How to Change Reddit Username & Username Tips

How to Change Reddit Username & Username Tips

Like any website you sign in, you would want to change your username afterwords. There are many reasons for changing your username. This is on the list of many Reddit users. That is why the question ‘how to change Reddit username‘ is frequently asked. 

On Reddit, the username is a high topic. There are lots of subreddits about this. Everyone is looking for a way to change their username. However, it is not so easy. So why do people want to change their usernames? 

One of the reasons is that the username gets old in time. If you have created your username based on a trending topic, your name loses its meaning after that topic is not a trend anymore. That is why we need to be very careful when choosing a name.

Another reason is the misrepresentation of the user. If you had created an account when you were a teenager, and you created a username like ‘Krazy8,’ it might be quite embarrassing when you grow up.

Sometimes we like to choose a non-appropriate username because it is fun. But like trending names, it loses its meaning and gets boring. 

Changing Your Name

We hope you haven’t done much on Reddit with your username because what you read on Reddit is unfortunately true. There is no way to change your username. To change it, you must create another account. This means deleting your current account. It is called deactivating your account on Reddit. Once you do that, there is no going back.

Deactivating your account is not deleting it because it only deletes your username and access to your account. Your posts and comments will still be seen. However, you cannot turn back to use that account. You may try to sign in with the same username and e-mail, but it will not work.

There is a way to change your ‘Display name,’ but it does not affect your actual Reddit username. After you post something, your actual username will be seen. If you want to choose a trending or a non-appropriate username just for fun, we recommend doing it with your display name.

According to this information, selecting a good username is crucial because you are cannot change it afterward. So how can you come up with a good Reddit username? Here are some tips for you;

Tips for Reddit Usernames

Tips for Reddit Usernames

Reddit does not have a profile page like Facebook or Twitter. So your username is all you’ve got. You should pick a nice username for representing you since you cannot edit Reddit username. It is even a thing on Reddit as well.

The Intention to Use

To find a suitable username for yourself, you should be sure why and how you will use Reddit. If you want to be known as someone standing out, you should choose a conspicuous name that is memorable and easy to read.
To represent a commercial corporation, your username should contain the name of your business. If you synchronize this name with your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you might surprise some users on Reddit. The same goes for other formal establishments.
If you are not looking for attracting attention, just choose a random username unrelated to your interests. This way, you can keep a low profile.

Name Generators

If you are looking for Reddit username suggestions, AI might be helpful. There are many username generators on the internet.


One of the most popular name generators is Spin-XO. It is a name generator that uses six pieces of information about you to come up with a username. Spin-XO requests your name, character, hobbies, things you like, important words, numbers, or letters.
You write the information in the boxes and click on the ‘Spin’ button. It will come up with several potential names up to 50, all based on your information.
Spin-XO does not have a special name generator for Reddit, but you can select the ‘Nickname’ option and continue from there.

There is a website called It is a Reddit Name Generator. When you open the website, it will come with many alternative names ready for you to use. If you do not like them, you can get other names by clicking on the ‘Randomize’ button.


Another name generator is This is like Spin-XO. It demands some information from you, but its requests are a bit different than Spin-XO. It asks for your first, middle, and last name, gender, year of birth, two adjectives that describe you, location, occupation, and something you like. After you write your information, click on ‘Write me some usernames,’ and it will create a name for you. No wonder it looks like a bait to get information.

FAQs About Reddit

How do I turn off NSFW content on Reddit?

Log into your account, go to the ‘Profile’ section, and select ‘User Settings.’ Then click on the ‘Profile’ option. Down below, there is a switch for NSFW content. Turn it off by clicking on it.

How do I join Reddit?

Its pretty simple. Just like signing in to any website. You just need to fill a basic form containing a username, e-mail, and password.

What is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is the score you get from making comments and posting. It is shown on your profile.

Conclusion – Let the Generators Do It for You

We have covered the issue of how to change Reddit username and why users would do it. However, it is not possible to do it easily. Unfortunately, you have to delete your account and create another one.

Later, we touched upon Reddit usernames’ tips by stating why your intention to use Reddit is important and covered some of the name generators. To learn more about Reddit, please read our latest articles about it.

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