How to Calculate GPA? (Steps to Calculate)

How to Calculate GPA? (Steps to Calculate)

 GPA or with its long-form “Grade Point Average” is the thing we always have to deal with it. Even many people think it is hard to calculate and needs too much mathematical knowledge; it is so simple to calculate your GPA. Here is how to calculate GPA on your own: 

List Your Data 

You need to firstly data you have for better calculation. Here are the figures that you need to calculate GPA: 

  • Credits that you collect: List all credits you collect and calculate the addition of them. 
  • Final grades: List all final grades that you get so far. 
  • The point value of those grades: Each grade should have different values to calculate GPA. Learn the point value of them and list all of them. 

Calculate GPA 

The basic principle to calculate GDP says that divide total points earned in the courses to the total number of credits that you earned during the education. So, in order to calculate GPA, follow these instructions: 

  • List all lessons that you get and write their credit values. Calculate the addition of them. 
  • List all final grades and write their point value. Then multiply the point value of each lesson with their credits separately. After obtaining the point value of each lesson, add them. Obtain the total point you collect during your courses. 
  • Divide the total number of points to the total number of credits. The result is your GPA. 
GPA Grades

The Things You Need to Be Aware Of 

  • If you are unsuccessful at a course, then you still need to add the credit to the total number of credits. But it doesn’t have a point value that it means it decreases your GPA. 
  • If you take the same course second or more time, add to the credit of it just once. For the point value, consider the final grade that you took from that course. 


Do all courses affect GPA? 

Some elective courses don’t have a credit effect on GPA even they are taken. To learn it, check the course catalog of your department. 

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How can I calculate my GPA on a 4 scale? 

You need to learn the point value of your final grades on 4 scales. You can learn it from your college page.

What is the point value of projects and internships? 

It depends on your college. Some college offers internship without any credit, and some offer an internship with credit values. To know more about it, you need to check it from your college. 


We have covered how to calculate GPA. It is easy to calculate. List all credit, final grades, and the point value of them and use GPA formulation. You will get the result of your calculation, and it represents the GPA of your grades. 

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