How to Change Your Email Address on Instagram

How to Change Your Email Address on Instagram

When you register with Instagram, you give an email address, but what do you do when the email address you use changes? In this case, the Instagram mail address should also be changed for your security. In this article, we will tell you how to change your Instagram mail address.

Why Your Email Is Crucial

We don’t need to tell you how important your email address is on Instagram. If you forget your Instagram password or your account is in the hands of other people, you can recover your account via your email address. The code required to log in to your Instagram account is, in that case, gets sent to the email address, and you are asked to log in via this code. 

If you don’t have a verified email address on Instagram, it will be very difficult to get your account back. To have a secure account, you must pair and activate an active email address with your Instagram account. If you’re going to change the email address you have given before, you should follow the steps below.

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change your Instagram mail

Change Your Instagram Mail on Mobile

If you’ve lost the email address, you provided when you signed up for your Instagram account, or if you’d like to update your email for any reason, you’ll need to follow the steps below to switch your mail.

Let’s move on to what you need to do without wasting time.

1st Step: Log in to your profile by clicking the icon in the lower right corner.

2nd Step: Once you have entered your profile, click the “Edit Profile” button.

3rd Step: Scroll down from here and click “Personal Information Settings”

Changing email address Instagram

4th step: Click E-mail Address and write down the new e-mail address

5th Step: After this process, Instagram will send a confirmation mail to your given email for verification.

The confirmation email is a valid email for a certain period of time. If the connection sent by email is not entered within a certain period of time, the new email address will not be reflected in the system. If you have not received the email during this process, you may need to re-check if you have entered your email address correctly in the first place. You should also check the Spam or Junk folders in your email account.

Change Your Instagram Mail on Desktop

You can follow a similar path on Desktop. In order to change your email address on Instagram you should follow these steps:

1st Step: Open Instagram and Log into your account

log into your instagram account

2nd Step: Click Your Profile Logo and Select Profile

select profile

3rd Step: Click Edit Profile and open the following screen

edit profile

4th Step: Change your email address

change your email address

Security of Your Account

Using an active mail on Instagram gives you access to your account at any time. Whether you forget your password or your account is stolen, you can always access your account through your email address. If you want to create another account by adding it, you can use the same e-mail address with another name on Instagram. This way, you can find it easier to protect both of your accounts.

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To ensure your Instagram account is safe, do not ignore this recommendation. The email address is essential for the security of your account.

To Conclude on Email Change

We have come to the end of our article in which we aimed to inform you about how to change your Instagram mail address. You can send us your comments or questions in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the email is secure, then you wouldn’t need to change it without having a reason first.

Yes, definitely. This would also make it easier for other people to find you on Instagram.

Yes, you should for certain verify it for security reasons.

Gmail, for example, offers verification services such as Google authenticator. You can use them to increase the security of your email.

You can try changing it via phone number confirmation.

There are services like Google Keep and Evernote that make notetaking quite easy. And you should consider taking physical notes. This is the best way to take notes for some people.

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