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How to Change Theme on Instagram

How to Change Theme on Instagram

The Instagram platform is an application with many functions in people’s lives. This application, which is very popular among social media platforms, comes to the fore with new features every day. Instagram attracts the attention of users by offering exciting features and innovations. Chat themes, one of the latest updates, have also been one of the crucial innovations that attracted users’ attention. Especially many users chat via DM on Instagram. Therefore, choosing a chat theme for users has affected them. Instagram users who make theme changes maintain their chat experience in the best way. At the same time, the fact that there are many selection rights such as chat bubble colors, fonts, and wallpaper among the theme changes creates a successful experience for all users.

In this article, you will be able to discover the Instagram themes that came with the update of Instagram. If you want to make a difference in your conversations and benefit from the customizations of Instagram, here are the details about all the themes.

How to Change Instagram Message Themes

If you want to change your message themes on devices such as Android and iPhone, what you need to do is quite simple. To change the theme of your chats on Instagram, you must first enter the DMs section in the upper right corner. One of the chats you will have selected in this chat area will have three icons in the upper right corner. You should click on the rightmost one of these icons. Thus, the option you click will bring various features to you. You can set the theme of your chat as you want by clicking on the “Theme” feature you will encounter here. For this, you should remember that you must have the last update of your Instagram.

Instagram theme for chats
  • You can choose any of the various themes that will appear and start using them. You also have the opportunity to select different themes for your friend in each chat. In this way, you can create an exciting atmosphere by trying different themes in each of your conversations. You can also buy Instagram followers and increase the number of people you chat with!
  • Instagram has regular updates. You should also update your device for themes, which are one of the new updates. Upgrading your application to the latest version allows you to organize your chats by taking advantage of the theme feature. If you have not encountered the features mentioned above, you may not have performed the last update of your device.
  • To perform your Instagram update, you must find the Instagram application from the Google Play Store or App Store and perform the update. In this way, you will be able to use all the features and themes innovation of Instagram.

Learn How to Change Instagram Chat Theme

If you want to change the Instagram chat theme, it’s pretty easy to do. By following the steps below, you will be able to add a difference to your chats quickly.

change Instagram theme
  • You must log in to the Instagram application. A DM icon will be in the upper right corner when you enter your profile.
  • You must select the chat whose theme you want to change.
  • You have to click on the profile name of the person in the chat to open the chat settings menu.
  • There will be Themes in the Chat Settings section that will appear in this section.
  • You can continue your conversations differently by choosing the one that appeals to you in the Themes section.

When you change your chats’ theme, the text bubbles’ color will also change. These colors are in harmony with the theme you choose. For more customization, you can try and change Instagram chat themes. You don’t have to download these chat themes. You can select and use the appropriate chat themes whenever you want. But you should not forget that if your friend changes the theme, this change will also be reflected in your chat screen. For this reason, you can find harmony with your friend, make a joint decision, and choose an Instagram chat color.

Instagram themes

Capture a Different Atmosphere with Theme Change Feature on Instagram

With Instagram’s new themes, it will be possible to catch a bond between users. Users are always looking for a difference in their chat. For this reason, options such as the choice of colors and gradient theme will provide a different atmosphere to the users. Thanks to Instagram chat themes, you will provide a unique environment with the person you are chatting with. Having specific chat themes for your spouse, partner, and friends will direct your conversations to a more private environment. That’s why you can catch the difference by starting to apply Instagram’s new themes to your chats. You may also be interested in the best Instagram templates for posts, reels, stories.

Instagram continues its updates day by day. For this reason, it is also possible that more theme features will come in the future. New themes that can be added, especially for special occasions, are being considered. There are also situations where Instagram opens a store where users can purchase themes. You will be able to observe the innovations in the Instagram color theme with future updates.

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If you have more questions, check the Instagram Help page.


Instagram application updates its functionality and user experience to the best level. Chat themes are one of the most popular innovations of this app, which presents its innovations to its users in these updates. Thanks to these chat themes, users can adjust the colors and gradients in their chats according to themselves. Thanks to this feature, which will change the chat flow and add a different atmosphere to the environment, the demand of the users for the application is also increasing. With the continuation of the updates, it is expected that the limited number of themes will increase. If you are one of those who are looking for innovation in your chats, start making your chats fun by taking advantage of the theme options that will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram has options for changing the colors of the wallpapers and chat bubbles in your chats. But the app has a limitation for your chat themes. It is also possible that the number of chat themes will increase with updates over time.

If you have chosen the theme according to yourself in your chat and the user on the other side changes this theme, this change will also be reflected on your screen.

If you cannot view the theme feature on Instagram, you should know that you need to update it. By bringing it to the latest version, you will be able to take advantage of the theme feature.

People want to follow and apply the differences on this platform. That’s why everyone likes innovations. You can choose to change the chat themes to capture a different atmosphere in your chat.

You can also enter your messages with the person you are chatting with, click on the user’s profile name, and change the theme from the options that will appear.

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