How to Change Instagram Fonts

How to Change Instagram Fonts

Instagram bio is the section where we can tell more about ourselves. Many people look and read a bio when they visit an Instagram profile. Whether it is your personal brand or business profile page, having a unique bio is essential. To make it more unique, you can change Instagram fonts. You can also change the font in your stories and post them with the same method. Here is a guide on how to change Instagram fonts and some advice on font maker/editor apps.

Steps to Change the Instagram Font 

Here are the steps to change the aesthetics of the letters on Instagram: 

change instagram font
  • Firstly, you need a text generator to change your font on Instagram. You can see some advice on the below list. There are many free and paid text generators available online on the internet and app stores. 
  • Decide your font and color, and then write your bio.
  • Lastly, the only thing is to change your Instagram font is copying your bio to your Instagram page. Copy the bio that you wrote on the text generator and paste it to your Instagram page. 
  • You can change your Instagram font whenever you want in that way. Also, you can use font changes in the stories. 
instagram bio edit

Best Free Text Generators

Now let’s take a look at some of the best free text generators for Instagram. 

  • Instagram Font Generator: Don’t look far away for the best tool out there. You can use our completely free Instagram Font Generator tool to spice up your insta game right now!
  • It is the site on the images above. Igfonts is a very simplistic and easy-to-use site. Although it is simple you can follow the same steps for the sites below.
  • Glowtxt: It is one of the best text generators and has many amazing fonts in jpg format. You can use created fonts on all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • Stylish: If you need more attractive fonts, Stylish is the right text generator for your Instagram page. It has unique font types. 
  • Font Meme: It is great both your stories and bio on Instagram. As you can create amazing fonts, you can create stories directly on Font Meme. 
  • Calligraphy: It is another text generator that you can use on Instagram. Different from others, it offers customizable font types with limitless options. You can create a special font for your Instagram. 
  • Flaming Text: If you want to use logos and mottos on your profile, the flaming text is a game changer. Without a limit, you can create logo and slogan pictures on Instagram. 

Conclusion About Changing Instagram Fonts

To sum up, to differ from others on Instagram, you can use different and attractive font types on your bio and your stories. Changing the font on Instagram is so easy. The only thing you need to do is to find a text generator. There are many free text generators available on the internet to change Instagram fonts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need a text generator to change Instagram fonts. There are many free text generators available on the internet and app stores. 

You can change your bio on Instagram without any limitations whenever you want.

Instagram offers different font types in the app. But if you look for more unique fonts, you can look at text generators and font types on the internet

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