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How to Change Location on TikTok

TikTok, which came to the fore by sharing short videos and started to spread rapidly among young people and adults, hosts content producers worldwide. Especially in recent years, businesses have turned to this platform, further increasing its importance. 

TikTok location is a very important feature for users to reach the platform. TikTok is a banned application in some countries and regions around the world. The most effective way to access this application in prohibited areas is to change your location. 

By changing your location, you can log in to the platform as if you were in another region. We have prepared a guide with detailed information on how to change location on TikTok and why you should change it. You can find your question about TikTok location settings in our guide. 

Why Would You Change Your TikTok Region?  

You may have several valid reasons to change location in the TikTok application. At this point, you should know why you want to change location. TikTok region change can be made due to many different situations; 

  • First of all, it may enable you to access content in some regions that you have not encountered before. 
  • TikTok is an application banned in some countries around the world. If it is banned in your region or country, you can change your location. 
  • You may want to protect your privacy by hiding your exact location. 
  • You can change your location if you use Sinnoh Stone to catch Pokemon Go monsters. 
  • There may be a temporary disruption in the TikTok application in your region. 
  • You may be experiencing server outage problems. 
  • Erroneous or corrupt cache problems may occur in the TikTok application. 
  • Your device may be unable to retrieve the location and may give an error due to poor internet connection or network problems. 

If you lose followers because of location problems, you can buy TikTok followers to boost again.

How Does TikTok Detect User’s Locations?  

The TikTok platform does not use a single method to determine users’ locations. It detects the location of its members using a combination of several different methods. For this reason, you should know all location detection applications and act accordingly if you are going to change your location. If you cannot use TikTok in your region, change the TikTok location

TikTok uses the following methods when determining location: 

  • GPS: Your device’s GPS can be used by TikTok to determine location. In this way, the most accurate location information can be determined. In order to determine the location in this way, you must grant location permission specifically to TikTok. You can be successful if you hide your location by using a premium VPN to protect yourself from GPS location detection. 
  • IP Address: The user’s IP address is also a geolocation element for TikTok. Your IP address and your current city and region can be determined by the application. However, it cannot determine your exact location via IP address. You can hide your location with a simple VPN application, even if it is free. 
  • Wifi: If your TikTok device is connected to a wifi network, it can find your location by monitoring this network. There are some VPN services you can use to avoid this problem. 
  • Sim Card: Your SIM card is also a method that TikTok uses to determine your location. It determines location in this way, especially since your location changes during travel. If you also use a local SIM card, your location may be revealed this way. 
  • Manual Location Entry: The application may also request you to enter your location manually when it searches for account setup or location-based features. 

TikTok may use one or more of these methods to determine your location. This is used to serve you location-based content and regional content restrictions. By getting a premium VPN service, you can virtually change your country and get the privacy you want. 

How to Change Your TikTok Region

One of the most asked questions about TikTok is how to change the location. It can be changed by some methods. First of all, you can determine how TikTok finds your location and make a location change accordingly. 

If there are blocks on TikTok or you want to access local content from a certain region, you must change your location. We will briefly talk about the steps you need to follow and the methods you can use to change location. 

Switch Your Language  

The most effective and practical method to change the location of the TikTok application is to change the application language. TikTok can recognize your region by looking at clues such as time zone and language. 

If you change your language within the application, it will help you access content in other regions. You also need to know the language spoken in the region where you want to access the content. 

how to switch your language on tiktok

Steps you need to follow to change the region by changing your language in the TikTok application; 

  • First, log in to the TikTok application. 
  • Then press the profile icon in the right corner of the screen and reach the section with your profile settings. 
  • Open the “Privacy and Settings” section by touching the three dots on the screen. 
  • In the “Privacy and Settings” section, press the “Language” button. 
  • Then, select the language of the region you want to switch to by tapping the “Change Language” button and start using the new language by pressing “Done”. 

When you change the language on TikTok, you do not instantly start accessing content in a new region. That’s why you need to use different methods so that TikTok can show content from the region you want to reach. 

Swap Your SIM Card  

We stated that TikTok tracks users’ locations by monitoring them via SIM cards. One of the most effective ways for a user to change their TikTok location would be to change the sim card. This process is the most effective position-changing method. 

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TikTok checks your location using local SIM cards. Therefore, get a SIM card from the region you want to switch to and insert it into your device. You can then change your location by restarting the device and the app. 

Change TikTok Region by Algorithm  

The TikTok algorithm recommends new videos and users based on the type of content you like and the people you follow. You can also use the TikTok algorithm to change location. 

Follow video creators in different countries to convince the app’s algorithm that you are in a different region. If you have a lot of followers in a region, the TikTok algorithm may think that you are also in that region. You can ask us any questions you have about location operations. Also, you can get more information from TikTok Support.


For some reason, TikTok is a social media application banned in certain countries and regions. Users in this region may need to change their location to access TikTok. You can also use the TikTok location change feature to see popular posts in another region or target users in this region. 

The application determines the location by using a number of features such as GPS, IP address, SIM card, and Wi-Fi. You can also change your location by focusing on one of these methods according to your needs. 

If TikTok is allowed in your new location, you can use the app and follow popular content creators in that region. You will also have the chance to target users in this region. You can use a VPN, get a new local SIM card, and other methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About

There is nothing against the law in changing your TikTok location. If you change region too often, TikTok may suspend your account. For this reason, it would be a good idea to change your position only if you decide to do so. Changing location on TikTok is not against the law in countries and regions. Only too many changes will result in backlash from the platform. 

If you use a VPN, you can change your TikTok location and region. Once the VPN provides an IP address that allows you to connect to the country and server you selected, that becomes your new location. Especially if you are going to connect from countries and regions that block TikTok, using a VPN will be the best way to get rid of the blocks. 

In some methods and situations, the TikTok algorithm can detect that you have changed the location. However, if you use the most qualified methods and do not do this frequently, there will be no understanding. However, if you change your location too often, TikTok will understand this and may restrict your account. 

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