How to Change Twitter Handle?

How to Change Twitter Handle?

When you want to change Twitter handle for various reasons, you can do this in a few steps. But before you do this, you need to make sure. Because, as a result, you take some risks. Your followers may not recognize you, and you may lose followers. We do not recommend that you do this unless it is very necessary. You just have to do it when it’s really necessary.

Choose a handle for Twitter

This is very simple and easy to do. You can change it any way you want. Just select a different username that is not in use, and you can continue to use Twitter. But this can be difficult for your followers. The user name they are accustomed to may seem strange to them. When you do this, there is no change in the content, messages, and shares in your profile. Your follower list doesn’t change either. You can select and change a user name of up to 15 characters. You can do it within the rules set forth by Twitter.

Why I need to change?

If you want to change Twitter handle, it should be a valid reason. If you do this frequently at random times, you will damage your account. It’s like changing your name on your ID. Do you change your name frequently? Of course no. Only in mandatory cases. For example, you can do this when the name or concept of your business name changes. Or you can do it because of some security measures. To avoid such situations, when you first sign up for Twitter, you should select your most appropriate username and use it. You can also change your Twitter name. There are different settings for this.

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change Twitter handle

Steps to change your Twitter username

You can do this on both the Twitter website and Ios and Android mobile apps. Let’s see how it is done:

  • Go to Twitter web site or any mobile app such as Ios or Android
  • Tab on Profile icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on to Settings and privacy
  • Account
  • Change your username ( If this username is taken, Twitter will notice you)
  • And click to save changes. And you have a new username now!

change Twitter handle

Please note that you can only select a username that is up to 15 characters long and cannot be made up of illegal characters.

I can’t change Twitter handle. How to fix?

Can’t you change Twitter handle? Calm down. There is definitely a solution.

  • The username you selected may be in use by another Twitter user.
  • You may have selected an username longer than 15 characters
  • The selected username may contain illegal characters.
  • You may have selected a user name that is not appropriate by Twitter.
  • There may be a temporary problem with the Twitter service and you may not be able to trade during that time. Wait a few minutes, and continue the process.
  • If you still have problems, let your Twitter customer service know about your problem and wait for them to help.

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