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How to Change Instagram Username? (8 Steps)

How to Change Instagram Username? (8 Steps)

If you somehow get sick of yours for any reason, you may want to change your Instagram username as anyone with common sense should.

Instagram Usernames allow people to find you, and it’s your online identity. You should wear it with pride, or else. Your mind starts roaming around.

This is entirely normal as every person on Earth experiences a remarkable change in their lives through the young adult years.

Old political views may sound cringy, and once cool stuff may become uncool out of nowhere.

What Is an Instagram Username?

  • Your username will appear in your profile and directly in the Direct Messaging section. 
  • You can change the username you created the first time you registered for Instagram.

You can change your Instagram username from your mobile phone (Android, iOS) or your desktop computer. In our example, we used the iPhone. 

However, it is possible to change the Instagram user name the same way on Android devices and computers.

Changing your Instagram username is quite simple. Nobody forgot how to open one if they already did it for one time.

With the user name created to interact while becoming a member, people can easily reach each other by searching. 

The user name you’ll get for Instagram must belong only to an individual. As for obvious reasons, only one person cat use a username. 

Consequently, all users should pick a username of their own and preferably stick with it.

  • The owner of the account can easily see the user name that they have created from the profile tab and the messages section. 
  • It is also possible to change the user name from any desired device. Thanks to Instagram’s policy about this, there are no strict rules about username changing. 

You can change the username at any prompt through any modern phones, phablets, tablets with Android, iOS operating systems, or other devices that let you use Instagram, such as computers and Macs.

Does Instagram Username Change Inflict with Profile Content?

Any user name changes made will not cause any changes to the content that the person has uploaded in the profile content. 

Instagram users shouldn’t concern themselves about changes being made in their content as that won’t happen anytime soon.

After the user name change, the person’s previous comments, the images they have uploaded, and any content they like are not adversely affected by this change. The new username can be seen in the user’s new Instagram posts.

It is only a case where the user name changes. In this way, people will be able to search for the person they want to follow with the new user name from the search section.

How to Change Instagram Username?

Should You Really Change Your Username?

First of all, if you’ve used your Instagram account for any period of time and are active in promoting your account, you’ve posted this link in many places.

I searched for my blog posts, and I was extremely surprised to find a dozen links. It’s possible for someone with an absent mind to leave hundreds of them. That means you’ll miss out on the organic traffic.

So, here are some ideas about why you might not be ready to change your username:

  • You’ve probably linked your Instagram account to at least one sidebar, header, or footer widget on a website. You wouldn’t want broken links in a social media marketing campaign.
  • If you have ever sent a guest post, consider whether you left a link there and whether you can access them to make changes. The last thing you want is to impress that blog viewer and then have them endure a 404 error.
  • If you’ve linked with Instagram from other social accounts, you’ll need to update them as well.
  • You may have saved a Pinterest Pin with a link to your Instagram profile – you can change the URL in the Pin (but not Repins).
  • If you have a separate Instagram account, you may have left a link there. Or on your Twitter profile. Find them all!
  • Check your email signature as well as printed materials – business cards, brochures, anything else? Be sure to address them first.

Change Your Instagram Username (8 Steps)

Changing the Instagram username is a simple process. You can change the Instagram user name with any electronic device that uses Instagram in a short time. It is possible to change it from a web browser as well.  

  1. You should directly go to your profile and tap on the Edit Profile button to proceed.
  2. For the next step in the process, tap on the username section, and type the desired user name in this section. If the username is not being used by someone else in the world, you can freely choose it. 
  3. However, if someone, in particular, is already using this username, this process will not be approved. Therefore, you should pick a username that has not been used before.
  4. Open the Instagram app and navigate through it to go to the Profile section.
  5. Hit the Edit Profile button. (On Android, tap the Edit Profile button in the same way.)
  6. Type the user name you want to use where the user name is written and select Save at the top right. (On Android, tap the OK icon in the upper-right corner.)
  7. Now your Instagram username will change. Changing your username on Instagram will not cause any changes to your profile. 
  8. Thus, your photos, comments, followers, passwords, etc. It remains the same. Only your username will be changed.

Viewers of your profile and people who speak to you directly in the message section will see your new username.

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There are no restrictions on changing the Instagram username. You can change your username at any time. You only need to select an available username. It is possible to change your Instagram handle as many times as you want.

If you don’t like your new username, you can go back to your old one in 14 days.

How to Change Instagram Username?

What Is the Approval Period for an Instagram Username?

If the confirmation comes after the user name change steps are performed, it will take place immediately. No waiting period is specified. 

Therefore, you can change your username right now, and chances are you will soon start to use that username; moreover, you can change it anytime you want.

Are There Any Restrictions for the Usernames?

  • One of the primary reasons for having a user name change problem is that the desired name is being used. Please try to get an empty username. 
  • In addition, the name should not contain non-English characters. In addition, the user name is limited to the symbols. It is not possible to utilize symbols other than the underscore (_) and the period (.) for now.

Changing Your Username in Short

Today, we learned that changing your Instagram username is something quite easy to accomplish as there are no strict rules or restrictions about it; moreover, you can do it anytime you want.

However, you should be careful when changing your username, especially if you have a lot of links on the internet roaming around, pointing at you. 

You may miss out on this traffic due to an error your visitors will receive.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

What’s your username on Instagram? Is it something catchy? Let us know down right in the comments.

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