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How to Change Twitch Name & Username Tips (2023)

How to Change Twitch Name & Username Tips (2023)

When signing in to a website, you have to pick a username. Sometimes you try over and over again and it will not accept your username because somebody else is using it. Eventually, you end up with an odd username like ‘name5673’ but later you come up with a better name idea. If you are on Twitch and want to change your name, you might ask, how to change Twitch name?

We mentioned the idea of coming up with a better name after you sign in. Usually, this is not possible to do on many websites. Changing your name means deleting your account and creating another one. It is a process that takes time and effort; that is why many users do not want to go through this process. Instead, they stick with their old name.

Luckily, this is not an issue on Twitch because you are able to change your name after you sign in. Now let us explain how to change the Twitch username and give some pieces of advice about the usernames on Twitch.

Steps to Change Your Username

Although it is possible to change your name from the settings, there is a restricted period to change your Twitch name. Twitch lets you change your username every 60 days. So you cannot change right after you sign in. If you have just signed in and have a better name idea, we recommend you to take note of it.

Time needed: 5 minutes

To change Twitch username, simply follow these steps;

  1. Open Twitch and click on the ‘Profile’ icon on the right end of the header.

    Click on ‘Settings’ from the menu below. click on profile

  2. You will be directed to ‘Profile’ settings.

    Scroll down, and you will see ‘Profile Settings’; the username can be changed from here. change twitch username

  3. Click on ‘Edit’ and type your new username, if it is available, a green checkmark will appear.

    Lastly, click on the ‘Update’ button at the bottom. click on the update

However, if you have not passed 60 days after you signed in or changed your username, the username box will be gray, and you will not be able to make changes. It will say, ‘You can update your username in xx days or x months.’

You will see a bar for ‘Display Name,’ but you can only change the capitalization of the letters of your name. Writing any other different character will not be accepted.

What Comes After?

After you change your username, you will receive a confirmation mail from Twitch stating that your username is changed and the URL will be updated. Also, your old username will be back into the name pool for reuse. You cannot change it for the other 60 days.

 There is no need to worry about your history. Your followers and subscribers will not be gone, they will see you with your new name, and everything will stay the same.

Now let’s take a look at what kind of usernames you can choose.

Username Tips for Twitch

Username Tips for Twitch

You are signing in or changing your name on Twitch, but you cannot come up with a good Twitch name. Choosing the right name is important. There are several ways to find your perfect name. We will explain them below.

Using Name Generators

What most users do is search for name generators instead of finding out by themselves. Name generators can help you bring out a Twitch name, but it is not certain that it will be the perfect one. However, let’s take a look at some of the Twitch name generators.



Perhaps the most famous name generator website that Twitch users come along with when searching for Twitch names.

Spin-XO is not only a name generator for Twitch, but it also offers services for Instagram names, Youtube names, Gamertags, and any usernames. For Twitch names, Spin-XO will demand 6 elements of information. These are;

  • Name or nickname
  • What are you like
  • Hobbies
  • Things you like
  • Important words
  • Numbers or letters

Once you fill these boxes, it will generate up to 50 names. All of the names are combinations of your information. However, it is a matter of debate how effective it is.

Screen Name Generator

This name generator is quite different than Spin-XO. It does not demand such information like it. In fact, there are only two boxes that you can write in. The first box is for Prefix, where you can write an adjective before your name. The second box is Suffix, where you can write your name. 

Once you fill the boxes, you need to click on the ‘Generate Screen Names’ button and it will create a screen name for you by adding another adjective between Prefix and Suffix.

There is no maximum number of names on the Screen Name Generator. You can generate as many names as you like by clicking on the ‘Generate Screen Names’ button.

Tips for a Good Twitch Name

A good name is memorable. To do that, you need to be creative but also professional. Other than name generators, here are some tips for a good Twitch name.

The Lenght

When it comes to Twitch, you must have a short and clean name. Also, it should be easy to say. Longer names are not memorable too much, and it is easy to make a mistake when spelling. On Twitch, you have followers, so it is not a website where your name does not matter. It should be easy for your followers to recognize your name when you start streaming.

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You might check the list of inactive names on Twitch as well. It might help you get an idea.

Using Characters and Numbers Wisely

Using extra characters and numbers may be unprofessional, but you might have to use them in case your desired name is taken. When you are using extra characters and numbers, try to keep it simple. Do not add too many to make it look confusing.

Using Trends

Using the trends of the day may seem creative and amusing but keep in mind that trends are temporary. Sooner or later, the trend will disappear, and your name will not make any sense. If you insist on using trends, try to go for things that have proven themselves to be permanent.

For example, you can use trends from Lord of the Rings or GTA San Andreas. Those trends will never get old.

Conclusion on Changing the Twitch Name

We have covered the subjects of how to change Twitch name and username tips for Twitch. We explained the process of how you can change your name on Twitch and some tips for a good Twitch name. From name generators to pieces of advice, here is the way to get a good Twitch name. Learn more about Twitch by reading our latest articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turn the ‘Edit Panels’ on by clicking on it and you will be able to edit your info by adding panel title, image, embedded image link, and description.

Go to your account and click on ‘Settings’ then select ‘Security and Privacy’, there you will see your e-mail. Click on the edit icon next to your e-mail. Write your new e-mail address and write it again to verify it. Click on ‘Save’ and you are good to go.

Tap on the arrow next to your profile image, tap on ‘Settings’, then tap on ‘Update.’ Tap on ‘Upload a Photo’ and select your photo from the gallery.

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