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How to Change Facebook Page Name

You can change the names of the pages you own on Facebook, but remember some terms to do this. To change the Facebook page name, there should be no restrictions on your page. This situation is completely related to Facebook page rules. If you receive such a warning, you must contact Facebook customer service to discuss its reasons. When you change your page name, your page user name does not change. Although most users confuse about it, the two are different processes. You must request a user name change by using different methods.

What Is Page Name?

Facebook pages are especially effective for corporate companies and companies selling on Facebook. The page name is the identity of that page; users recognize your page by that name and search for it in the search field. The name of your page must always be compatible with the page content. And most importantly, you must follow the Facebook page rules. This is not your page username; it is a different option. The page name can be changed or edited in certain periods. We will share with you all the details about how to do this. And also, we’ll explain the rules.

Why Should I Change My Page Name?

This is entirely on your initiative. You may have some valid reasons for this. When your company name changes, your organization name changes, and for reasons like this, you can request a change of name. Many users are already doing it. It is not an abnormal situation. You don’t even need a reason to do that. You can arbitrarily change your name. Facebook does not ask you a reason for this but only wants you to make changes according to the rules. These rules are usually related to spelling rules. With simple and easy rules, you can be sure that you will not have difficulty with this. After changing your page name, buy Facebook Page likes to boost your page in this fresh start.

Steps to Change Facebook Page Name

To change the Facebook page name, you need to be the owner or admin of the page. If you can’t decide on a new name, you can get inspiration from the most popular Facebook Page. Here are the steps:

steps to change facebook page name
  • Go to your page.
  • Click on to About section on the left side.
  • Then, click Edit next to the name of your page.
  • Type a new Facebook name on the Facebook account box and click next.
  • Request change.

If you do not see this option on your page, it means that you are not authorized to see it. After submitting this request, you will expect Facebook to approve it. They will respond to you in a few days. If your request is accepted positively, your page name will change. Note that when you change your Facebook Page name, you can not change it again in 60 days, according to Facebook Support.

Rules About Changing Facebook Names

Don’t forget that there are some rules to change Facebook page name: 

  • You can’t use any variation of “Facebook” in your name.
  • Don’t include your company’s slogan in your name.
  • Don’t use random capitalization.
  • Be specific with your name.
  • Avoid misleading terms or words.
  • Avoid discriminatory, violating, or abusive words.
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You must request changes according to these rules. Otherwise, your request is rejected, and you cannot change the page name.

In Conclusion

Changing the name of a Facebook page is an operation that Facebook itself carries out with many reservations. This is probably because this story was used to grow pages and resell them to companies by simply changing their name. For this account, it is necessary to be patient and prepare and send the necessary documentation and certify that the page change is appropriate. For the rest, we are confident that one day Facebook will launch an assistance service closer to the user, like Google.

Frequently Asked Questions About

To change your Facebook page name again after you change it, you must wait at least seven days.

Facebook may not let you change your page name if: you’ve changed it in the last seven days, tried to change it too frequently, etc. Please wait a few days and try later.

Facebook allows companies to have duplicate page names on the platform. International companies especially use this when they have separate accounts for different countries.

Facebook does not limit pages when they can change their names; you just have to wait for seven days in between.

Basically, the username is your account’s, page’s, URL and identification name, and the page name is the name displayed to other users or pages.

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  1. Km

    Why does it always say “The page you requested can’t be displayed…”

  2. Ash

    I can’t believe I haven’t changed my Facebook page name after all these years. It’s so childish and vulgar. Thanks for reminding me what to do.