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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

If you cancel your LinkedIn premium subscription and return to a free Basic account, you will retain your profile, links, and other data as is. However, you lose access to Premium benefits such as premium insights in InMail, job listings, LinkedIn Pages, and a full list of Who Viewed Your Profile. You may also encounter a commercial usage limit.

Although LinkedIn Premium has many advantages, you may want to cancel it for some reasons. In this article, you may find every fine detail about LinkedIn Premium and how to cancel it.

Steps to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

You should know that if you cancel this after signing up for a free trial, you will not be able to sign up for another free trial for 12 months. To cancel and disable your LinkedIn premium subscription:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page.
  2. Select Premium subscription settings from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Unsubscribe from the Manage premium account on the right.
  4. Click Continue to cancel your premium.
  5. Now your premium is deactivated.
steps to cancel linkedin premium

There are different ways to cancel your Recruiter Lite and Sales Navigator accounts. For more info, contact LinkedIn Support. If you aren’t satisfied with your LinkedIn experience, you can always consider deleting it. Not sure how to do it? Then proceed to read our article on how to delete your LinkedIn account.

What happens when LinkedIn Premium Is Canceled?

  • To avoid being charged for the next billing period, you must cancel your subscription at least one day before the billing date.
  • The cancellation process will end billing, and your access to Premium features will be removed after the current billing date.
  • At the end of your billing date, you will lose access to all accumulated InMail credits, which cannot be re-added.
  • If you are using a plan, promotion, or price that is no longer offered as a bid, you will not be able to repurchase the same plan or re-use the promotional price.
  • You can only delete your payment method after your current billing date.
  • In some cases, upgrading to the Premium Career level may be possible.

2 Main Features of LinkedIn Premium

Here are the two features that we have deemed important for your concern. Those are, in no order of importance, full of list viewers and more comprehensive search results.

Full List of Viewers

If you’re using LinkedIn for free, the most uncomfortable situation is probably not being able to access your profile’s full list of viewers. LinkedIn, which shows only the last five people visiting your profile for free memberships, often harasses you to switch to a Premium membership to view more.

linkedin profile viewers

Here is one of the most outstanding features of LinkedIn Premium, which means that you can see a complete list of LinkedIn users for up to 90 days when you visit your profile. This way, you can increase your chances of expanding your environment and reaching potential customers more easily.

In addition, LinkedIn notifies Premium members of the entire list of visitors to their profiles and through which keywords they find them. You can optimize your profile and add the keywords you want to be found by seeing which words they searched for your profile.

Finally, LinkedIn Premium, which provides analytics for visitors to your profile, lets you know which sectors these people are from and which parts of the world you are in.

More Comprehensive Search Results

Search on LinkedIn has great importance in reaching the right people and links. LinkedIn aims to provide Premium members with comprehensive search results to help them get more out of this feature. Unlike regular subscribers, premium subscribers offer search filtering options such as company size, titles, relevant members, Fortune 1000 companies, and date of joining LinkedIn.

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You can also view their profiles even if people appearing in these search results aren’t around you. Finally, you can save these calls to receive daily, weekly, and monthly email notifications. Lastly, regular members can also use registered searches, while Premium members can save more searches.

How Much Is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn charges its features differently.

linkedin premium plans
  • Career costs $29.99 per month or $239.88 (33% less) annually.
  • Business is $59.99 per month or $575.88 (20% less) annually.
  • Sales are $79.99 per month or $779.88 (19% less) annually.
  • Hiring (or Recruiter Lite) is $119.95 per month or $1,199.40 (17% less) annually.

However, don’t forget that there’s a trial, and you can find many discounts online. Does it worth it? It’s up to you to decide. You can get more networks with LinkedIn Premium, but if it doesn’t work for you, you can buy LinkedIn followers.

Conclusion on How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Hopefully, this article showed you how to cancel your LinkedIn premium. You can get LinkedIn Premium again after canceling it. However, don’t forget that you can’t use a free trial with the account you canceled the premium. We suggest that before you cancel your premium account, you learn what will happen to your account when you cancel it.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The most important feature of LinkedIn Premium, you can see all the viewers, and you will be able to make the search more comprehensive.

It depends on your aim. If you are a job seeker, you can get more details about the jobs you applied for and see the competition. If you are hiring, you can send messages to everyone. In addition, it will provide business insights. You can see all viewers in both positions. Thus, we can say that it is worth it, but you need to create a budget, which can be challenging if you are a job seeker.

The cheapest LinkedIn Premium plan is the Career plan. The cost is $29.99 per month or $239.88 annually.

LinkedIn Premium free trial expires after one month. If you don’t cancel it, you will pay the cost.

No, you can not use the free trial again when it expires. You have to open a new account.

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