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How to Change Your Spotify Username

Spotify has come a long way since its foundation. It is one of the most popular apps today. It is a widely used app throughout the world by music lovers. Spotify has proved itself to be a permanent rival against YouTube even without offering videos. Yet, the high sound quality and easy access to music is a reasons for preferring Spotify. However, it is still an issue to know how to change your Spotify username.

Changing Username on Spotify

The issue of whether Spotify is a social media platform or not is debatable. However, it is a platform that allows user interactions. You can see friend activities. Especially on the desktop app, you can find your friends and what they are listening to in the right column. Like any website you get to be a member of, there is a profile section on Spotify. It is not detailed like Facebook or other social media platforms. However, there is one, and there is a username. 

Well, the username on Spotify is not something to skip. Because that is how you make friends. When you first sign up for Spotify, the app gives you a random username. The given username consists of several numbers and letters. 

If you haven’t connected your Spotify to your Facebook account, you have to add friends manually. Of course, you can add friends manually by connecting your accounts as well. Yet, you have to enter their username to find them on Spotify. In the past, there was no direct way to change your Spotify username from the app. You had to connect your Spotify account to Facebook. However, now, you can change your Spotify username on the app.

Username vs. Display Name on Spotify

Before starting to learn to change your username, remember that you can not use this username when logging into your account. Actually, the username and display name is different things. Spotify gives you a username, and you use a display name. When you log into your account, you will use the username which Spotify gave you. However, don’t worry; anybody can see your username. Spotify users will see your display name, and we will explain how to change your display name. If you have problems to logging into your account with your username, you should contact Spotify Support.

Steps to Change Spotify Username

After Spotify updates, it is possible to change your Spotify username on Spotify with a straightforward process. You can change it on desktop and mobile devices.

Steps to Change Spotify Username on a Desktop

If you use Spotify on your computer, you can follow these steps to change your Spotify username;

how to change spotify username on a desktop
  • Open your Spotify application on your computer.
  • Go to your profile by clicking on your name.
  • Click on your username.
  • Change your username and save it.

You can also learn how to change profile picture on Spotify with similar steps.

Steps to Change Spotify Username on Mobile Devices

It is also possible to change your Spotify username with any mobile device. You just need to have an application to do it.

how to change spotify username on mobile
  • Open the application.
  • Tap on the “gear” icon.
  • Go to your profile by tapping your username.
  • Tap on the “edit” button.
  • Change your username and save it.

After deciding on your new username, you can change it with easy steps. The next step is increasing your interactions! Buy Spotify followers and show your new username to many people.

Conclusion on Changing Your Spotify Username

We have covered ‘how to change your Spotify username.’ It is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a username consisting of numbers and letters, you can change it on the app by going to your Spotify profile and editing your username.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is easy; when you are signing up for Spotify, click on the ‘Play Free’ button to become a free member.

It is free if you don’t become a premium member. However, you will have to listen to commercials when you are listening to Spotify. Also, you won’t have many options on the mobile app.

For individuals, it costs $9.99 a month; for families, it is $14.99; for students, it costs $4.99.

Yes, you can change your username without Facebook. Previously, you could do it by connecting Facebook to Spotify. However, now you can change your display name by just opening your profile and editing your display name.

No, the display name is the name you choose. However, the display name is given by Spotify. You can change your display name by editing it but not changing your username.

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  1. Addison

    I once tried to change my spotify username with no success. I should give it another try.

  2. Donna Gilson
    Donna Gilson

    How do I cancel my spotIfy account so I will not get charged anymore because I get I the account

    • Dennis

      Hi, you can read our article ‘How to Cancel Your Spotify Premium & Delete Your Account’ article and find out the answers.