create a PIN for family access in the menu that follows. Activate family sharing by entering the 6-digit security code sent to your recovery e-mail. You can turn the family view on or off by entering the PIN code you created with the button at the top right.

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